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On Sunday evening, Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno died of terminal lung cancer. Media speculation the next day has been centered around whether depression from being fired by Penn State for not disclosing to police authorities information he learned about allegations of child abuse on campus exacerbated the cancer.  These ruminations come, of course, after weeks of a mostly one sided argument that Penn State should have fired Paterno for not taking the more moral route, which was to share these sordid allegations with the police.

At the heart of the matter, however, should not be a debate about whether Paterno should have been fired for not adhering to a particularly moral obligation. Nor should it be about whether Paterno’s death was caused by subsequent guilt and melancholy after his shortcomings were exposed. Continue reading Let Paterno Rest in Peace, but let’s not Forget the Real Issues in Question »

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Rob Lowe Says Peyton's Ready To Retire (Photo Courtesy Bleacherreport.com)

Rob Lowe, the number once source for all your sporting news.

Who knew?

Around 3:15 Wednesday afternoon, actor Rob Lowe dropped a bomb on the sports world.

He was the first to report that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will be announcing his retirement from professional football today.

He took to Twitter to break the shocking news! Continue reading Peyton Manning To Retire… Well, According to Rob Lowe »

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New York pulled off a big upset over Green Bay. Could they be on another Super Bowl title run a la four years ago? (http://whiteknightchronicles.neoseeker.com)

The Divisional Round is now complete, and there was finally a road win. And were down to just the final four. Next Sunday, it’ll be Patriots/Ravens and 49ers/Giants for the right to play for the Lombardi Trophy. After the previous round, we’re sure to see plenty of action.

The Saints threw plenty of people for a loop, but other than that, it was easy enough to pick the games. Some of the yardage and touchdown totals were a bit surprising, but generally easy enough.

The standings are starting to open up a little, but there’s still three rounds to go. So check below for the results from the previous round, and check back Sunday for the Conference Championship picks. Continue reading 2012 NFL Playoff Expert Picks: Divisional Round Results »

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MLS SuperDraft

Similar to many American workers over the past 15 years, MLS players might be the only American athletes feeling the pinch of globalization. The Wall Street Journal’s headline this week basically sums up the problem with an article previewing the upcoming SuperDraft as “The Most Meaningless Draft in Sports.”

The SuperDraft is limping along like a dog on three legs. It used to be the premiere event in the American soccer world. With piggy-backing the event with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America conference, it was an opportunity for the industry to get together and advance the entire operation. The draft used to be 6 rounds with similar traditions to other, more well known, American college drafts. MLS draft picks would get their team scarf, shake the commissioner’s hand, and have a day to remember. Continue reading With MLS SuperDraft Fading Into Obscurity, What’s Next? »

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Jerome Simpson (Reuters/John Sommers II)

Thank the lord for YouTube.

Without it, we’d have to rely on TV to show us replays of Jerome Simpson’s incredible flip over the defender and into the endzone on Sunday against the Cardinals. He even stuck the landing, with one hand holding the football, the other breaking his fall, and his two feet landing flat on the back end of it.

Sure, the Bengals won and look to be on their way to the playoffs, but no one is really talking about that. Simpson’s catch will be replayed over and over for decades. Seriously.

Haven’t seen it yet? OK, I’ll stop yapping. Check it out: Continue reading Video: Bengals WR Jerome Simpson’s Touchdown Flip »

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Because of steroid use, Milwaukee's Ryan Braun should lose his MVP award, and Los Angeles' Matt Kemp should get it. (http://www.thesportsbank.net)

When you get caught cheating, you’re supposed to be punished. Copy your friend’s homework? Zero on the assignment. Run a red light to save a couple minutes? Ticket. Carry on an elicit affair? Divorce, and probably half your stuff.

Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun got caught cheating: he failed a drug test. While a 50-game suspension next season is a sizable penalty, it’s not a punishment.

Braun should lose his MVP award. That’s the punishment.

Continue reading Steroid Use Should Cost Ryan Braun MVP »

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Ryan Braun (Photo Courtesy of Jim McIsaac from Getty Images)

Last Saturday night, the news broke that National League MVP Ryan Braun failed a performance-enhancing drug test in October. This dramatic truth revealed is devastating for MLB, which seemed to be beginning truly moving past the “Steroids Era” that began in the early 90’s.

Braun is an established superstar of the game, arguably the very best hitter around, but he now faces a 50-game suspension at the start of next season. Braun is an critical part of the Milwaukee Brewers team, which will already likely lose slugger Prince Fielder this offseason in free agency, and the loss of Braun for a third of the year will be a tough blow even after the acquisition of third baseman Aramis Ramirez. But more damaging in this story is the disappointment of one of the most gifted young players in the game. Continue reading Ryan Braun Should Keep MVP Despite Positive Steroids Test »

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