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Connelly’s Top Ten: James Mulry Dominates Sox, Going Into Hibernation

1. MISC: 1. Taking a month off see you at the end of Spring Training 2. Book 26.2 Miles to Boston will be out in the next week – if anyone wants a signed book let me know 3. Blanket Fund success – speakers were amazing: Dr. Oh great insight about his days with Dr. […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Blanket Dinner Tonight!

Ten more seats to fill for Blanket Dinner tonight Doubletree in Cambridge/Boston 1. Olympic Summary * I was rooting for Sweden over Canada (wrong) * I was wrong on USA easy over Canada (how about an adjustment at some point?) * Is Tuukka getting grief for being sick for the semi-final game? * Canadian defense […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: USA Cruises to Gold Medal Game, Blanket Dinner Needs You!

Blanket Dinner – three days – can you make it? Let me know 1. USA 5 – Canada 2 – I don’t think it will be close. Better skaters, better goalie 2. Unheard of an hockey history for a team to be given a two player advantage never mind that the second penalty was a […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Oshie Should Go To Blanket Dinner Week from Monday

One week to go to Blanket Dinner – awesome panel 1. USA Hockey: * How about the insane shot blocking by the Americans specifically McDonough and Kessler * if the NHL learns one thing from Olympic hockey – no commercials adds to the flow to the game and maximizes the advantage of the sport that […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Blanket Dinner 11 Days and Other Stuff

Blanket Dinner – 2/24 Doubletree on Storrow Drive – Speakers all set: Baseball Strength and Fitness guru Eric Cressey / Ortho surgeon superstar Dr. Oh / Nationally Renown Concussion expert Dr. Robert Stern 1. Olympic update: * Hockey – Americans look fast / Kane is a player / Nets are too tight can be a […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Olympics Ho Hum, Bill Russell, Good Will Hunting

1. Olympics: * That’s not Poland Springs over there * I know it’s the times, but the X game sports – I’m having a tough time buying into * I would love a reporter to ask X gamer Sage Kotsenburg, who won the gold medal and then draped the flag over him, “do you know […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Just a Bunch of Stuff

2/24 Blanket Dinner theme announced – Sports-Medicine – Three renown leaders in orthopedics, concussions and sports psychology – checks for tickets ($50 includes dinner, entertainment and donation) or donations can be sent to StonehamBank at 80 Montvale Avenue in Stoneham 02180 1. What to look forward to during the dark days of sports: * NHL […]

Connellys Top Ten: Manning Gets Pumped and Jacked

1. Peyton stuff: – 11-12 in playoffs – Tebow is as good as Manning both – .500 Bronco playoff qb – Manning – SI athlete of the year and hasn’t won anything – In three Super Bowls – 3td / 4 int – Manning and Chamberlain one championship

Connelly’s Top Ten: Pumped and Jacked, Ortiz Whines, Confederates Like Manning Not Good in Cold

Blanket Dinner 2/24 Doubletree in Cambridge 1. Super Bowl preview: * I’m rooting for pumped and jacked over Manning – don’t want him to close gap on Brady * Seattle needs to go Manchurian Candidate – “Must knock down Manning, Must knock down Manning, Must knock down Manning” * Sherman better come up big for […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Old Celts Back, Officials Ruining Sports, Villians

Blanket Dinner – February 24th – Why Can’t You Come Talk Sports? Get a three course meal, entertainment, small donation 1. Someone mentioned this on WEEI and it got me thinking – what do all five of these officials’ calls have in common in the Patriots season: * The push in the back on the […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Dark Day of Sports

* February 24th Blanket Dinner – Doubletree Cambridge – Everyone bring someone please 1. Patriots had 18 first drives this year – stats: * Two touchdowns / two field goals / 12 punts / two turnovers * Nine drives of five plays or less * Kicked off eight times to start the game and received ten times 2. Update […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Welker Picks Broncos to Super Bowl

Looked like a heartless team who was deflated after Talib was cheap-shoted – in the end they looked like they were content making it to the AFC game 1. Talib Injury: * That was not only a pick on Talib by Welker but actually a dirty play that injured a player (should be a fine […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Omaha This

February 24th Blanket Dinner – DoubleTree – 1. Patriot Positive: * Patriots 27-24 in overtime after Manning gets ball to start and has to punt * Patriots are 7-2 in AFC Championship Games * Patriots are 3-1 on the road in Conference Championships * Patriots are 3-14 in Denver * Crazy play by Ben Watson to […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Going to Denver

1. Patriots Run Over Colts: 8 Conference Championship games amazing – thank you Bill Belichick and Tom Brady BRADY * I like the not giving up on plays and keeping his feet moving in the pocket (old Brady – maybe inspired by Aaron Rodgers) * I give him a B- * Missed Vereen for a […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Bring on the Colts

Blanket Dinner February 24th – Double Tree in Cambridge 1. Colts Preview: * Colts lost to the Bengals, Rams, Chargers, Dolphins and Cardinals * Against playoff teams, including last week, they are 5-2 with wins over Seattle, Chargers, 49ers and Broncos (yikes!) * Against playoff teams on the road 3-1 * After the Cardinals loss, […]