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Surprise, Surprise! Allen and Garnett Still Do Not Get Along

Ray Allen

In a constantly changing world, it is good to see that some things in life never change. Boston.com reports that Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have not spoken since Allen left the Boston Celtics for the Miami Heat before the 2012-13 season. Allen told the Sun-Sentinel that he hasn’t reached out to Garnett in the last two years.

We all remember the awkward shoulder tap from the first game the Celtics played the Heat in 2012. Garnett admitted to not having Allen’s number in his phone. Maybe Garnett did not delete him, who knows? Allen could have got a new phone after moving to Miami. There is no reason to play the blame game, right?

Garnett and Allen are currently squaring off in the best-of-seven second round playoff series between the Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat. One has got to wonder what the chatter and trash talk sounds like on the court between Garnett, Allen and another former Celtic teammate turned Brooklyn Net, Paul Pierce. These three formed the holy trinity that made the “unbelievable” (Garnett’s inspired words) win possible for the Celtics in 2008. They must be verbally tearing each other to shreds on the court. Or maybe they are too old for that as all three are in the twilight of their careers.

It’s unlikely the animosity is the Nets’ undoing during this series versus a Heat team that has won two championships.  Garnett seems genuinely concerned about his performance in the last two games based on a CBSsports.com news story. He says he lacks “flow” and “rhythm.” Pierce is aware of his limitations too, enough so to avoid the media after scoring only eight points during a recent game.

The Heat could very well run away with this series.

The Heat leads the series 2-0. Play continues on Saturday at 8PM in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.

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