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Connelly’s Top Ten: Consider Fish Squished!

1. PATRIOTS vs. DOLPHINS PREVIEW: * Since the first game -Dolphins 4-0 against losing teams / 2-6 against winning teams * Tom Brady needs nine TD passes for 400 * A Dolphin – Patriots game in December reminds me of Howard Cosell announcing the death of John Lennon – 1980 * The Wildcat game in […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Overcome Ben Dreith and Bad Offensive Plan

1. PATRIOTS: MISC * The game was so frustrating with no fluid play – reminded me of the Giants Super Bowl games but this time they pulled it out * The call on Browner for helmet to helmet will not get the attention it deserves but that could have been the most impactful official’s call […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Stay Classy in San Diego

1. Patriots Preview: Patriots win this game easy – Chargers no pass rush or running game * Greatest Chargers – Tomlinson and then Allsworth, Fouts, Winslow and Gates * Best draft pick – Rodney Harrison 145th in 1994 * Against Patriots – 14-20-2 regular season / 1-2 post season * Famous QB’s – Unitas, Brees, […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Hope To See Packers Again

1. Patriots – Very good football game – hope to see Packers on a neutral site MISC * Gray hood with cut sleeves – now 29-10 in that ensemble * Jonas Gray has been found * I would be embarrassed if I was Aaron Dobson – first time targeted and he pulls a hamstring * […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Kraftapoolooza – Pats and Revs Win!

1. Patriots: MISC * Gray hoodie knocked it out of the park * The three thoughts I came away from this game – Patriots are on fire, I love watching Suh lose and I felt terrible for Jonas Gray (at least once in ten times Fox showed him it looked like he might cry) * […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Best Holiday Around the Corner!

1. Patriots Preview: * Lions are 4-6 against Patriots lifetime * Movie Paper Lion about writer George Plimpton who workied out with the Lions in exhibition season starred Alan Alda and Lauren Hutton – it grossed $1.7mm at box office * Bobby Layne was QB for eight years (1950-1958) and number is retired- threw for […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: No Piped in Crowd Noise This Time

1. Patriots on Fire MISC * Bill went with the gray hoodie * Gronk did the block from Blindside on the Gray TD driving the guy for twenty yards – Gronk looked ornery all night * Is it possible the Patriots are better without Mayo and Ridley? OFFENSE * The last two games against the […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: I’m Sick of Night Games

1. Patriots Preview: * Tight ends always scare me against the Patriots – Fleener – 22 catches / 4 TD * TY Hilton is on pace for 100 catches / 1,666 yards * They have 24 sacks to opponents 14 (six guys have at least three) * Adam Vinatieri is 20 for 20 this year […]

Connellys Top Ten: Victory!

Everything is Misc: –  You know those commercial properties that no matter what business goes in there it fails – that’s the Jets – From ESPN – Cardinals 15-3 last 18 games – Pats 73-0 at home when leading at halftime – Ravens vs Steelers was the Longest Yard except both teams were the convicts – Is […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Just Enjoy!

1. Patriots – Denver preview: * Denver is 25-19 against the Patriots all time  (3-1 in playoffs) * Which is Ex-Bronco is more worthy of our hate – Shannon Sharpe or Tom Jackson? * No one talks about Denver violating the salary cap laws, leading to their Super Bowl run in the 80’s * Best […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady Throws A Bunch

1. Patriots: MISC * You know it’s an announcer that doesn’t have the Patriots much when he says “Brady has so many weapons.” * Lot of empty seats at kickoff and many of them got a quick jump on halftime actually missed two touchdowns * Like Chara too much of Gronk in October doesn’t bode […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Da Bears

1. Patriots-Bears Preview: * Look at Jay Cutler’s weapons – Alshon Jeffrey 45th pick on pace for 1,152 yds / Martellus Bennett 61st pick on pace for 9 TD / Brandon Marshall on pace for 11 TD * Willie Young has 7 sacks / Kyle Fuller 3 interceptions * Kicker Robbie Gould is 3-3 from […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Off – Winter is Coming

1. Around the NFL: * I hate the Patriots not playing on Sunday afternoon * Hats off to the Rams coaching staff for taking risks – fake punt and a tricky punt return scheme * Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan is the most overrated coach in the NFL * Redskins have two playoff wins since […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Hang On, Save Our Weekend

1. Patriots: MISC * Not close to a Super Bowl team – they are on pace for 12 wins but I don’t think they win a playoff game with this team * Time of Possession 41 to 19 wow! * I don’t have a problem with the 15 yarder Devy took defending Brady BUT a […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Slide up to Top Six Team

1. Patriots: MISC * A badly officiated game both ways * What a great gig Mike Perriera has stating the obvious * Patriots better be careful not to abuse Gronk and Edleman * Why didn’t the Bills target Chandler 15 times * Announcers were getting a little Bills crazy * Was the turf slippery? * […]