If I say “Adam Sandler movies,” what comes to mind? Billy Madison? Happy Gilmore? Waterboy? The Wedding Singer? Big Daddy? Many of these movies were hilarious. But, the other common attribute these movies share is that they were released in the 90’s. All of them.

Notable movies since? Little Nicky (ugh). Mr. Deeds (meh). The Longest Yard (double ugh). Funny People (such a disappointment). Let us not forget his new release, Jack and Jill, staring Adam Sandler as Jack, and Adam Sandler as Jill. Sandler, you’re not Eddie Murphy or Tyler Perry, and you never will be.

But, in Sandler’s latest flick currently slated to come out in 2012, “Donny Boy” (which was filmed in Massachusetts), there may be a few reasons to watch. First, it was filmed in the Bay State, so any of you Massachusetts natives may enjoy the setting. You also may enjoy that Jets coach Rex Ryan will play a Boston lawyer and Patriots fan in the film. Continue reading Rex Ryan to Play Patriots Fan in Adam Sandler Movie “Donny Boy” »

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Early Stage of the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event (photo courtesy of

The 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event commenced in July as a giant window into the world’s poker ecology. With more than 7,000 entrants in this no limit hold’em tournament, Day 1 of the event sported a motley crowd of amateur online qualifiers adorned with various online poker company badges and lapels, a dwindling number of tough hew faced roadside gamblers, nice and predictable family men looking to “take a shot,” elite engineers and wealthy businessmen whose abilities in the workplace translate well at the poker table, cagey live professionals who made their riches playing in swanky underground games and Vegas Casinos, and finally, the lords of the room, baseball cap adorned, early to mid-20s “online ballers.”

Seven days later, the event has dwindled down to a nerve-manglingly quiet four remaining tables, populated with whip-smart online players from across the globe.  The remaining 37 players are competing to make the “November Nine” final table, which will be covered live by ESPN during the first week of November. First prize is close to $8 million, and 9th place is guaranteed $700K and change. Now, so close to life changing money, each cackle of shuffled chips sounds like a death knell. Continue reading World Series of Poker 2011 Hand Review: A Ballet Between Luck and Skill »

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IndyCar Logo

Look, I don’t know much about IndyCar racing or Nascar, but it’s clearly among the most dangerous sports in the world. On Saturday night, Jimmie Johnson was involved in a head-on crash, but walked away. On Sunday, IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon was not so lucky.

Wheldon started last among a field of 34 cars, the largest field of the season. He could not avoid the gigantic pileup in front of him, and unfortunately lost his life. The 33-year-old leaves behind his wife and two young children. Continue reading Video: Dan Wheldon Killed In 15-Car Crash at IndyCar Race in Las Vegas »

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Hank Williams Fox News Interview (image courtesy of Fox News)

In response to musician Hank Williams Jr.’s comparison of a meeting between Barak Obama and John Boehner to a golf game between Adolf Hitler and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ESPN pulled Williams’ 20-year-old opening song “All My Rowdy Friends” from its “Monday Night Football” telecast. In a statement made to the press on Sunday afternoon, ESPN explained its decision:

“While Hank Williams, Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to Monday Night Football. We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast.”

The First Amendment does not limit a corporation’s rights to curtail employees’ or colleagues’ exercises of free speech.  So, if ESPN wants to cease its broadcast of a song that has become as much a part of American lore as baseball and apple pie, it is in no danger of withstanding a First Amendment lawsuit, even if the contents of that song and its performer’s political comment are entirely unrelated. Continue reading ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr’s Monday Night Football Song After Hitler Comment: Wrong Move? »

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Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler (Photo from

After a loathsome lockout, the NFL is back in full swing and we are already in Week 3 in the blink of an eye. Some early season surprises thus far with Detroit, Buffalo, Houston and Washington all unexpectedly at 2-0. Meanwhile, teams like Kansas City, Indianapolis and Seattle, all division winners in 2010, sit at 0-2. Week 3 is loaded with eight division showdowns, so expect several close games.

San Francisco (1-1) at Cincinnati (1-1) – 1:00, FOX

This early matchup focuses on two teams with vastly different preseason expectations, but both sit tied for their respective division leads. The 49ers (+2.5) hit the road after last week’s heartbreaking 27-24 overtime loss to the Cowboys, while the Bengals return home after an equally gut-wrenching loss to the 24-22 loss to the Broncos. San Francisco is already much improved over last year, but expect the Bengals to play hungry in front of their fans.

Cincinnati 27, San Francisco 21 Continue reading Previewing and Predicting Week 3 of the NFL »

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With the Red Sox facing impending doom, we might as well look forward to the end of season awards. The most interesting award this year, is by far the American League Most Valuable Player (sorry National League, but I just don’t really care). There are two elements that make this year’s MVP so intriguing.  The first being that, as a whole, no one can agree on the criteria for an MVP. The second is that there is no clear cut winner.

Well actually, according to the national media, there is a clear cut MVP. In fact, they’ve virtually already given him the award. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your 2011 MVP: Mr. Justin Verlander. He’s a pitcher. That’s messed up. Continue reading Most Valuable Position Player: Verlander, Beckett, and the Demise of Morality in Sports »

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Novak Djokovic (photo courtesy of

A deluge of rain, a blaze of sledge hammer ground strokes exchanged over two epic mens matches with legacy implications, and another miraculous Serena Williams career comeback (only to be mired by her poor sportsmanship) as she razed through an otherwise star-starved draw to the Women’s Finals were the big stories of this year’s 2011 U.S. Open.

The U.S. Open has opened the door to much speculation as to fates of the ATP tour’s top players. Here are six key questions to entertain going into 2012.

Continue reading The U.S. Open As a Portal To the Future: 6 Questions Going Into 2012 »

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