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Connelly’s Top Ten: Olympics Ho Hum, Bill Russell, Good Will Hunting

1. Olympics:

* That’s not Poland Springs over there
* I know it’s the times, but the X game sports – I’m having a tough time buying into
* I would love a reporter to ask X gamer Sage Kotsenburg, who won the gold medal and then draped the flag over him, “do you know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance”
* The figure skating team set up is so contrived
* What happened to the good ole days of Franz Klammer

2. Harvard in the Ivy League since Amaker took over:

* First two years – 9-19
* Next five years – 50-11

3. Hitters Nolan Ryan struck out the most:

1. Claudell Washington – 39
2. Freddy Patek – 31
3. Jorge Orta – 30
4. Rod Carew – 29
5. Larry Hisle – 29
6. Chili Davis – 28
7. Amos Otis – 27
8. Al Bumbry – 26
9. Andre Dawson – 25
10. Carlton Fisk – 24

4. Best bad ball hitters:

* Yogi Berra
* Roberto Clemente
* Vlad Guerrero
* Nomar
* Panda Bear Sandoval

5. LeBron:

LeBron James, in his 11th season, has only missed more than seven games in a season once

6. Ben Coates vs. Rob Gronkowski:

Coates…99% of games played / 142 games / 490 receptions (3.45) / 50 TD
Gronk….78% of games played / 50 games / 226 receptions (4.52) / 42 TD

7. Old School:

Reggie Lemelin in Boston:

* Free agent signing
* Regular season – 95-62-17 / GAA 3.09
* Playoffs – 12-10 / GAA 3.08

8. Amazing Stats:

Bill Russell November 17th, 1957:

* 49 Rebounds
* 28 Points
* 17 Rebounds in 4th quarter
* Led the Celtics to a record 103 rebounds as a team
* Globe said that Russell’s defense “practically humiliated” hall of famer Neil Johnston holding the center averaging 26 points to 4 points
* Celtics built Philly 111-89

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Watched Good Will Hunting Again – thoughts:

* Further appreciated the scene where Damon breaks down the painting in Robin Williams office – brilliant
* $10mm budget / Grossed $225mm
* Nominated for nine academy awards / won two – Best Screenplay / Supporting Actor Robin Williams
* No way does Jack Nicholson get the Oscar over Damon
* The only real miss on the movie is the soundtrack – they could have hit a grand slam with Boston music or music of the times

10. Randomocity:

* I have made this point again – after watching how hungry and desperate Seattle was – the Patriots have lost the desperate edge – they need Apollo Creed to bring them to the city and get back to playing vicious, relentless football
* Saw the Jackie Robinson movie 42 – I give it a B- it was a formula movie
* snow, sun, melt, ice
* Favorite Beatles song – A Hard Day’s Night
* Ed Sullivan show ran from 1948 to 1971
* Email is the best thing that has happened to calling in sick – no fake cough or sniffle
* You should be able to double jump in checkers
* From Hasbro – real money and escape maps were snuck in Monopoly games into German POW camps

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