The Patriots and Seahawks duke it out for the Lombardi Trophy on everybody's favorite day of the year, Puppy Bowl Sunday. (AP Photo/Animal Planet, Keith Barraclough)

Welcome to Super Bowl XLIX. The Patriots and Seahawks are ready to fight for the Championship in Arizona. Everything has come down to this one game, both for these two franchises and our panel of experts. With odds makers not making either team favored, it’s pretty much a pick the winner scenario. That caused a split in our panel in choosing whether the unstoppable force in New England’s offense or the immovable object in Seattle’s defense will emerge victorious.

There’s also a disagreement as to how high-scoring the game will be, though the passing attack is thought to give way somewhat with Marshawn Lynch and LeGarrette Blount giving an explosive element on the ground. And for the Super Bowl, in such a quarterback driven league, only one pick set has a quarterback as the game’s MVP.

Scoring will be largely as before, with the addition of choosing the game’s MVP. Furthermore, ALL POINTS WILL BE DOUBLED! In addition, in the event of a tie, we’ll also be guessing the length of the game’s longest drive, in minutes and seconds.

  • Successfully picking the winner of each game is worth four points.
  • Picking the total number of touchdowns scored by both teams COMBINED in each game is worth two points if guessed to within one, or four points if guessed exactly right.
  • Picking the MVP of the game is worth two points.
  • Picking the total number of yards thrown in each game by WHICHEVER quarterback throws the most is worth two points if guessed to within 50, or four points if guessed to within 10, or ten points if guessed exactly right.
  • Guessing the length of the game’s longest drive, IN MINUTES AND SECONDS, is for tiebreaking purposes only.

So with that out of the way, pick sets are below. And be sure to come back post-game for the final results. Continue reading 2014-2015 NFL Expert Picks: Super Bowl »

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1. Patriots – Seattle Pre-Game Top Ten:

* All Patriot fans owe a debt of gratitude to the whole organization. Imagine for the sixth time in just over a decade they took us into February.

* Want to feel old? There is only one player in the game that was born in the 1970′s – Tom Brady / 32 players on the two team’s rosters were born in the 90′s

* Who is smarter – Seattle has two players from Stanford, one from Cornell, California, Duke, /// Patriot have a player from Brown, California and Stanford

* Who has fattest team – Seattle has 12 players at least 300 lbs / Patriots have 13

* How did the two teams do against playoff teams: Seattle vs. playoff teams: 7-1 / Patriots 6-1

* Russell Wilson sacked 42 times (Ninkovich and Chandler Jones have to hold the edges – need huge game from Chung against the run)

* How about flanking out Gronk right on Sherman to start the game – catch the pass and say to him: “You mad bro?”

* Please don’t start the game with the play action, fake end around they did in 2008 – Brady got killed

* In Five Brady Super Bowls – the team averaged 25 points in win / 15 points in losses

* Ugh Stat – in six playoff starts Chandler Jones has ZERO sacks / 7 tackles / 3 assists (he did have two sacks against Seattle last game) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots 24, Seattle 17 »

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Wednesday’s Super Bowl Preview Submission

1. Common Themes in Patriot’s Three losses (Buffalo game doesn’t count) – Miami, KC and Green Bay respectively:

* Patriots 3rd down Conversion – 29% / 22% / 48%
* Opponents 3rd Down Conversion – 53% / 58% / 58%
* Patriots Rushing plays: 20 / 16 /18
* Opponents Rushing plays: 38 / 38 / 29
* Patriots Rushing Yards: 89 / 75 / 84
* Opponents Rushing Yards: 191 / 207 / 130
* Gronk’s Average game in three losses: 4 receptions / 56 yards (1 TD total) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: How to Beat Seahawks »

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Seahawk and Seattle Stuff

* Seahawks tested positive for PED’s – Richard Sherman, Walter Thurmond, Brandon Brower, Bruce Irvin, Winston Guy, John Moffitt, Allen Barbre

* Seattle Murder rate in 2014 – 26 / Boston Murder rate – 52

* Seattle population – 652,204 /// Boston population 645,966

* Famous people born in Seattle – Jimmi Hendrix, Bill Gates, Adam “Pow” West, Paul Allen, Kenny G. Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Seattle Stuff »

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Marshawn Lynch

Today’s Seattle Submission

1. Marshawn Lynch:

* 2006 – Accused of hitting his girlfriend, threatening to kill her, sexual assault / 2007 – arrested hit a woman with his Porsche at 3:30 in the morning and took off / 2008 – Arrested – for carrying a semi-automatic weapon in his knapsack / 2012 arrested for DUI / 2014 investigated for potential crime against a woman

* Imagine if he grabs his crotch on the one yard line and the officials throw a flag and take away a touchdown

* I heard a Seattle radio guy say that Lynch brings his own bartenders to bars and has someone taste his food before he will eat it

* There is a blend of marijuana named after him

* Has lost one fumble in last 650 touches

* Skittle sent Lynch a two year supply of his favorite candy

* Is 1-4 against Patriots averaging 53 yards a game / has one career TD

* In a retractable roof stadium: 4-5

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Every day this week I will be submitting a Seattle thought or analysis

1. Seahawks – Mr. Pumped and Jacked – Pete Carroll

* Pete Carroll looks younger than when he was the Patriot coach

* Pete Carroll is older than Bill Belichick – 63 to 62

* Pete Carroll isn’t saying a word about footballs after he left USC in violation-shambles and his Seattle players use PED’s like candy

* Seattle’s rank in the NFL per yards allowed under Carroll over his five years: 27th then 9th then 4th then 1st and 1st again

* Carroll is now 83-61 as an NFL coach / 83-19 as USC coach

* Charlie Weis threw him under the bus about a potential young lady staying in his beach front home in Malibu Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: The Countdown is on! »

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It’s over. No… not deflate-gate, unfortunately.

What’s over is anyone trying to top Julian Edelman’s #TBT this week:

This certainly was a welcome distraction this week.

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