Lucky or Blades? Who's Having More Fun at the Garden? (Photo Courtesy of ESPN Boston)

I’m not talking about the price of the ticket because both teams, along with every team in our great snowy city, charge too much for their tickets, but which of these teams is the more exciting one right now? At the beginning of the season it was easy to say the more exciting team throughout the whole year would be the Bruins. They had just come off of a season where they won the President’s Trophy and made another run in the playoffs despite a disappointing finish in the second round against their hated rivals north of the border, the Montreal Canadiens. Sure, they did not replace the scoring hole left by the departure of Jarome Iginla and then they traded away Johnny Boychuk just before the season started, but they were still going to be contenders in the East if not Stanley Cup contenders. There was no way you could even try to make the comparison between the Celtics and the Bruins as to who was going to have the better season or at least be more exciting, right?

Well, here we are midway through February with both teams facing their upcoming trade deadlines and both teams essentially battling for the eighth spot in their respective playoff brackets. So the question on the table is: which team is more exciting right now? Who would you rather go see? Continue reading The Celtics or the Bruins? Who’s the Bigger Ticket at the Garden? »

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Is Jared Sullinger's tardiness enough to make me bite my lip and stop rooting for the Celtics to tank? (Boston Herald)

The NBA trade deadline is less than 48 hours away, and the question that now looms over the Boston Celtics is what should they do at the deadline?
The Celts roster as it stands now has good depth. The C’s bench is one of the best in the entire NBA, as they are ranked No.7 in the league in points per game (39.5). So with that said, the Celtics should look to trade away some more of their veteran talent, and acquire more assets to better their future.

The Celtics have been very busy making deals this season, with Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green being their two big moves. Two more players that make the most sense for the C’s to trade are Marcus Thornton and Brandon Bass. Both of these players have expiring contracts, which every team in the NBA likes to acquire. Both Thornton and Bass can also help bolster a contender’s bench. Continue reading What the Celtics Should Do at the Trade Deadline »

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Is Jared Sullinger's tardiness enough to make me bite my lip and stop rooting for the Celtics to tank? (Boston Herald)

Since the Big Three era officially ended with the trade of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets, I’ve been pretty squarely on Team Tanking when it comes to the Boston Celtics.

But lately I’ve started to waver in my tanktastic beliefs. With every minute that Celtics forward Jared Sullinger has twice been late to team walk-throughs, I’ve wondered more and more whether all the losses are worth the few extra percentage points towards a top-three draft pick, particularly at the expense of one of the young franchise cornerstones caring enough to show up on time.

But is that reason enough to defect from Team Tanking and join Team Eight Seed?

Continue reading Is Celtics Sullinger Being Late Reason Enough to Join Team Eight Seed? »

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Evan Turner's Buzzer Beater Lifted the Celtics to an 89-88 Win Over 1st Place Atlanta. (Photo courtesy David Butler II/USA Today Sports)

Sean Grande, the Celtics radio play-by-play voice, said it best:

“Strange things happen the last game before the All Star break.”

And strange things did happen as the Celtics defeated the Eastern Conference leading Atlanta Hawks 89-88. Evan Turner was the hero for the Green with his near buzzer-beating right-handed floater.

These Celtics are proving more and more that they deserve a shot and that none of us should be rooting for another tanked season. Let’s get into the Eastern Conference playoffs. Continue reading Hey Celtics: Forget Tanking, Go for the 8-Seed »

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associated press

Last Thursday, the NBA announced the starters for this year’s NBA All-Star game, as per the popular vote of the fans.  While the majority of this year’s selections seem fair, two of the most polarizing of choices, Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant, are members of big-market yet borderline-abysmal teams.

Social media and members of the NBA family alike, have voiced disapproval at the selection process, pointing primarily to the appointment of Kobe Bryant’s role as a starter, despite his civilian-level shooting percentage of 37%.  While Kobe Bryant has since torn his rotator cuff and is likely out for the remainder of the season, the point still stands; the current process is a popularity vote that has little to do with each player’s current production in the NBA.

Perhaps most outspoken of the voting processes’ opponents is Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban.  Cuban sees the overall lack in interest from fans to voting as perhaps the biggest reason for its flaws. Continue reading NBA All-Star Game Starters Announced, Illustrate Flawed Selection Process »

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Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers can't help marveling at how Ainge's disappearing act that made Austin Rivers magically appear in Los Angeles on the Clippers, among other trade tricks. (ESPN)

And then there was one.

That’s how many players Danny Ainge will have kept in spite of all his flurry of in-season trades. (With plenty left to come, I’m sure.) One player out of five trades, including four in one week.

Just call him Danny the Magician. He makes newly acquired Celtics just…disappear.

Continue reading Danny the Magician: Ainge Making Celtics Disappear in Flurry of Trades »

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Jameer Nelson, Channing Frye

There was little doubt, after the Celtics sent Jeff Green to Memphis in a three-team trade on Monday, that Danny Ainge was far from done making deals. What we did not see coming was the trade he pulled off on Tuesday night, shipping little-used point guard Jameer Nelson to Denver in exchange for one-time Celtic fan favorite Nate Robinson.

The deal is also notable because it’s a straight PG-for-PG exchange, featuring no draft picks, which Ainge has been stockpiling at a record rate in recent times. Nelson arrived last month from Dallas in the Rajon Rondo trade, and it looked briefly like he may take over the starting spot, but he fell out of the rotation after just six games in which he averaged 4.8 points, 5.5 assists, 2.8 rebounds and 1.2 steals. Continue reading Welcome Back, Donkey: Nate Robinson Returns to Boston »

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