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Where is Glenn Ordway? — Update on his Health

You may have heard that WEEI host Glenn Ordway collapsed while at the Patriots’ tailgate event at Gillette Stadium on Sunday. It turns out the Big O collapsed due to a bleeding ulcer.

Timberwolves Head Coach Flip Saunders Dies

Longtime NBA head coach Flip Saunders, the current coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, has died. He was 60 years old. Saunders died of cancer. He announced over the summer that he was being treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

NFL Week 7 Preview: Will the Best Offense Beat the Best Defense?

NFL Week 7 is beginning, and only 10 teams hold winning records – five of them are still unbeaten. The Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos are the three 6-0 teams, but all of them will take a bye week while New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers will battle against tough opponents to […]

8 of the Best Celtics Players of All Time and What Made Them Great

Walk into any Boston sports bar any day of the week, and you can get into a heated discussion with everyone from the waitress to the regular on the bar stool next to you about who the best Celtics players of all time are and why. Whether you favor Larry Bird over Bill Russell or […]

ESPN Outside The Lines, SI Spygate Reports (CliffsNotes Version)

Because nobody has time to read tens of thousands of words that say most of the Spygate rumors you have already heard (hell, I really didn’t have the time, either, but I read each and every excruciating word), here is a CliffsNotes version of the reports released Tuesday by ESPN’s Outside The Lines and Sports […]

How Do the Defending Champs Fare This Coming Season?

Football season is here again and the Patriots are the defending champs. That means everyone is going to be looking to take a bite out of them as the season progresses to try to prove themselves. There was a lot of drama in the offseason for New England this year, most of it revolving around […]

The Dramatic Rise of Daily Fantasy Sports

You likely can’t go a day without hearing someone talk about Draft Kings, or hearing a radio advertisement for FanDuel. Its popularity is hard to ignore. The allure of possibly winning $1 million legally and by spending not so much is just too hard to pass up for some. Having a rough draft dooms many […]

Red Sox Trade Mike Napoli

Right before Friday night’s game, the Red Sox struck a deal to trade Mike Napoli and cash to the Texas Rangers for cash or a player-to-be-named-later. The Rangers will pay about $1.5 million of the remaining money owed to Napoli. 

NFL Confirms Tom Brady’s Suspension = #NoBradyNoBanner

I’m firm on this — if Tom Brady is unsuccessful in battling his ridiculous suspension in federal court, which may mean he won’t be in Gillette Stadium for the NFL opener. If that’s the case, then #NoBradyNoBanner!

Your Guide to Baseball Betting

Why is Baseball the best sport to bet on? If you are just getting started with online sports betting but you don’t know which types of sports you want to bet on, then betting Baseball is almost definitely the way to go when you first start out. Sports Betting sites on Baseball offer a huge […]

Week 1 Odds Have Pats Picked Over Pittsburgh

There are some two months left before the start of the new NFL season, and two months left for New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to prepare for the possibility of playing without Tom Brady. The team is still awaiting the decision on Brady’s appeal, which could still see his four-game “deflategate” suspension overturned.

Group Uses Actual Science to Rip Apart Wells Report

Everyone, including its supporters, could find ways to poke holes into the Wells Report. Among its findings was some flawed science which found conclusions the NFL was looking for. Enter the American Enterprise Institute, was a thorn in the NFL’s side during the Bountygate scandal. At that time, the AEI found that the Saints, whether […]

Patriots Sign Matt Flynn, Prepare For Life Without Tom Brady

Signed in the past to be a starter for the Seahawks and Raiders — he failed in both places — quarterback Matt Flynn has accomplished the most filling in for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Now, he’s in New England, presumably to back up Jimmy Garappolo while Tom Brady misses at most four games (but […]

Video: Switch-Pitcher? Ambidextrous Pat Venditte Debuts Against Red Sox

If you saw last night’s Red Sox game, you saw the Major League debut for Oakland A’s prospect Pat Venditte, who is ambidextrous, meaning he can pitch with both arms. Check out the video here: Your browser does not support iframes.

Belmont Stakes 2015: American Pharoah, not Pharaoh #typo

In case you’re not a self-proclaimed “grammar Nazi,” you may not have noticed that horse American Pharoah’s name is permanently spelled wrong… by mistake. Many owners through the years have used alternate spellings for their horses, but in this case, the name was incorrectly submitted to a naming contest held by Zayat Stables, the horses’s owner.