Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s Deflategate suspension initially handed down by the NFL has been overturned by a Judge in federal court as reported by the Associated Press. It appears the “Free Brady” chants echoed all the way from New England down to a courtroom in New York. The Deflategate Saga has finally come to an end and Brady will be eligible for the week one match up next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Gillette Stadium kicking of the NFL season on Thursday Night Football.



News broke this morning that Tom Brady had won his appeal in Federal Court and his four game suspension was overturned. With that ruling by Judge Richard Berman, Brady is eligible to play in all 16 regular season games for New England and will not lose any game checks.

The news is fantastic for New England, a team with an opening stretch that includes trips to Buffalo and Dallas. The Patriots season kicks off next Thursday night in the league opening game, they will be facing the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The ruling does not necessarily mean that this unfortunate saga is over yet. The NFL could choose to appeal to a Second Circuit Court, at which point Brady could still play while a legal battle was being fought. The only requirement for Brady in that situation would be to get a court order stating he can play while the appeal is being heard, a tactic that would be easy given that he has already won.

Second year quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo would have been the starter had Brady been suspended. He will now continue his role as backup and potential successor to Brady. New England would’ve had to change their offense slightly if Garoppolo had been the starter. A second year quarterback who has never started could not be expected to have the mastery of New England’s playbook that Brady does. With Brady back, everything should be full go for September 10.

This decision should also provide some relief to coaches and teammates. They have been the ones having to answer the questions throughout the past seven months and although there will still be some questions, they will fade over the next few weeks and the players have positive news regarding the situation to discuss. The coaching staff also has more certainty while preparing for Pittsburgh.

Although this may not be the complete end to a PSI scandal in which a molehill was turned into Mount Everest, a major step towards ending it all was taken this morning. The ball (fully inflated, one would assume) is now in the NFL’s court. They have a choice: to appeal and continue the process or to finally put all of this to rest. Given how much pride resides in the league office, one can’t predict what Park Avenue will do.

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1. Red Sox:

* De Arza not getting a bunt down in the 9th led directly to a loss – I hope Lovullo goes Herb Brooks on the team and has them practicing bunting until the lights go out

* Red Sox are 14-11 when Hanley doesn’t play

* Watching the ball roll under Rusney’s glove Friday made me wonder where his SAT scores would land

* Is that Rich Garces who got the Sox save on Saturday

* Ortiz not sliding into second on Saturday – insane

* Joe West looks like a guy who doesn’t want be there

2. Patriots:

* Brady running for first downs was scary. When he ran to make a tackle on an interception I thought his knee gave out

* Jimmy Garoppolo this year passing 61 for 80 – 76% Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Can’t Bunt, Brady Scares New England, Decorated War Vets Come to Boston »

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1. Red Sox:

* How bummed is John Farrell to see the change in Red Sox spirit? Sunday Globe headline : Lovullo bringing renewed energy to team

* Hanley under .250

* Panda, Hanley and Bogaerts strike outs to walks: 64-230

* Tony Massarrotti was presenting the idea that Jackie Bradley has visited the pharmacist

* Who to play at first Shaw or Hanley – since All Star game – Shaw 7 HR/ 16 RBI / .333 // Hanley 0 HR / 7 RBI / .183

* Dustin Pedroia is on pace to play 96 games this year following 75 in 2014 / 135 in 2013

* Wade Miley is on pace to lead Red Sox pitchers with 13 wins

 2. Patriots exhibition record during Super Bowl championship years:

* 2014 – 2-2 Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots 3rd Game, Trades, 9/11 Fallout »

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Red Sox:

* Tazawa the worst bid at a save Evah! 1 inning 6 hits four runs – miss a bat one time

* When was the last time you saw an MLB game with four sacrifice bunts

* How did that many Kansas City fans get that many tickets in one section

* Hanley has more errors than assists (4-3)

* Why is Hanley getting at bats – since All Star game: Castillo .342 / Bradley .284 / Betts .266 / Hanley .194 (never mind defense)

* Travis Shaw hole in swing – hard inside half / Bradley’s hole – spin and down

* Insane that

* Two Ole plays by Sandoval leads to huge runs Sunday

* Can’t believe third base coach Brian Butterfield sent a butter ball like Hanigan from first on a double with no outs! Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox, Pats and Nudity at Strega »

1. Red Sox:

* Joe Kelley moustache makes him look like Snidely Whiplash from Dudley Do Right

* Speaking of Kelley – he’s so funny arguing with the coaches for taking him out of the game with an ERA over 5.30

* Can you imagine Jackie Bradley, Christian Vazquez and Iglesias in the line up every day? Three Gold Glovers – Pitcher’s ERA would go down a run

* Is it me or is Jerry Remy working hard again – talking better baseball, breaking the game down a little bit less Wally talk

* Rusney Castillo throws the ball into the bleachers but there is only two outs and a runner is awarded two bases – when he gets to the dugout – I’ve never seen so much laughing

* Who is this guy Rutledge at second base and why aren’t those at bats going to a prospect?

* NESN lot more crowd scenes than usual – now that they are out of it – selling the Fenway experience

* Jackie Bradley has 12 extra base hits in his last 36 at bats / Hanley has 12 in his last 172 at bats Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten – Trades, Video-gate and Oreo’s »

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1. Red Sox:

* Third base coach Brian Butterfield is lucky this is Pink Hat nation – how many times this year have I said that his judgment would have him fired from a little league team. Sending Ortiz when he wasn’t even at third in the 9th when the left fielder had the ball in his glove in short left field – is insane – Rene Lachman was booed out of his this town for moves less than that

* Red Sox this weekend averaged per game: 15 runs / 18.5 hits / Pitches 182 / Extra base hits 8.1

* Quite a farm system – with a chance to move the winning run into scoring position – Garin Cecchini wasn’t even close on two bunts and then struck out – when he returned to the dugout – Panda, Lovullo, Holt and Bogearts all patted him on the butt (Billy Martin rolled in his grave)

* Literally (I know I’m prone to hyperbole) In left field the Red Sox went from the worst outfielder in the majors (Hanley) to the best outfielder in the majors (Bradley)

* Ortiz unbuttoned his shirt to show off his gold necklace (Billy Martin again rolling over in his grave)

* I would trade Owens in the offseason – he has to be too fine when he is living at 88 MPH

* No question Felix Hernandez drilled Panda on Saturday (oh well – no fight in this team)

* Red Sox pitcher Ryan Cook ERA is now up to 40.50 – is there any doubt that Wakefield is better right now Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Wendell Kim back from dead? »

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