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Connelly’s Top Ten: So Deflating…..

1. Deflategate: * If you were in Vegas and bet the first half of AFC Championship game – could you sue the NFL for conducting a sting operation and impacting the integrity of the game? * Tom Brady must go on the offensive – call out every QB that manipulates the footballs starting with self-confessed […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: NFL Draft, Red Sox and Pandas

1. NFL Draft: * If I’m Tampa I throw up in my mouth when I see Jamis Winston mocking people with the picture of himself celebrating the draft with crab legs * Who were the advisors to the 14 underclassman who declared for the draft but didn’t get drafted * Sign of a program’s decline […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: NFL Draft, Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight, Kentucky Derby!

1. NFL Draft: * Patriots will draft past my bed time (Editor’s note – they did and took Malcolm Brown) * First pick year after Super Bowl wins: 2002 – Daniel Graham (traded up from 32 to 21 also gave up 96th and 234rd) / 2004 – Ben Watson / 2005 – Logan Mankins * […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Bully Cavs Abuse Celtics, Loscutoff Breaks TV

1. Celtics: * My original title was going to be – “Soft Celtics Embarrass the City” – but they showed a little manhood down the stretch * The count of Celtics that hit the floor hard without repercussions – Crowder twice, Sullinger, Bass, Isaiah * You knew the Celtics were soft when they kept letting […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Celts play hard, Sox who cares, Crazy Brothers

1. Celtics: * Team has to watch Larry Bird films on how to box out (Zeller please fight harder) * Avery Bradley (Ainge’s only bad move this year – signing him), 4-14 from three point land in the series and it seemed every miss reversed momentum for Cleveland – he also is getting torched by […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Marathon Day!

1. Celtics: * I think this series is going to be too fast for Bass and Sullinger / Mozgov is going to be too strong for Zeller * Avery Bradley 1-6 from three point land (including two air balls) and was absolutely torched by Irving (surprised Smart wasn’t switched over) * I think the one […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Day Weekend!

1. Seasons the Bruins missed the playoffs by decade: 1940’s – 2 1950’s – 2 1960’s – 7 1970’s – 0 1980’s – 0 1990’s – 2 2000’s – 3 2010’s – 1 2. Red Sox rotation: Being paid $36mm and has a 6.16 ERA – last year combined 44-49 / 4.56 ERA

Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Sink, Celtics Surge, Red Sox Drag

1. Bruins: * By Marchand scoring a meaningless goal with one minute left Saturday night the Bruins picked up a point and the LA Kings jumped in front of the Bruins in the draft * Chiarelli should have never taken questions on the season with a game left and playoffs still possible last week * […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins at the Brink

1. Bruins: * They skated hard last night but couldn’t beat the eliminated Panthers – that tells me there isn’t enough talent on the team * Brett Connolly three minor penalties – one allowed a huge power play goal (that’s what he gets for spelling his last name wrong) * Tuukka Rask you are no […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Opening Day!

1. Red Sox Preview: * Predictions – 86 wins only because every team in their division went backwards * All that money and no bullpen – I predict blown saves to go over at 12 * Pawtucket Outfield Payroll – $11.5mm / Astros $9.1mm / Tampa $8.6mm * Over and Under 4 – Glares by […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Rondo Doesn’t Help, All Stars, Patriot Dismantling

1. Last award winners: MVP – Pedroia (2008) / Tom Brady (2010) / Bird (1986) / Esposito (1974) Rookie of the Year – Pedroia (2007) / Curtis Martin (1995) / Bird (1980) / Raycroft (2004) Coach of the Year – Fitch (1980) / Julien (2009) / Belichick (2010) / Jimy Williams (1989) 2. Since January […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox, Russians Are Coming, Obama in Selma

1. Red Sox stat: * If I was another team, I would make a run at Jackie Bradley while his value is down – best defensive outfielder in baseball counts for something * Brock Holt would have a place on my team any day * Allen Craig has two hits – trade him right now […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Daylight Savings, Pistol Pete and 6-4-3

1. Red Sox stat: * The 1949 Red Sox hit into 207 double plays in 154 games – eight players hit into double digit double plays: Doerr (31), Tebbetts, Goodman, Stephens, Pesky, Zarilla, Williams, DiMaggio 2.  Like father like son: The Hulls scoring 50 goals * Brett Hull 1990-1991 – 50 goals in 49 games […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics on Exciting Run but Lose 26-Point Lead

1. Celtics: * They are exciting BUT you can’t lose a 26-point lead to the top team in the league – horrendous game by Brad Stevens. His team lacked composure, shot selection (step back, defended three pointers – team shot 8 for 31 from three point land), no ball movement * They have become must […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Comebacks, Championships and Doobie Brothers

1. Local Stars the year after missing a season (or the majority of a season) * Ted Williams – 1946 – 38 HR / 123 RBI / .342 * Ted Williams – 1954 – 29 HR / 89 RBI / .345 * Larry Bird………1989 – 24.3 points / 9.5 rebounds / 7.5 assists * Cam Neely……..1993           […]