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Brad’s Bumps: Believe in Breaking the Shield

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As I discussed in my last blog, the Shield and Evolution is one of the best feuds the WWE has done in years, but what happens when the dust settles and the Shield (most likely) adapts and overcomes Evolution?

The Shield is compromised of the momentous Roman Reigns, the super-athletic Seth Rollins, and the psychosomatic Dean Ambrose. While this close knit alliance is spectacular together, I am excited to see what they can do on their own. All three of these pros can cut at least a good promo, and all three are great in the ring adding their own style to their craft. So, I’m curious to see what kind of career each of these men can have as singles wrestlers, and whom can they have legendary rivals with? (Note: I am trying to NOT have world championship matches to further explore the roster).

Ambrose vs. Cesaro

Ambrose could have the best microphone skills in the WWE right now (since CM Punk’s departure). Ambrose’s talking skills and psychological wrestling (think Jake “the Snake” style of wrestling) mixes perfectly with Antonio Cesaro’s power moves. While Cesaro may not be the best talker, he has Paul Heyman, who is in the top 3 managers of all time. Moreover, Heyman and Ambrose can have a war of words and produce some of the best promos in a long time.

Reigns vs. Rusev

I know what you are thinking. Oh, just two big guys going at it, how original. Hear me out. Reigns and Rusev are two of the best athletes in the business who happen to be massive. Reigns can finally give Rusev the challenge to make the Bulgarian a legitimate contender, while Reigns will finally have the perfect match body type-wise.

Rollins vs. Barrett

This matchup copies the old adage of opposites attract. Barrett has a ton of microphone skills but has limited power moves in the ring. Rollins had limited microphone skills but great mat skills. In fact, Ziggler or Rollins is the best seller (takes hits the best) in the WWE currently. Rollins will make Barrett look ridiculously good, and Barrett will provide the David and Goliath-isque prospective. This matchup will take Rollins over with the fans, as he might be the least popular member of the Shield.

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