1. Cliff Notes:

* Red Sox playing for draft pick position

* Exhibition football is like New Years Eve – all hype

* Enjoy your summer weekends

2. Patriots – Not that it matters but (I didn’t watch a snap):

* Washington 71 plays to 50 for Pats

* 19 Penalties in the game – that must have been fun with all those flats

* Two more opposing QB’s with QB ratings over 100 against the Patriots

* Brian Tyms 119 yards – pretty good Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Preseason Football All Hype, Red Sox Tanking »

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Video: History of NFL Team Logos

August 5, 2014 at 9:07pm in Now!, Patriots, Video

This is really cool. It’s a look at NFL team logos through the years, sorted on a map. I find it amazing how regional the NFL was in the early days.

Take a look:

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1. Cliff Notes:

* Four weeks to Labor Day / Less than five months to Christmas
* Five weeks to Patriots first game
* Hernandez and Boston bomber trials coming soon
* Bruins are going to be wicked average
* 109,000 for soccer in Ann Arbor
* Tiger Woods was 12-1 to win the PGA – can Sergio finally get it? he’s 21-1 odds

2. Red Sox:

* Let the Alan Webster experiment end
* Red Sox in the A’s lineup Saturday – Lester, Gomes, Moss, Lowrie, Crisp, Reddick
* Craig hurt already? Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Baseball Boring, Grown Ups 2 Downfall of American Empire »

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1. Cliff Notes:

* Can you believe it’s August?
* Greatest Trade Deadline ever
* Is Danny Ainge really going to do nothing?
* Does Drew get booed out of the park?

2. Red Sox Trade:

I give them a B (no top 25 prospects and I think Cepedes is overrated)

Jon Lester
John Lackey
Jonny Gomes
Andrew Miller
Stephen Drew
Jake Peavy
Felix Dubront
Corey Litrell

Red Sox get

Yoenis Cepedes – OF Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Trade Deadline Fun, Top of Boston Area, Left Field Mashers »

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David Ortiz, Yaz

1. Cliff Notes:

* Good that Red Sox are struggling so they aren’t fooled into being buyers this week
* Is Brady facing Revis every day like a lefty hitter facing a drop down lefty batting practice pitcher – could it create bad habits?
* I bet Lucic uses cruise control a lot on his car
* Celtics won’t win 38 games this year with the current roster

2. Ortiz vs. Yaz debate:

* OBP .379 to .379
* Batting Average .285 to .285
* Ortiz – 55 pounds heavier
* Ortiz was born just six weeks after Yaz flew out to center field to end the 1975 World Series
* Yaz intentionally walked 190 times to Ortiz 172
* Yaz 3 batting titles / MVP / 7 Gold Gloves Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Koufax Vs. Gibson / Post 20 K / Legos »

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1. Red Sox

* Do you let De La Rosa give up 7 runs and stay out there?
* The Red Sox keep showing this is not their year
* In six games Vazquez – allowed only two stolen bases / one caught stealing
* Price has no hitter on his mind

2. Patriots

* Don’t you keep Gronk in bubble rap until playoffs
* Patriots still fourth in Super Bowl odds behind Denver, Seattle, San Fran
* 8/7 opening nigh exhibition Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Weekend Here Again »

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Brock Holt

The Red Sox won 14-1 Monday night, which by itself is worthy of a CNN breaking news alert. David Ortiz launched two home runs, passing Yaz on the all-time home run list… and even Stephen Drew hit a home run.

But, perhaps nothing was more amazing than Brock Holt’s amazing catch while playing in a position that’s foreign to him: right field. Continue reading Video: Brock Holt Makes Unreal Catch in Red Sox 14-1 Win Over Blue Jays »

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