Shaq took a little tumble during the Rockets/Clippers halftime show on May 6, 2015, but thankfully, nobody was hurt. (TNT)

During TNT’s halftime show for the game between the Rockets and Clippers on May 6, while getting up from the broadcast desk, former Celtic Shaq tripped over some wires underneath said desk and fell down on the floor. Fortunately, neither Shaq nor anyone else was harmed in the incident, and everyone had a good laugh.

In fact, Shaq had such fun with it, he’s offering a $500 prize via Twitter to anyone who can come up with the best Internet meme to celebrate the occasion. As a wrestling fan, I personally prefer #RKOOuttaNowhere, though one of the funniest ones has to be #MayweatherVsShaqiou.

Video of Shaq’s fall can be found below: Continue reading VIDEO: Shaq Falls on TNT Set, Creates Own Meme Contest »

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Sure, the #deflategate report didn’t look the best for Tom Brady and the Patriots, but it certainly looks really bad for the Patriots ball attendants (specifically Jim McNally), who mocked Tom Brady in text messages. Among the best ones:

McNally: Tom sucks…im going make that next ball a fuckin balloon
McNally: Fuck tom …16 is nothing…wait till next sunday

McNally: Fuck tom….make sure the pump is attached to the needle…..fuckin watermelons coming
McNally: The only thing deflating his passing rating Continue reading #Deflategate Report: Texts Say “Tom Sucks” and “F___ Tom” »

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1. NFL Draft:

* If I’m Tampa I throw up in my mouth when I see Jamis Winston mocking people with the picture of himself celebrating the draft with crab legs

* Who were the advisors to the 14 underclassman who declared for the draft but didn’t get drafted

* Sign of a program’s decline – Boston College players drafted in the first five rounds – ZERO (haven’t had a player drafted in top three rounds in three years)

2. Red Sox:

* I’m glad to see that Napoli’s much talked about surgery to help him sleep has helped his hitting

* John Farrell’s updated career record 334-339

* Hanley Ramirez is on pace for 65 home runs / 143 RBI Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: NFL Draft, Red Sox and Pandas »

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Keep in mind this genius video was made BEFORE the big Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight.

(h/t Fansided)

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After Saturday night’s “fight” and eventual decision, preserving woman-beater Floyd Mayweather’s undefeated professional record, we are left with this wonderful gif that proves if the justice system can’t fully prevail over Money’s extensive history of domestic abuse, he at least continues to get into a ring and can be punched… hard.


(h/t Deadspin)

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1. NFL Draft:

* Patriots will draft past my bed time (Editor’s note – they did and took Malcolm Brown)

* First pick year after Super Bowl wins: 2002 – Daniel Graham (traded up from 32 to 21 also gave up 96th and 234rd) / 2004 – Ben Watson / 2005 – Logan Mankins

* Why is Tampa a perennial loser – because they would draft a con-artist like Jameis Winston

* Fingers crossed for Bryant and Reading high defensive star Jeff Covitz (the anti Jameis Winston)

* The Jets got the best player in the draft with Leonard Williams from USC

2. Red Sox:

* Red Sox pitchers are hitting .250: right fielders are hitting .130 / first basemen are hitting .140 / catchers are hitting .214

* Back to Cherington – don’t forget he extended John Farrell for two years this offseason – instead of letting the season play itself out Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: NFL Draft, Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight, Kentucky Derby! »

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Nothing screams “Throwback Thursday” like getting the chance to own a piece of Patriots history. Now, you have that chance.

Up for auction soon is Adam Vinatieri’s game-worn cleats used to kick the game-winning field goal to beat the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 38. To make the cleats more special — they are autographed by the ice-runs-through-his-veins man himself. So cool. Continue reading #TBT: Adam Vinatieri’s Super Bowl-Worn Cleats Up for Sale »

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