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Connelly’s Top Ten: Just Enjoy!

1. Patriots – Denver preview: * Denver is 25-19 against the Patriots all time  (3-1 in playoffs) * Which is Ex-Bronco is more worthy of our hate – Shannon Sharpe or Tom Jackson? * No one talks about Denver violating the salary cap laws, leading to their Super Bowl run in the 80′s * Best […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady Throws A Bunch

1. Patriots: MISC * You know it’s an announcer that doesn’t have the Patriots much when he says “Brady has so many weapons.” * Lot of empty seats at kickoff and many of them got a quick jump on halftime actually missed two touchdowns * Like Chara too much of Gronk in October doesn’t bode […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Da Bears

1. Patriots-Bears Preview: * Look at Jay Cutler’s weapons – Alshon Jeffrey 45th pick on pace for 1,152 yds / Martellus Bennett 61st pick on pace for 9 TD / Brandon Marshall on pace for 11 TD * Willie Young has 7 sacks / Kyle Fuller 3 interceptions * Kicker Robbie Gould is 3-3 from […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Off – Winter is Coming

1. Around the NFL: * I hate the Patriots not playing on Sunday afternoon * Hats off to the Rams coaching staff for taking risks – fake punt and a tricky punt return scheme * Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan is the most overrated coach in the NFL * Redskins have two playoff wins since […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Hang On, Save Our Weekend

1. Patriots: MISC * Not close to a Super Bowl team – they are on pace for 12 wins but I don’t think they win a playoff game with this team * Time of Possession 41 to 19 wow! * I don’t have a problem with the 15 yarder Devy took defending Brady BUT a […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Slide up to Top Six Team

1. Patriots: MISC * A badly officiated game both ways * What a great gig Mike Perriera has stating the obvious * Patriots better be careful not to abuse Gronk and Edleman * Why didn’t the Bills target Chandler 15 times * Announcers were getting a little Bills crazy * Was the turf slippery? * […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Columbus Day Weekend – Enjoy

1. Patriots Preview – @ Buffalo Bills: * Brandon Spikes is working up to a foam * Freddy Jackson has over 250 yards after the catch (I love his game) * It’s amazing how much better the Bills skilled weapons are – Sammy Watkins, Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller, Robert Woods, Scott Chandler (its not even […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Quiet Critics (Including Me)

1. Patriots: MISC * Talking about shutting us up with a quality game – game plan excellent, intensity and crowd was as loud as I’ve ever heard it * James Devlin blocks, runs, catches and is now assigned to giving Tom Brady high fives * I don’t want to see Revis go down the Talib […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Since, Patriots Roster, Jim Rice

1. Patriots preview – Cincy * Cincy Defense is #1 in points allowed, turnovers, interceptions, touchdowns allowed * Kicker Mike Nugent is only 2-5 from 40 yards out or more * Adam Jones in secondary hoping to make it rain * Running back Jeremy Hill out of LSU was guilty of the knockout game when […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: The End for Tom Brady and the Patriots?

PATRIOTS STARE DOWN THE GUN OF A 9-7 SEASON 1. MISC * Patriots need toughness and now (fullback Sherman went for Hightower’s knee – that should have been a fight!) – Browner better show up this week and starting throwing haymakers in practice * Blue Hoodie * Patriots falling all over the place – change […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Adios Red Sox; Patriots Visit Loud Arrowhead Stadium

1. Red Sox Recap: * Nava hit .270 – hats off to a great comeback year * No Red Sox played 145 games, had 160 hits, scored 75 runs, only Ortiz had over 17 HR, Second to Ortiz in RBI was Napoli with 55, only one player had double digit SB * Nineteen Red Sox […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Jeterpalooza

1. Brady vs. other QB’s statistically: * Yards…………………..632……24th….(2007 after 3 games 877) * Completion %……..55.5%….27th….(2007 after 3 games 80%) * Yards per attempt 5.54……30th…..(2007 after 3 games 10.12) * TD’s………………………3……..18th…..(2007 after 3 games 10) * QB Rating…………….82.9%…23rd….(2007 after 3 games 140.00%) 2. Offensive Line – Big isn’t necessarily better: 1976 Patriots Line: Averaged 132 yards […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Average Patriots Make Sunday Boring

1. Patriots Survive Loser Oakland: MISC * Boy are they boring * Patriots were in last place two weeks ago and now in first * Evan Washburn on the sideline for CBS confirming Pam Oliver’s claim that you have to be blond and pretty to be on the sideline * 70% of red seats empty […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Raiders are Losers, Red Sox are Losers, Philly in ’76

1. Patriots: * Shouldn’t Foxboro police drug test every Raider fan with face paint and shoulder pads with spikes sticking out of them? * Patriots are still third in odds to go to the Super Bowl (8-1) behind Denver and Seattle * Since the Patriots fairly beat the Raiders in the Snow Bowl – the […]

Connelly Top Ten: Patriots Average Team – 10-6

1. Patriots – Minnesota: MISC * I know they won but that was a real bad opponent * Crazy amount of penalties – 22 accepted for 221 yards * Bill went with blue hoodie * Why even watch kickoffs which are touchbacks, extra points and now field goals must be at 90% under 50 yards […]