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MLB Suspends Red Sox SP Workman Six Games, Doesn’t Punish Rays’ Price

Brandon Workman was given a six-game suspension by MLB for throwing at Evan Longoria, while David Price received none for hitting David Ortiz and Mike Carp. Fair? (Boston Herald)

In the now ritualized skirmishes between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays, Rays starting pitcher David Price plunked David Ortiz in the first inning in a pretty blatant retaliation for last postseason, then hit Mike Carp three innings later. Red Sox starter Brandon Workman responded in kind by throwing behind the head of Evan Longoria in the sixth and getting ejected as a result.

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball handed out its punishments, and naturally Workman was given a six-game suspension (as well as an undisclosed fine) while Price received nary a slap on the wrist. Justice is served?

Workman will reportedly appeal his suspension, allowing him to make his scheduled start on Wednesday against the Cleveland Indians. The suspension comes at a poor time for the Red Sox, who already have two starters on the disabled list in Clay Buchholz and Felix Doubront. Doubront will make a rehab start at Double-A Portland on Thursday, but it is unclear when he would be able to return to the major league roster.

What do you think? Was it fair for the MLB to suspend Workman and not Price? Or, as Ortiz put it (rather strongly), does this mean “the rules aren’t for everyone“?

Or was it unfair of me to ask pose such a leading question for such Red Sox-centric readers?

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