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Reviewing the Celtics’ Inactivity at NBA Trade Deadline

The deadline day for trades was Thursday and the Boston Celtics were in the middle of speculation for different trade rumors that were surrounding different players in the NBA for the past few weeks; starting with Rajon Rondo, but there was nothing certain. You can find more details about this rumor at Sportsbook Review.

Brad Stevens have been trying to answer all trade questions in a very patient way and it was a distraction for players and coaches that don’t know what is true and what it is just a rumor, but it is now over.

Every year, it seems to happen the same way. When the trade deadline is almost done, teams surrounded by rumors may make the big move, but typically don’t. This was different in 2011. At that year’s deadline, the Celtics ended up doing a big last-minute trade, sending Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City in exchange of Jeff Green. No big moves involving Boston were made Thursday, though.

According to Danny Ainge, president of Boston’s basketball operations it takes two teams for a trade and nothing is certain until it happens. He also dismissed the rumors surrounding Rajon Rondo’s potential trade Thursday, saying that they only tried to trade Rondo once in 2011 to get Chris Paul.

The rumors stated that teams like the Knicks, Raptors, Kings and Rockets were looking to acquire Rajon Rondo, but those rumors were blown away.

On Thursday morning Ainge also said: “We have nothing going on right now, unless someone meets our demands or if we change our views and meet someone else’s demands we could get something done. But typically everyone is posturing until the last minute.”

Among the big trades in the NBA Thursday involved the 76ers trading Spencer Hawes to the Cavs and Evan Turner to the Pacers.

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