While it was Evan Turner who got the start in Friday night’s matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves, it was Marcus Smart who closed out the game at the point guard position in a 114–98 Celtics victory. While the commentary was very much centered on the Rajon Rondo trade and the inaugural game of the Smart era, Kelly Olynyk was undoubtedly the MVP, continuing his career week with 21 points and eight rebounds.

Olynyk, the 13th pick in last year’s draft out of Gonzaga, has exhibited sky-high confidence this week, including a 30-point outing against the Philadelphia 76ers. Unfortunately for the Timberwolves, his fellow Canadians Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins, the last two number-one picks, showed little for the lottery-bound team. Wiggins, who shot just 2-for-10 last night and scored a mere five points, was the alleged prize in last year’s draft, and a supposedly valid reason to tank. While it is still far too early to criticize Wiggins, who will undoubtedly still become a solid NBA player, Smart, with his inevitable rise in minutes, may become a dark horse candidate for this year’s Rookie of the Year award. Continue reading Smart Era Gets Off to a Good Start with Win over T’wolves »

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Wave goodbye, Celtics fans: Rondo is on his way to the Dallas Mavericks in a sudden and shocking trade. (CBS Sports)

Just this morning I wrote about the Rajon Rondo rumor mill starting up again, and Boston Celtics being able to look forward to spending the next month or so reading rumor after rumor, story after story about whether, where, and when Rondo would be traded.

Danny Ainge and the Celtics have preempted the rumor mill and spared us from reports quoting anonymous NBA sources by already trading their All-Star point guard to the Dallas Mavericks.

Continue reading Celtics Send Rondo to Mavs in Exchange for Pupu Platter »

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It's the most wonderful time of the year: nope, not the holidays, but Rajon Rondo trade rumors! (CBS Boston)

Death, taxes, and Rondo trade rumors.

Yes, the rumor mill is underway when it comes to Danny Ainge, the Boston Celtics, and their All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo. December 15th marked the first day free agents that were signed this past offseason are eligible to be traded, ergo: Rondo trade rumors.

This time around, it seems the Celtics have an “increased willingness” to trade Rondo, particularly to the Western Conference.

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Alex Brandon/AP Photo

The Celtics completed a home-and-home matchup last night against the Wizards in a double-overtime thriller that unfortunately resulted in a Boston loss. Splitting the series with a 14-6 Washington team is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but it was still painful to watch this team lose to the Wizards in perhaps the most exciting game so far this season.

It wasn’t the usual suspects who mounted the fourth-quarter comeback and sent the game into overtime, but the bench unit, which scored a franchise-high 82 points. Brad Stevens’s decision to abstain from subbing in his starters late in the fourth quarter was validated when the Celtics, at one point down 23 points, went on a 15-0 run against the Wizards’ starters. Continue reading Celtics’ Comeback Bid Falls Short in Double OT Loss at Washington »

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NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Boston Celtics


Celtics beat Lakers. My favorite sentence ever. To me, it’s synonymous with good defeats evil. I can never get tired of watching Boston beat L.A., regardless of how meaningless the game is. However, the game itself was not the primary storyline entering last evening. Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant sharing breakfast together somehow became breaking news, despite the fact that it has been well documented that the two are friendly.

Is Rondo going to join the Lakers? Is #9 betraying the Celtics? My only question is why would Rondo want to join the Lakers? After last night’s beatdown, the only allure this Lakers team has is Bryant’s presence. And with Rondo suggesting that their bond is built over their “a**hole” ways, wouldn’t their two strong personalities clash? Continue reading Celtics Defeat Lakers 113-96, All Is Right with the World »

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Sources say it wasn't Kobe trying to get Rondo's ear, but rather the other way around. (Bleacher Report/Getty Images)

The following is the latest in our SoB Satire series. Much of the following isn’t real or confirmed to be true, but we totally wish it was.

According to sources, it wasn’t “just two a–holes having breakfast” when Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant met for breakfast on Thursday morning, contrary to earlier reports.

The two players did engage in some light recruiting. But it wasn’t to see whether Rondo would consider signing with the Lakers. In reality, it was  the Celtics point guard recruiting the Lakers star over a side of bacon.

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Look up from your laptop, dude: Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo are getting breakfast behind you! (@baxterholmes)

Normally a Friday night game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics would be a marquee matchup of longtime rivals and storied franchises that dominates the headlines.

But with both franchises stuck in NBA limbo (or purgatory, depending on your point of view), instead the talk of the town is about a Thursday morning breakfast between Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.

Talk about a veritable breakfast of champions!

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