Tom Brady (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)


* Starters on offense not available – Solder, Wendell, Devlin, Lewis, Edelman, Amendola

* Marcus Cannon should be charged for crimes against humanity – has to be the worst game by an offensive line man in the history of the game

* Why running left – wasn’t working

* Wow Scott Chandler taken down in the flat one on one by a cornerback (even depleted offense – and he can’t break in)

* Could be the worst offensive line in the history of the sport

* James White finally broke a tackle and scored

* Was Gronk sick or something – more commercials than catches

* Amendola injury looked bad / If Dobson was a horse they would have shot him already


* Could Malcom Butler be the best corner in the game right now? Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Win Despite Cannon’s Assassination Attempt on Brady »

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1. Patriots – Bills Preview:

* Brady is 40-13 in November / 13-6 on Monday Nights / 95-15 at home / 24-3 against the Bills

* For Rex – average women’s foot is a size 7.5

* Love ESPN coming to town – when does the Mortenson chant start?

* Don’t forget traffic

* Only two things that scare me against Patriots are running QB’s and tight ends – Tyrod Taylor has run for 20 yards plus – 5 times / Charles Clay has 40 receptions this year

* Active in the secondary – Darby and Gilmore have combined for 33 pass deflections

2. Around the NFL:

* Ravens tattle tale curse continues – Flacco out for the year Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots vs. Rex »

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1. Edelman vs. Brady in College:

Edelman….4,997 yards passing / 30 TD / 2,483 yards rushing

Brady………4,773 yards passing / 30 TD / NEGATIVE 150 yards rushing

2. Best local team player of all time:

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Bobby Orr
  3. Ted Williams
  4. Bill Russell
  5. Larry Bird
  6. Pedro
  7. Phil Esposito
  8. John Hannah
  9. David Ortiz
  10. Cam Neely

Honorable Mention – Gary Doak Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Another Sunday With No Patriots – UGH »

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1. Pats vs. Giants:


* One of the great Patriots regular season wins evah’

* Who threw up when the kick went through – Mercury Morris, Don Shula, Mike Felger, Goodell

* The Giants couldn’t beat the Patriots without Collins, Lewis, Edelman, Vollmer, Solder, Wendell, Jackson, Cannon, Flowers

* Biggest play of the game was Ninkovich sack of Eli taking them out of field goal range

* Excellent national anthem (surprised they didn’t sing the French national anthem)

* Bad timing – With Edelman hurt – too bad Welker just signed with St. Louis

* How tough is field goal kicking with the two kickers are a combined 46-46 this year

* Ugh – Phil Simms with Giants pajamas on and CBS pushing the theme of Giants victories over Pats

* Patriots injuries reminding me of that tough 1987 Celtics who fought to the Finals with injuries to everyone

* Ed Hoculi means penalties and conferences (two of those interference calls Butler and Chung – disgraceful)

* That’s what Mara gets for siding against Patriots and with the league

* Thought Brady’s disposition switched to pouty after Edelman injury

* Landon Collins meet Asante Samuel

* Great use of timeouts surrounding 2:00 warning Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Treat Us Again! »

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Somebody made a big mistake! The Washington Nationals 2016 calendar features an image of Fenway Park instead of Nationals Park.

After much laughter and backlash on the internet, Major League Baseball issued a statement about the calendar which falls under their license. Continue reading Fenway Park Featured on Nationals 2016 Calendar »

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1. Patriots go 8-0:


* Patriots are so good – the regular eason almost seems like an exhibition season for playoffs

* Injuries Lewis, Vollmer, Harmon

* Watching Gronk positioned in multiple sets / offensive line playing multiple positions – this must be the smartest team in NFL history

* Jimmy Garoppolo has turned into Chuck Nevitt the human victory cigar

* Didn’t matter but what a terrible holding call on Gronk (who blocked great all day)

* I thought John Lynch was excellent as a color commentator

* Gotta love the onside kick

* NFL will be investigating the position of the sun to see if Belichick was trying to blind Redskin receivers.

* Patriots ahead by three games in division – almost time to start talking magic number in November again


* Brady is desperate to get Scott Chandler going in the Red Zone – on the post route incompletion at the goal line Brady nodded his head right as if to say he ran the route to flat Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling – Keeps Those Doggies Rolling »

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1. Patriots – Redskins Preview:

* Redskins playoff wins since Dan Snyder bought team in 1995 – TWO

* Redskins wide receivers guaranteed monies $46mm / Patriots $12mm

* Field goal kicker Dustin Hopkins has a long of 54 yards

* Interestingly there were four Native American’s on the Redskins first team in 1933

* Previous owner George Marshall refused to sign a black player until Bobby Kennedy forced him to draft Ernie Davis (Davis would later force a trade to Cleveland)

2. College Football:

* Game of the week: Utah vs. Washington Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bring on the Fighting Snyder’s »

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