Getty Images Regarding Paul Pierce’s (Potentially) Impending Free Agency Eduardo Rodriguez (photo credit to Eduardo Rodriguez to Make Major League Debut for Red Sox in Texas David Ortiz has been emblematic of the Red Sox this season; such high hopes, but so little to show for it. The hard truth is, things may not get any better. (Boston Globe) You Know the Red Sox Suck When… Tom Brady Appeal Won’t Be Heard Before Wednesday

Connelly’s Top Ten: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

1. Red Sox stuff

* Biggest day tomorrow is for Dr. Charles Steinberg – never mind the players
* Uehara has thrown 20 strikes out of 26 pitches so far
* On a pace to win 108 games
* Jackie Bradley got two hits – trade him tonight
* Johnny Gomes was 1 for 4 with two strike outs but they won so he will tell the media they win with in the lineup even though he stunk

2. Boston Marathon stuff:

Athletes from 25 separate countries have won in Boston – American men haven’t won since 1983 / women haven’t won since 1985

3. Yankees dropped the first series to Houston Astros:

* Yankees payroll – $197,230,609
* Astros payroll – $50,485,800 (last three years combined ($137,389,000)

4. The umpires who have the biggest ERA’s in a game while they are behind the plate (2013) from Baseball Prospectus:

* Mark Rippenger – 5.14
* Marvin Hudson – 4.78
* Tim McClelland – 4.71
* Ed Hickox – 4.64

5. Tiger Woods accident is the line of no return just like Nomar’s bare chested cover:

* Before accident – 48 possible Majors – 14 wins
* After accident – 17 possible Majors – 0 wins

6. NBA:

Only four players scored over 50 points in a game this season in the NBA: Carmelo Anthony (62) / Lebron James (61) / Kevin Durant (54 & 51) / Terrence Ross 51 (who?)

7. Old School:

Hit by pitch in honor of Don Baylor breaking his leg:

Don Baylor – From 1984 to 1987 the big guy was hit by pitches 134 times in 832 games (one every 6 games)
Mickey Mantle – was hit 13 times in his career over 2,401 games (one every 185 games)

8. Amazing Stat:

Alexander Mogilny

* In 1992-1993 season, the Sabre scored 76 goals in 77 games on 360 shots (21.1%)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

What’s worse: Tim Thomas not going to the White House or Ortiz exploiting his opportunity to make money off the trip

10. Randomocity:

* Red Gatorade is now better than green
* With multiple earthquakes recently would you move out of LA for the time being?
* How long before people have private drones getting them food and beer from the fridge
* Eighteen players on the Yankees make over $1mm
* Al Gore was right – it got over 50 degrees today
* Never watched Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother
* Nice bounce back year for Modern Family
* The Charger in the movie Bullet was cool

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