1. Red Sox Recap:

* Nava hit .270 – hats off to a great comeback year

* No Red Sox played 145 games, had 160 hits, scored 75 runs, only Ortiz had over 17 HR, Second to Ortiz in RBI was Napoli with 55, only one player had double digit SB

* Nineteen Red Sox had at least 90 at bats

* When an celebration event is orchestrated – you can’t have guys walking from the dugout to shortstop – the downtime kills the flow

* John Lackey led the team with wins with 11

* Clay Buchholz had 13 quality starts out of 28

* With Red Sox winning Saturday their draft pick went from 4th to 6th

* Napoli extension in the offseason was like the Mike Lowell extension after 2007 championship

* Season ended perfect – a loss and a 3:14 game

2. Ryder Cup:

* Bubba can’t be telling the crowd to make noise and then go 0-3 for the weekend

* How about Rose and Stenson shooting birdies on ten straight holes Saturday Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Adios Red Sox; Patriots Visit Loud Arrowhead Stadium »

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Connelly’s Top Ten: Jeterpalooza

September 26, 2014 at 7:43am in Featured, Now!, Top Story

1. Brady vs. other QB’s statistically:

* Yards…………………..632……24th….(2007 after 3 games 877)

* Completion %……..55.5%….27th….(2007 after 3 games 80%)

* Yards per attempt 5.54……30th…..(2007 after 3 games 10.12)

* TD’s………………………3……..18th…..(2007 after 3 games 10)

* QB Rating…………….82.9%…23rd….(2007 after 3 games 140.00%)

2. Offensive Line – Big isn’t necessarily better:

1976 Patriots Line: Averaged 132 yards rushing per game Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Jeterpalooza »

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And thus Derek Jeter ends his career at Yankee Stadium in story book fashion, with a walk-off RBI single in the bottom of the ninth. (USA Today)

Don’t hold your breath, Red Sox fans.

Something’s telling me you might not be seeing much of Derek Jeter on the field at Fenway Park in the final three games of the season and his career.

On Thursday night, in his final game at Yankee Stadium after a 20-year career as a New York Yankee, Jeter drove in the winning run with a walk-off single to right field. How’s that for a story book ending?

Continue reading Derek Jeter with Walk-Off in Final Game at Yankee Stadium »

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Rob Gronkowski

1. Patriots Survive Loser Oakland:


* Boy are they boring

* Patriots were in last place two weeks ago and now in first

* Evan Washburn on the sideline for CBS confirming Pam Oliver’s claim that you have to be blond and pretty to be on the sideline

* 70% of red seats empty at kickoff

* Amazing this is Belichick’s 15th season with the Patriots

* The effort of Matthew Slater is a joy to watch


* Another boring, uncreative, disconnected and failed offensive game plan Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Average Patriots Make Sunday Boring »

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Well by now, most of you have probably gotten pretty tired of Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s antics as an athlete. As a New England Patriot, he never failed to disappoint people with his on field and off field behavior. However, Johnson was relatively quiet until earlier this week when he made comments directed toward Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins, which may have reignited the feud between the Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens.

Johnson, who is a current member of the Montreal Alouette football team, stated via his twitter account that he planned to join the “Habs” so he can fight Chara and Lucic. Montreal is currently without a known fighter, as forward George Parros was released from the team during the offseason. If Ochocinco is in fact serious about his wishes to fight Chara or Lucic, he better have a medical team on stand-by. Lucic is a scrappy fighter who won’t hesitate to drop the gloves if he has to, and Chara well he’s Chara. Continue reading Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson Wants to Fight Chara, Lucic (ICYMI) »

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Yesterday, Tom Brady uploaded his resumé onto Facebook and, as expected, the internet blew-up.  His resume included several summer gigs at golf courses, a job building custom houses, and an internship at Merrill Lynch.  Only under the ‘Additional’ section does Brady mention his football accolades, which is humble to say the least.

Today, TMZ Sports, in the wake of their exposing of other NFL player’s misdoings, located Brady’s old boss from Dudlar & Sons’ Inc., a construction company, where his boss shared how focused and determined of a worker Brady was.

Dudlar recalls – “Brady was the hardest worker that I’ve ever had. I remember my son Gunnar came in one day and said, ‘That Brady kid’s a worker.” Continue reading Tom Brady Reveals Resume, Old Boss Recalls QB as ‘Hardest Worker’ »

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1. Patriots:

* Shouldn’t Foxboro police drug test every Raider fan with face paint and shoulder pads with spikes sticking out of them?

* Patriots are still third in odds to go to the Super Bowl (8-1) behind Denver and Seattle

* Since the Patriots fairly beat the Raiders in the Snow Bowl – the Raiders are 64-130 (that stinks)

* Sam Adams had three sacks in the 1976 robbery game in Oakland

* QB Derek Carr is the team’s leading rusher right now with 57 yards

* Raiders have two sacks in two games

* No word this week if Sebastian Janikowski has administered the date rape drug to himself again Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Raiders are Losers, Red Sox are Losers, Philly in ’76 »

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