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Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox and Plastic Flowers Stink

1. Cliff Notes:

* Ben and Larry and John and the gang now have to come to the grips that they have an average staff and average lineup and either change it right now or by the trade deadline it will be too late – Trading Lester and Swihart will change this team for the next five years
* I’m rooting for New York team over Habs
* I can’t watch more than 60 seconds of NBA
* Are the Spurs the most boring great franchise in sports history?
* Too bad California Chrome hurt
* Think about Puig, Cespedes and Abreu in the same Cuban lineup
* Went to two major league games this weekend – players don’t even run on and off the field anymore

2. Red Sox after WS title:

Sox are 20-23 a year after the World Series – how were they the last two championship follow up years at 43 games

* 2005 – 25-18
* 2008 – 24-19

3. Bruins:

Bs are 4-5 in their last 9 playoff games at home

4.  Lowest batting average for an American League MVP:

.269 – R Maris – 1961
.272 – Y Berra – 1955
.273 – Z  Versalles – 1965
.276 – H. Killebrew – 1969
.283 – R Maris – 1960
.286 – J Jensen – 1958
.293 – R. Jackson – 1973
.296 – D Baylor – 1979
.298 – A Rod – 2003

5. Odds for local teams to win championship:

11. Red Sox………….14-1
4. Patriots……………10-1

6. Favorites to win the World Cup:


1. Brazil……….3-1
2. Argentina…4-1
3. Germany….5-1
4. Spain………13-2
5. Belgium…..13-1
6. Colombia…20-1
7. France……..22-1
8. England……25-1
9. Italy…………25-1
10. Netherlands….25-1
20. USA………..160-1

7. Amazing Stats:

Highest Field Goal % by college AP Player of the Year:

1. Kareem…………68% – 1967
2. Blake Griffin….65% – 2009
3. Bill Walton……65% – 1973
4. Bill Walton……64% – 1972
5. Kareem…………64% – 1969

8. Old School:

Wade Boggs five pitchers he faced the most – plate appearances:

Jack Morris……….104 – .349
Dave Stewart…….101 – .378
Mark Gubiza……….97 – .367
Mark Langston…….93 – .276
Charlie Hough……..91 – .313

9. Just a Little Bit Outsid:

Is this how the Roman empire collapsed – people spending good money on bad acting:

Adam Sandler movies combined gross income…………………………….. $2,365 billion
Edward Norton, Sean Penn and Daniel Day Lewis combined gross… $2,186 billion

10. Randomocity

* Ovechkin hurt his knee in the World Championships
* Patriots used to have summer camp at U Mass Amherst
* How about Bryant Lacrosse beating Syracuse in Syracuse in the tourney?
* What do you think Terry Glenn does all day?
* Providence Bruins in the semi finals – last night at Providence attendance 2,729

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  1. Agree on the downfall of major league baseball and how hard it is to watch.

    Adam Sandler movies are awful, but why do we all laugh so hard? My 10 yr old son loves Grown-ups movies, they truly are horribly bad funny humor

    Posted by Kevin | May 19, 2014, 9:48 am

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