1. Colts Preview:

* Jim Irsay – at one point he was given 400 oxycontin’s in a 24 days period / his mistress died of an overdose just days prior to arrest (bleacherreport)

* Piped in crowd noise – how cheesy is that

* Snitches get Stitches – Who is Gronk throwing out of the club this week?

* You call that run defense – last year Indy allowed the Patriots to run for 397 yards in two games

* Indy has Bob Kravitz and Greg Doyle – probably never made a high school team

* Kevin Faulk had the first down

* Indy was guilty of one of the worst game fixing in NFL history losing games on purpose to get Andrew Luck (suck for luck)

* GM Ryan Grigson was with the Rams when the Patriots spanked them in 2001 Super Bowl / Then with the Eagles when Patriots beat the Eagles in Super Bowl Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Revenge Tour Pulls Into the Piped In Noise Dome »

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1. Cowboys preview:

* Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys for $150,000,000 and is now worth $4,000,000,000

* Robert Kraft bought the Patriots for $172,000,000 and is now worth $3,200,000,000

* Cowboys running back and leading rusher Joseph Randall was arrested on 10/13/14 and 2/3/15 for pot, shop lifting and there was some domestic abuse event surrounding one of the arrests

* After JFK was shot in Dallas – the rest of the country called the Cowboys the Dallas Assassins

* After the 1990’s stories of the infamous Dallas White House – the team’s nickname was changed from America’s Team to South America’s Team

* Roger Staubach’s net worth is estimated at $600,000,000 (or $600,000,000 more than Antoine Walker’s)

* Cowboy Stadium cost $1.3 billion / Texas Stadium cost $35.0 million / Allen High School field cost $65.0 million (google the field)

* 83 million people watched the episode of who shot JR (11/21/80) – ironically shown one day short of the anniversary of who shot JFK Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Lose, Jerry Jones Rich, We Have Heroes – Not Looking »

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1. Red Sox conclusion

* Nice job by the Sox getting swept this weekend greatly improving their draft position to 12th (Dbacks, Orioles, Rays and Indians all jumped over them)

* The Don Orsillo tour is over – he was a big part of the Red Sox run but they have upgraded. His greatest call was Daniel Nava’s home run after the Marathon bombing. “This one is for you Boston!”

* Mookie Betts better than Jacoby Ellsbury – .291 to .260 / 68 extra base hits to 24 / 77 RBI to 33 / SB 21 to 21

* Sandoval + Hanley this year combined: 29 HR / 100 RBI / .246 average (they averaged 115 games played)

* Bradley and Castillo in September .222 / .225 – trade them if you can

* Walkoffs this year – Red Sox 3 / Opponents 8

* Games under 2:30 this year – 9

  Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Season Over, Bye Over, Old Restaurants »

Ugh – off week – get it out of the way

1. Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana postseason:

Super Bowl Victories………………Brady – 4 / Montana – 4

Super Bowl Appearances…………Brady – 6 / Montana – 4

League Championship Games…..Brady 6-3 (.666) / Montana 4-3 (.571)

Rushing TD’s…………………………..Brady 5 / Montana 2

Postseason Record………………….Brady 21-8 (.724) / Montana 17-6 (.739)

Average Yards per game…………..Brady 253.3 / Montana 250.9

TD to Interceptions………………….Brady 53 to 26 (2.03) / Montana 45 to 21 (2.14)

Completion %…………………………Brady 62.95% / Montana 62.67%

2. Red Sox vs. Yankees lineup Thursday night:

* Red Sox payroll for nine players….$18.5mm (Castillo and Craig $15mm of total) Continue reading Connelly Top Ten: Bye Week, Red Sox By Week, Woody Harrelson’s Father »

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  1. Patriots Misc

* We say it almost every week – appreciate every Tom Brady start – what a treat!

* How long before the “running it up” talk starts (funny thing is they could have easily scored 70 if more efficient in Red Zone)

* TV Analyst Rich Gannon kept his streak going at Foxboro of whining about the Tuck Rule

* Gannon called Belichick “one of the best in the league.” I think he meant – maybe the greatest team coach in sport’s history

* Speaking of Belichick and the staff – is there anything more refreshing than watching millionaire players attentively and respectively listening to every word their coaches are saying

* The two fans with the D and the Fence got some air time at the game – now they go back to their cellar

* Hmm no fumbles again – how does that happen with all the air in the ball?

* Keep the Revenge Tour going

Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten – Brady Treat, Sandlot and Rich Hill »

1. Patriot Stuff:

* Is Roethlisberger still locked in that bathroom: Watching multiple football games this weekend and couldn’t believe how many teams defensive lines shift before the snap

* I think the Bills are legit and to have skilled players McCoy, Harvin and Watkins is more than sufficient with that defense

* Half the Bills fans probably in protective custody like Otis from Mayberry until next Sunday

2. Red Sox:

* Ortiz since long break at All Star game: 50 games / 19 HR / 52 RBI / .346

* Bradley stats pro-rated over a 150 game season:22 HR / 100 RBI / 72 extra base hits

* Shaw’s stats pro-rated over a 150 game season: 33 home runs / 77 RBI

* Great story – Rich Hill of Milton to pitch so well just months after coaching Milton Legion

* Red Sox six games from .500 / one game from third place in the East

* Hanley is on pace to play in 121 games Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Ortiz Pumped Up, Bills Tough, Mork or Spock? »

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1. Patriot Stuff:

* Watching Brady run on to the field reminded me – appreciate every single game of his!

* Bill went with blue wind breaker with short sleeves

* The last two minutes of the first half took 13 minutes

* Edelman a big trash talker

* Roethlisberger sends Patriots fans home devastated by pushing or covering the spread with one second left

2. Pregame:

* I would give it a C-

* Started good with Law, Brown and McGinest coming out but the timing was off for Kraft to come out / music was not great

* No Bruschi with trophy? Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady Treats New England Again »

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