Pedro Martinez (SI Cover)

1. Red Sox:

* Miley five walks in six innings – unacceptable

* Mike Napoli three extra base hits – you just assured your trade

* Love the third base coach yelling at Hanley Ramirez to stop jogging home on Napoli 8th inning double

* Six games since All Star game going into Thursday night: Hitting .192 / 1 HR / 0 Stolen Bases / 9 runs / 44 K to 10 BB / ERA 5.36

2. Patriot All Pro’s by position:

(not one running back during Belichick or Parcells era)

QB – Brady (2) / Parilli

RB – Nance (2) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Russians Are Coming, Pedro Facts, Hamburger, Hamburger… »

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1. Baseball – Red Sox:

* The highly paid line up of the Red Sox has been shut out seven times and scored one run in a game ten times

* Good news – Sox getting shut out on the road is game times 2:24 / 2:37

* Every time David Ortiz doesn’t run all the way to first base on a ground out – I would fine him $50,000 and send it to fix the city baseball fields

* In Rick Porcello’s 17 starts, he has made it into the seventh inning five times / into the eighth twice

* Yankees are on pace to win 89 / Red Sox need to go 47-24 to catch them

* Assuming Buchholz is done for the year – his starts last five years: 14 / 29 / 16 / 28 / 18

2. Golf – British Open:

* Sadly the tournament has had no flow with rain and wind delays Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Surfing Safari / Sox Lineup Stinks / Yankee Futility »

Eastern League All-Star Game 2015

This week, the Eastern League All-Star game was held by the Red Sox’ AA-affiliate Portland Sea Dogs (ME). I was fortunate enough to have had the privilege to go attend the game, and what a pleasure it was to watch the Eastern League’s best showcase their talents in front of a sold-out Hadlock Field.

The gates opened to the public at 3:00 for an eventful afternoon in Portland that included the first, planned Homerun Derby and a festive pregame introduction ceremony that allowed fans to greet the starters as they made their way down to the field from the sky-boxes. After the National Anthem, Blake Swihart threw out the ceremonial first pitch and, around 7:20, it was time to play ball. Continue reading Portland Hosts Eastern League All-Star Game, Ends in Unusual Fashion »

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1. All-Star Stolen Bases for Red Sox:

In 289 Red Sox All Star appearances – only three stolen bases:

* Brock Holt, JD Drew, Johnny Damon

2. Too bad Fred Lynn didn’t stay with his first team:

* Red Sox…………..308 average

* Angels……………..271 average

* Baltimore…………265 average

* Detroit……………..237 average Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Jackie Robinson Tryout, Sixteen Candles, Cornbread Trade »

Your Guide to Baseball Betting

July 15, 2015 at 12:46pm in Now!

Why is Baseball the best sport to bet on?

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1. Red Sox:

* I guess playing first base is draining – Ortiz out with head cold (you warrior you)

* Only 73 games left

* I was wrong on quick Sunday game 3:36 in heat – hmmm $6 waters

* Only two Red Sox are on pace to play in 150 of 162 games -Betts and Bogaerts

* No Red Sox is on pace to score 100 runs / or knock in 90 / or win 15 games / or throw 200 innings / or strike out 200 Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Won’t Lose the Next Three Days »

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1. Red Sox

* Update on instant replay challenges – Sox wrong 55% of time

* David Ortiz says that it’s too taxing to both hit AND field – he should go down to a coal mine some day and watch some 60 year old guy walk out after a double shift so he can feed his family and see what real people do.

* The first two Red Sox – Yankee games will exceed seven hours combined but the third one will be under three hours because it’s get away day for All Star break – Bahamas here they come.

* Paw Sox have lost eleven in a row with that loaded lineup and staff?

* Considering Panda and Hanley are making over $40mm and didn’t make the All Star game – shouldn’t they be contrite?
Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Tedious Yankee Series, Dino Second, Popsicle »

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