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Connelly’s Top Ten: World Cup Drama Versus Red Sox Marathons

1. Cliff Notes:

* Shaughnessey’s article has inspired Pedroia
* Can you believe its 4th of July week
* How about a TV reality show where the best World Cup soccer floppers compete in a diving competition against Subban
* After World Cup what am I going to do – watch poker or WNBA?

2. World Cup:

* The tension in Brazil is so high – a loss could be a loss of hundreds of lives
* Why do back up goalies wear their gloves during the game on the bench
* Every flopper should be forced watch the Greg Campbell broken leg video 100 times
* Any penalty kick rolled on the ground shouldn’t count
* A full game and two extra periods and a shootout is faster than a Red Sox – Yankees game

3. 1969-1970 Bruins:

Players brought up to replace injured Bruins during 1969-1970 season:

* Injured – Gary Doak, Eddie Shack, Derek Sanderson, Tommy Williams
* Replacements – Don Marcotte, Wayne Cashman, Rick Smith and Jim Harrison

4. Drew:

Red Sox are 10-19 since Stephen Drew joined the team

5. Giants:

The 1965 Mays had a roster that included Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal, two Alous, Gaylord Perry, Warren Spahn, Harvey Kueun

6. Steroids and HRs:

Six of the top fourteen in home runs career have used steroids:

1. Barry Bonds………..762
5. A Rod………………….654
8. Sammy Sosa…………609
10. Mark McGwire……583
12. Rafael Palmiero….569
14. Manny……………….555

7. Amazing Stat:

In 2007, Michelle Wie was on the green in two on a 596-yard par 5 after a 348-yard drive

8. Old School:

Rocky Marciano only fought four times in Massachusetts (

* 3/17/47 – Valley Arena, Holyoke – earned $35 in his first fight
* 8/16/49 – New Page Arena, New Bedford
* 7/10/50 – Braves Field
* 8/27/51 – Boston Garden in front of 9,523 fans (gross take $26,933)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Donald Ross built 59 golf courses in Massachusetts including The Country Club

10. Randomocity:

* Doesn’t the HBO show True Blood have to mock Suarez somehow?
* Telling you Castle Island in Southie is a city gem
* Orange is the New Black is dark this year
* How did people live without AC’s
* No on deli turkey and roast beef
* We are getting old when the Bruins take Ted Donato’s son
* Still get the shakes watching Laurence Oliver drill Dustin Hoffman’s teeth in Marathon Man

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  1. Is it safe? Good luck with down time until football season, although I find keeping up with the Sox farm team and up and coming players time consuming. Owens every five days, and Chris Hernandez, too.

    REPLY – MPC – It wasn’t safe — go young – raid the farm system and let them play

    Posted by Conor | June 30, 2014, 6:41 am

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