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* Coach went with the old reliable – grey hoodie with cut sleeves

* Speaking of old reliable – Jenny Dell in the house!

* Crowd with a sort of passive aggressive boo of Browner for all of his penalties. If someone called them on it, they could say they were booing the refs – but no doubt Browner is on notice with the fans


* Again the Patriots are abusing Edelman and Gronk. On the first drive, Edelman returned the punt, caught a pass, caught another pass, ran for a first down on the fly sweep and then caught another pass (7 receptions / 88 yards / 1 TD) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Defense, Special Teams Carry Home Team »

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* Since the first game -Dolphins 4-0 against losing teams / 2-6 against winning teams

* Tom Brady needs nine TD passes for 400

* A Dolphin – Patriots game in December reminds me of Howard Cosell announcing the death of John Lennon – 1980

* The Wildcat game in 2008 by the Dolphins in Foxboro was one of the only times I have seen a Belichick team confused

* Running QB’s do give Pats defenses trouble – Tannehill has run for 295 yards

* Mike Wallace has been targeted 102 times but only caught 57 of them

* Tight End Charles Clay scares me – 41 receptions / 2 TD Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Consider Fish Squished! »

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* The game was so frustrating with no fluid play – reminded me of the Giants Super Bowl games but this time they pulled it out

* The call on Browner for helmet to helmet will not get the attention it deserves but that could have been the most impactful official’s call since Ben Drieth. If they don’t come back and win that game, it changes the whole season with the Patriots having to go on the road in the playoffs (and the gutless analysis by Collinsworth and Michaels was not worth their paycheck)

* The Patriots are abusing Gronk right now – he is getting hit 15 times a game by at least two defenders at a time

* How many times am I going to hear that Antonio Gates played basketball?

* Some Globe writer is working on the Brady F bomb article again

* Love the Patriots fans chanting “Defense” and “Brady”

* I guess Tyms used the N word – dude you’re last player on the roster – keep your mouth shut

* Dangerous move by Bill going with the blue windbreaker with cut sleeves but he survived it

* When the offensive lineman introduce themselves and what school they came from it looks like they need a teleprompter Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Overcome Ben Dreith and Bad Offensive Plan »

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1. Patriots Preview:

Patriots win this game easy – Chargers no pass rush or running game

* Greatest Chargers – Tomlinson and then Allsworth, Fouts, Winslow and Gates

* Best draft pick – Rodney Harrison 145th in 1994

* Against Patriots – 14-20-2 regular season / 1-2 post season

* Famous QB’s – Unitas, Brees, Fouts, Rivers, Hadl, McMahon, Kemp, Harbaugh

* Chargers 3-4 against teams with a winning record

* Philip Rivers 30-6 in December

* Only 18 sacks – Brady should have time

* Receivers – Allen on pace for 96 rec / 1,016 yds / 5 TD — Gates has 9 TD

* Running game is non-existent averaging 3.4 yards  Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Stay Classy in San Diego »

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Pablo-SandovalRUMORS and Rants

Pablo Sandoval will make his final decision today regarding a contract with the Boston Red Sox worth approximately $100 million, according to’s Alex Speier. Speier reported this on Twitter after speaking with Sandoval’s agent, Gustavo Vazquez.

Continue reading Pablo Sandoval To Sign With Red Sox Today »

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1. Patriots:


* Gray hoodie knocked it out of the park
* The three thoughts I came away from this game – Patriots are on fire, I love watching Suh lose and I felt terrible for Jonas Gray (at least once in ten times Fox showed him it looked like he might cry)
* Don Cherry once put clips together of opponents going after Bobby Orr’s – someday they will be doing that of safeties going after Gronk’s knee
* I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jim Caldwell talk
* Because of the routes Tom Brady specializes in throwing – Dr. Stern at BU’s CTE center should look at Troy Brown’s, Wes Welker’s and Julian Edelman’s heads earlier than later
* I love Suh yelling at Brady “Don’t f****** run at me” and then his 90 shirt got buried in the turf on the Blount TD
* #91 Jason Jones went Night Train on Brady with a fore arm shiver to the chest
* Not to be negative but long snapper Danny Aiken is a problem (great pick up and punt by Ryan Allen) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Kraftapoolooza – Pats and Revs Win! »

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Curt Schilling (Photo from

Curt Schilling has been very active on social media lately, making dozens of posts about President Barack Obama and other political issues, and making his feelings about creationism and evolution well-known. Replies to those creationism comments by ESPN’s Keith Law actually got Law suspended! That’s a different comment for a different day.

Today, we bring you Schilling’s latest gem: Continue reading Curt Schilling Son’s ‘Fake Grenade’ Comment Sparks Scare at Logan Airport »

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