Boston made it back to the postseason despite being in a rebuilding season; can they keep it going again old foe LeBron James and the Cavs? (

With the playoffs underway, get ready for some great games. The Celtics barged their way in despite not being finished rebuilding. The Spurs dropped several seeds with a final day loss. Some very potent teams are getting ready to face off, so we’re here to give you our annual predictions on how things will turn out.

Our panel is largely in agreement as to who will advance, with one non-unanimous series winner per conference. It was a little trickier to decide which series would be struggles and which would be breezes, with only one unanimous choice there.

As usual, picking the winner of a series is worth two points, while guessing how many games a series will last is worth one point.

So there you have it. Complete picks are below; come back after the first round is complete to see the results. Continue reading 2015 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: First Round »

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1. Seasons the Bruins missed the playoffs by decade:

1940’s – 2

1950’s – 2

1960’s – 7

1970’s – 0

1980’s – 0

1990’s – 2

2000’s – 3

2010’s – 1

2. Red Sox rotation:

Being paid $36mm and has a 6.16 ERA – last year combined 44-49 / 4.56 ERA Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Day Weekend! »

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"Pro Wrestling," NES

The NBA season is over, and it was a heck of a season. Much was decided on the final day, including both #8 seeds. Seeding itself was a big ado on that day, as San Antonio’s loss pushed them back all the way to #6 instead of being #2. As usual, the East was far weaker than the West, though there was still seed jockeying to be done there as well.

Stellar and unexpected seasons from the Hawks and Warriors helped shake up our standings, minimizing the points to be won from picking division winners. For the most part, it made it harder to get the ever valuable points from guessing seeds exactly right.

But in the midst off all the chaos, a winner has emerged from our panel. Since everyone is wondering who it is, the winner of the 2014-2015 NBA Pick ‘Em is.. Continue reading 2014-2015 NBA Expert Picks Results »

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Calgary is back in the postseason; can they take out their fellow Canadians in Vancouver to move ahead? (WWE Smackdown)

Now that the playoffs are upon us, it’s time for the annual Pick ‘Em competition. Especially with defending champion Los Angeles out of the bracket entirely, things have opened up far wider than they have in some time. It has the appearance of a tricky but entertaining bracket, so keep your eyes glued to the games.

As usual, picking the winner of each series is worth two points, while picking how many games each series will last is worth one point.

Though our panel is mostly in agreement as to winners, a steal of a victory here or there could still create an early leader, especially with series length choices a little more diverse.

So with that in mind, complete Round 1 picks are below, and be sure to come back once the round is complete for updated results. Continue reading 2015 NHL Expert Playoff Picks: First Round »

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1. Bruins:

* By Marchand scoring a meaningless goal with one minute left Saturday night the Bruins picked up a point and the LA Kings jumped in front of the Bruins in the draft

* Chiarelli should have never taken questions on the season with a game left and playoffs still possible last week

* Bruins go home for the summer on April 11th – in 2013 they went home on June 24th

* Salaries next year – Bergeron 8mm, Chara 7mm, Erickson 4.5mm, Krejci 7.25, Lucic 6.5mm, Marchand 4.5mm, Rask 7.5mm, Seidenberg 4.5, Talbot $1mm, Smith $3.4

* Free Agents – Bartkowski, Campbell, Connolly, Hamilton, Krug, McQuaid, Paille, Soderberg,

* Rask finished last season 10-8 / He finished this season 3-8

2. Red Sox:

* Games Times this series – 6:49 / 3:13 / Who knows how long it went on Sunday

* Sandoval has crazy hand-eye coordination Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Sink, Celtics Surge, Red Sox Drag »

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"Pro Wrestling," NES

The NHL season is now over, after the last playoff spots were clinched on the season’s final day. There were plenty of surprises along the way, which had a big influence on our Pick ‘Em.

The Bruins, Sharks and Kings all missed out and cost us in our standings, while the Canucks, Flames and Islanders all helped out a bit.

But in a tough season, who came out on top? Without further ado, the winner of the 2014-2015 NHL Pick ‘Em is… Continue reading 2014-2015 NHL Expert Picks Results »

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1. Bruins:

* They skated hard last night but couldn’t beat the eliminated Panthers – that tells me there isn’t enough talent on the team
* Brett Connolly three minor penalties – one allowed a huge power play goal (that’s what he gets for spelling his last name wrong)
* Tuukka Rask you are no Tim Thomas (Panthers scored 3 goals on 9 third period shots)
* The line Wednesday night with Smith, Soderberg and Kelly have scored 5 goals in the last thirty plus games combined
* I wonder how much Seidenberg rushing to get back for last year’s playoffs put him behind this year

2. Red Sox:

* First three games – game times 3:01 / 2:54 / 3:08
* Hannigan might be the polar opposite to Vazquez in excitment

3. Celtics:

* Team is 5-1 when Isaiah Thomas attempts at least 15 shots Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins at the Brink »

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