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Brad’s Bumps: Who Will Take Over for the Injured Daniel Bryan?

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Since WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan has held both the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, Bryan will undergo neck surgery this Thursday. So, who are the top contenders for the titles? Who should continue their illustrious career or pave their own way to the hearts of many of fans? For this post, I want to explore active wrestlers who are consistently on Raw and Smackdown. (So, sorry no CM Punk)

Wade “Bad News” Barrett

In last week’s post, I mentioned Barrett would be a good opponent for Seth Rollins. Well, Rollins and Bryan are fairly similar wrestlers. Barrett provides the intimidating, power moves, which could instantly affect matches in his favor. Barrett’s dominating moves will almost guarantee an entertaining match. Also, Barrett’s well thought out mic skills would give a good heel voice to the championships, which have been sorely lacking in any one individual. I can see it now: Barrett gets raised up by his scissor lift and states, “I’m afraid I have some bad news,” as he raises his newly acquired world championship.

Bray Wyatt

The Savior Shepard is one of the most innovate wrestlers we have seen in a long time. Wyatt offers an underrated, psychological dimension to wrestling fans have not seen in quite awhile. Also, Wyatt might have the best mic skills in the entire active company. Wyatt’s unforeseen popularity could skyrocket if he wins one of the world titles. His “flock” will surely grow regardless of circumstance, and a championship could only help his strange admiration. Wyatt gives truly creepy promos that even the most skeptical viewer will find scary. This faction could give Wyatt enough theoretical power to hold on to a championship for a long time.

Brock Lesnar

Lesnar might the most popular part-time wrestler in the history of wrestling. Lesnar is an absolute genetic freak whose commanding moves will provide a dynamic match for all to see. Moreover, Lesnar has Paul Heyman, who is the perfect mouth for the unleashed beast. Plus, unlike both of the aforementioned, Lesnar is a former and exciting world champion. Also, Lesnar just broke the Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania, so this victory is immediate useful and interesting storyline.

Ultimately, if Bryan cannot return to action quick enough the championships will be more than likely given out in respective tournaments, and I would be surprised if each of these superstars are not in one of these tournaments. Obviously, I wish Bryan a speedy recovery, as he is my personal favorite wrestler in the past five years. Bryan brings a type of tenacity and skill very few possess.

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One comment for “Brad’s Bumps: Who Will Take Over for the Injured Daniel Bryan?”

  1. I think that these choices are not the direction that I would take, but make sense. All three are strong candidates for the title for their own respective reasons. I would also throw in Antonio Cesaro to the mix for the World Heavyweight title and give the WWE title to Barrett. I feel like Bray Wyatt needs to prove himself a little bit more since returning as his new persona. Also, Roman Reigns is another good choice for the WH title, but if he wins then this might drive a wedge between members of the Shield.

    Get better Daniel, and come back soon. Where’s CM Punk?

    Posted by Will.I.Am | May 15, 2014, 9:34 pm

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