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Connelly’s Top Ten: Interesting SI Article From 1999 About Doctoring Footballs…

By on May 22, 2015 at 6:49am
football air pump (Forbes)

1. DeflateGate:

* No way the Walt Anderson crew gets a home Patriots game this year

* Watching documentary on Bill Walsh on NFL Network in which Bill Parcells accused Walsh of improper abuse of the head phones in the NFC championship game. The following year, Parcells warned Walsh about doing it again in which Walsh simply said – “gamemanship”

* Chris Mortensen, who is the author of the erroneous air pressure report that was the catalyst for the national furor, should be black listed in Foxboro.

* See below a 1999 article from Sports Illustrated or doctoring footballs. It was well know that it was a league wide practice. But despite the fact that 100’s were guilty none of these people, including Bill Cowher and Troy Aikman, had the decency to step up and admit that they were aware, guilty and complicit. Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Interesting SI Article From 1999 About Doctoring Footballs… »

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Shareef O'Neal

From the In Case You Missed It (#ICYMI) files…

The son of former Celtics center Shaquille O’Neal isn’t as big as his dad is, but he’s still huge. Shareef O’Neal is only 15 and is already 6 feet, 7 inches tall.

He’s also quite good at basketball:

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Jerry Remy (Image from NESN)

Wondering where Jerry Remy is? So were we… until Rem-Dawg finally Tweeted Monday that he’ll be back on Tuesday:

Remy has been out since the beginning of May, only saying that he wasn’t “feeling well.”

Like him or not, his commentary has been missed, for sure.

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Red Sox Mad Men

1. Deflategate:

* How much do people want to get Tom Brady? Remember they wanted him sanctioned earlier this year for swearing

* I love that Willie McGinist, Ted Bruschi, Heath Evans stood by Brady while serving in the national capacity

* Supporters of Brady so far: Favre, Moon, Kaepernick

2. Red Sox:

* Size of the first three Red Sox hitters: Betts 5’9″ / Victorino 5’9″ / Pedroia 5’8″ Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Make Us Mad Men (and Women) »

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Jim McNally

1. DeflateGate:

* Its not that the Patriots didn’t do what they said they did. It’s that it has been an accepted practice for years and the NFL set a precedent allowing it

* Deflator because McNally lost weight – don’t think so

* This in Court will be as good as a NFL playoff game – NFL will get destroyed

2. Basketball and Hockey playoffs:

* Load up on Tampa Bay over the Rangers – they are the best skating and passing team since the Russian Red Army

* Felt bad for Ovechikin – he finally committed himself to play hard and he doesn’t win again Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Deflator = Biggest Loser? »

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Tom Brady has been unhappy with the offense's performance this season (Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports).

1. Boston sports right now:

* Celtics out of the playoffs and Kevin Love may hate them

* Bruins complete under achievers

* Red Sox are currently paying $2,525,287 per win (Astros are paying $717,467 a win)

* Patriot nation is hunted

2. Championship Banner raised:

* As suggested – banner doesn’t get raised until Brady’s first home game. It will be a crazy party for that game and the NFL will have their opener this year with no celebration Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: See You in Court! »

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A dejected Tom Brady sits on the bench as the Patriots were embarrassed by the Chiefs on Monday Night. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

1. Deflate Gate:

* Official Anderson said he has never seen balls disappear in his twenty year career. Hmm in the one game when balls are being watched more than ANY other game in NFL history he loses sight of them. Allowing McNally to leave the room with the footballs was part of the sting.

* So the balls were pumped up during the Jets game – hmm some needle play by Rex and Gang Green.

* Words of support from Manning and Colin Kapernick – every other QB that manipulates the balls better speak up (ie. Aaron Rodgers) or face the wrath.

* Don’t forget the Patriots knew the Colts violated an unspoken rule by ratting out the Patriots by the way Brady threw a bomb on his last play of scrimmage in the 4th quarter of the AFC Championship while up 45-7

* Don Shula the most overrated coach in sports history with Dean Smith is chirping again about the Patriots cheating

2. Red Sox hitting with runners in scoring position:

* Under .200 average – Hanigan, Napoli, Pedroia, Craig, Swihart, Leon, Ortiz, Victorino Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Deflate Boston, as Does Pending Suspension »

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