Quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning shake hands after Brady led his team back from a 24-0 deficit in a shocking win against the Broncos. Brady will be looking for another victory this weekend against his rival. (Getty Images)

1. Patriots win – Bring on Peyton and the Un-spiral:


* How nice was it to see Gronk, Amendola and Edelman in the first huddle
* Red seats empty to start the second half in a playoff game
* I’ve always thought in any team sport if you get to the championship game of your conference the season was a huge success
* No superstar in the history of sports (I don’t think this is hyperbole) gets cheap shot more than Tom Brady (maybe Orr with stuck out knees)
* Lucky for the NFL that Chandler Jones wasn’t the Patriots nominee for the Walter Payton award


* Amazing audible by Brady to flip play to stop and go for Gronk TD
* What a message to the team when Brady is sacrificing his body for the greater good
* I think they can get rid of the fake end around and lob pass into the flat
* Scott Chandler along for the ride
* Almost saw Brandon LaFell’s head blow up when Brady try to audible at the end of the third quarter Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Peyton-Brady — What Could be Better? »

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Patriots, Chiefs

1.Patriots – KC Preview:

* First time Patriots ever played the Chiefs in postseason – look at #4 below

* During 11 game winning streak – 8 wins against non-playoff teams

* KC Interceptions 22 to 7 (ranked 2nd / ranked 1st)

* Completion %: 66% to 57%

* Alex Smith has less rushing TD’s than Brady 2-3

* No return for TD’s

* Kicker Cairo Santos – 13-19 from 40 yards out (missed two extra points)

* Seven defenders with at least four sacks (get ready Tom)

* Defender Marcus Peters has 26 deflections – seems like a lot

* Kelce killed Pats last year (8 receptions / 93 yards / 1 TD) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Hank Stram Not Walking Thru that Door »

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According to police records and several media outlets, Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was hospitalized on Sunday due to a medical emergency. The cause of the hospitalization has not been made public.

Jones arrived at the Foxborough police department on Sunday morning and was evaluated by five officers and subsequently taken to the hospital. An officer was also sent to Jones’ home in order to “secure the residence.”

While acknowledging that Jones had been to the hospital, the Patriots said in a statement that Jones had shown up for work on Monday and not missed any meetings or practice.  The Foxborough Police Department initially did not acknowledge that it dealt with Jones but later did and added that it was due to a “medical call.”

At this point, details are not easy to come across and it does not appear that this incident will affect Jones’ status for the team’s playoff game on Saturday. Things could change between now and then and this story bears monitoring over the next several days.

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Bill Belichick

1. Around the NFL Playoffs:

* All four road teams win – yikes

* Actually felt bad for Hoyer yesterday (are we sure JJ Watt is a little bit over-rated?)

* Goodell at Minnesota – checking on PSI?

* Watching the NBC game with no rooting interest – I must admit that Collinsworth is the best analyst

* How lucky is Seattle in the playoffs – Green Bay drops onside kick last year / this year Minnesota kicker misses chip shot

* Punk Joey Porter who is the linebacker coach made the biggest play of the year for the Steelers going out on the field for no reason and baiting the Bengals into a 15 yard penalty

2. Bad Karma:

* Burfict is an animal (Dale Hunter x 2) – he will go down as the most out of control player in sports history and will forever be remembered for Saturday night Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Another Bad Weekend for Patriots »

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Julian Edelman

There’s good news on the injury front for the Patriots, according to WHDH Sports Director Joe Amorosino.

Wide receiver Julian Edelman has been cleared to play in Saturday’s game against the Chiefs. Continue reading Julian Edelman Cleared to Play Against Chiefs »

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Jeremy Maclin

Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin left the field during Saturday’s 30-0 win over the Texans in tears… but the man with two career torn ACLs apparently did not suffer a third.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Maclin suffered a high ankle sprain. Continue reading Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin has High Ankle Sprain, Not Torn ACL »

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Matt Patricia

Even though the Patriots are in the throes of the NFL Playoffs, that doesn’t mean their attractive assistant coaches can’t seek head coach openings across the league.

Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia, who has been with the team for 12 years, interviewed with the Cleveland Browns on Saturday.  Continue reading Browns Interview Patriots Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia »

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