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NFL Draft 2014: Johnny Manziel a Possibility for Patriots?

Johnny Manziel

/Recent reports from Ian Rapoport claims that former Texas A & M quarterback Johnny Manziel had a pre-draft meeting with the Patriots on this past Wednesday. Johnny Manziel, as also known as Johnny Football, was a Heiseman Trophy winner as a freshman with A&M and was a qualifier for award this past season. In his two college seasons, he has 7,820 passing yards and 63 touchdowns.

Why Johnny?

The question everyone must be wondering is why would he have a meeting in Foxboro when Tom Brady┬áhas another three years on his contract? Is this another master plan by the genius himself Bill Belichick, where he is just trying to make other teams fear the Patriots more then they already do? In past years, he brought in Tim Tebow and Andrew Luck prior to the draft, with not a lot of interest to draft them, so that’s another possible reason.

Well, Tom is 37 and with a retirement in the near future, the Patriots have to start thinking now how they are going to fill the shoes of TB12. Is Manziel the answer? And if he is, does he stick around until the 29th pick for the Patriots to take him? Or will the Patriots do the unthinkable and trade up for him?

With Ryan Mallet becoming a free agent after this year, they do have to fill the void of the backup QB somehow.

Before you shoot this idea down, just think about the entertainment Johnny Football would bring along side Gronk. Admit that would be one hell of a show to watch.

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