While the Red Sox are off to a solid start (6-3) to the 2015 season, some of big-money players are already injured.

Xander Bogaerts sought out an MRI after reporting to Fenway Park on Tuesday with an injured knee suffered during the Red Sox home opener against the Washington Nationals. Bogaerts did not play in the second game of the series. Super-utility man Brock Holt played shortstop in the second game of the series, going 2 for 4 with an RBI.

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Peter Chiarelli Fired (AP Photo)

According to a press release this morning, the Bruins have released General Manager Peter Chiarelli. Chiarelli has been the GM for 9 seasons with pretty good success, and he is known as a well respected guy around the league. In the meantime, the front office will begin their search for a new GM “immediately.” The fate of Claude Julien and the rest of the coaching staff will depend on whoever the new GM will be.

Quick Hits:

He’s always been a controversial guy. During his 9 year tenure, he undoubtedly took a train-wreck of a franchise and brought them to perennially one of the league’s top teams. Well, for the most part. On the plus side, he has 8 consecutive playoff appearances, President’s Trophy, 1 Stanley Cup win, another Cup appearance, and a very strong core. However, he has shown some serious cap mismanagement with the way he cap-strung this team’s ability to make moves and obviously Neely and the Jacobs’ didn’t take too kindly to the Bruins missing the playoffs. Rumors indicate that Don Sweeney will replace him as General Manager.

What do you think? Was he fired too quickly or does he deserve this? Who would you want to come be the GM?

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Current Personnel: Stephen Gostkowski (Kicker), Ryan Allen (Punter), Tyler Ott (Long Snapper)

Need Level: Low-minimal

The Patriots boast one of the better special teams units in the NFL and that is largely helped by having one of the league’s best kickers in Gostkowski and a top-flight punter in Allen. When he came into the league in 2006, Gostkowski had the difficult task of replacing Patriots’ legend Adam Vinatieri. Gostkowski quickly established himself as a top kicker and earned the team’s franchise player designation this offseason. It will be in both Gostkowski’s and the Patriots’ best interest to work out a long term deal for the kicker, hopefully prior to next season. Continue reading Patriots 2014-15 Position Review: Specialists »

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Mookie Betts stole the show in the Red Sox home opener at Fenway Park. (Boston Herald)

The ceremony took place after the first inning.

It didn’t have quite the same formality or pomp and circumstance as the preface ceremony. There were no Lombardi trophies on display. Tom Brady had already left after throwing out the first pitch (or trying to).

But by the bottom of the first inning, before the second out, before David Ortiz could even lift the bat off his shoulder, 40,000 Red Sox fans ordained that the first game of the season at Fenway Park would no longer be known as the “Home Opener.”

Instead, with serenades of “Moooooookieeeeee!”, the Fenway faithful decreed in unison that, henceforth, the home opener would be known as the Mookie Betts Coming Out Party.

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The possibility of the Celtics making the playoffs as a potential seventh-seed was a mere pipe dream at the start of the season.  Celtics fans were looking at draft boards and comparing college prospects as the Celtics were seemingly destined to fall to the lottery for the second year in a row.  As it stands, if the Nets lose tonight, they’re in.  Yet the season did not transpire as expected, and the catalyst for this unforeseen success was addition by subtraction.  At the start of the year, the two best players on the 2014-2015 Celtics were undeniably Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo.  Yet, it wasn’t until after they were traded that this Celtics team really hit their stride.  The offense became less stagnant, the defense became more formidable, and perhaps most of all, the players look like they’re having more fun.  They have all completely bought into Brad Stevens system.  The acquisition of Isaiah Thomas was a turning point, yet, the burden of the credit deserves to go to Brad Stevens.

Brad Stevens has established himself as the future of Celtics basketball.  While his 6-year mega deal brought him here, it wasn’t until these past couple months that Celtics Nation, in addition to Boston sports media, really bought into the 38-year old coach. While he is has gained his favor with the city of Boston, another Bruins coach has not. Continue reading The Magic Number is One for the Celtics »

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In somewhat of a stunning series of events, the 2014-15 Boston Bruins missed the playoffs after dropping their final three games of the season this past week. While in the midst of a more comprehensive season review, it is interesting to look at three games that had they gone the Bruins way; would put the team in the playoffs beginning this week.

October 13, Avalanche at Bruins: In this Columbus Day contest, the Bruins met old-friend Jarome Iginla for the first time since his departure from Boston. The game was a grind-it-out affair with each team missing some chances as well as looking in a bit of a malaise during the matinee game. Continue reading Three Games That Could Have Changed the Bruins Playoff Fortunes »

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1. Bruins:

* By Marchand scoring a meaningless goal with one minute left Saturday night the Bruins picked up a point and the LA Kings jumped in front of the Bruins in the draft

* Chiarelli should have never taken questions on the season with a game left and playoffs still possible last week

* Bruins go home for the summer on April 11th – in 2013 they went home on June 24th

* Salaries next year – Bergeron 8mm, Chara 7mm, Erickson 4.5mm, Krejci 7.25, Lucic 6.5mm, Marchand 4.5mm, Rask 7.5mm, Seidenberg 4.5, Talbot $1mm, Smith $3.4

* Free Agents – Bartkowski, Campbell, Connolly, Hamilton, Krug, McQuaid, Paille, Soderberg,

* Rask finished last season 10-8 / He finished this season 3-8

2. Red Sox:

* Games Times this series – 6:49 / 3:13 / Who knows how long it went on Sunday

* Sandoval has crazy hand-eye coordination Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Sink, Celtics Surge, Red Sox Drag »

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