Nothing screams “Throwback Thursday” like getting the chance to own a piece of Patriots history. Now, you have that chance.

Up for auction soon is Adam Vinatieri’s game-worn cleats used to kick the game-winning field goal to beat the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 38. To make the cleats more special — they are autographed by the ice-runs-through-his-veins man himself. So cool. Continue reading #TBT: Adam Vinatieri’s Super Bowl-Worn Cleats Up for Sale »

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Doug Griffin

Throwback Thursday – April 30, 1974

Red Sox second baseman Doug Griffin, nicknamed “Dude,” was knocked unconscious after getting hit in the head by a Nolan Ryan fastball while trying to lay down a bunt.

Griffin missed two months with a concussion and suffered temporary hearing loss. Some credit the injury to causing a premature end to Griffin’s career. Continue reading #TBT: Nolan Ryan Knocks Red Sox 2B Unconscious on a Bunt Attempt »

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is dating former Patriots cheerleader, news anchor and model Camille Kostek, according to TMZ, who reported Tuesday that Kostek just landed a “ambassador” gig with Benrus Watch Company.

Gronk has been linked to all sorts of girls in the past, including porn star Bibi Jones and even a 16-year-old in Aruba.

Check out photos of Gronk’s new flame below:

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In the never-ending Deflategate saga, we have a new development this morning. Roger Goodell told CBS News that Ted Wells is nearly finished with the report.

“[Wells] has not been given a time frame, I expect it will not be long,” Goodell told Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning Tuesday.

The investigation began in late January after the Patriots were alleged to have played the first half of the AFC Championship game with 11 under-inflated footballs.

Goodell said Wells is trying to do a thorough job and hinted that they may be looking at one game — “The question is, one of the things that [Wells] would be asked to look for – was it just one game?” — before backtracking and saying that there’s no suspicion the under-inflated footballs were used in more than one game.

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1. Celtics:

* My original title was going to be – “Soft Celtics Embarrass the City” – but they showed a little manhood down the stretch

* The count of Celtics that hit the floor hard without repercussions – Crowder twice, Sullinger, Bass, Isaiah

* You knew the Celtics were soft when they kept letting LeBron stare them down – hang on the rim and kick his feet – if they were serious this should have been a war

* After the first offensive rebound over Zeller I would have sat him the rest of the game – like Charmin (so isn’t Bass and you know Brad Stevens has never been in a fight in his life)

* Inexcusable for Smart to be late BUT if there is a street fight you want him and Sullinger on your team

* The officials should be suspended for not throwing Perkins out – he was put on the floor by his coach to hurt someone. After the violent play, he actually takes steps toward Crowder to finish the job

* The not ejecting Perkins led to one of the most violent plays in NBA history by a nothing-to-add-to-society JR Smith. If Kermit Washington got 26-game suspension, then Smith should get at least 10 games.

* Brad Stevens HAS to pick up a technical foul after the Perkins incident (can you imagine Red Auerbach or Harry Sinden standing there with their arms folded wondering when their next Hardy Boys book is coming in the mail?)

* Zeller turned Timofey Mozgov into Bill Walton

* STATS – Celtics 7-33 from three point land / 32-43 from foul line

* Was that KC Jones coaching the Cavs? LeBron had 46 minutes Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bully Cavs Abuse Celtics, Loscutoff Breaks TV »

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1. Celtics:

* Team has to watch Larry Bird films on how to box out (Zeller please fight harder)

* Avery Bradley (Ainge’s only bad move this year – signing him), 4-14 from three point land in the series and it seemed every miss reversed momentum for Cleveland – he also is getting torched by Irving

* Irving and Curry have the best handle in NBA history along with Allen Iverson?

* Celtics 19-63 from three point land in the series

* Celtics have given up 38 offensive rebounds in three games

2. Red Sox:

* Victorino hurt again – hamstring (add that to the ribs last week, etc)

* Dwight Evans played in at least 146 games in 11 of 12 straight years with Red Sox – Drew and Victorino in 8 years will fail to do that once Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Celts play hard, Sox who cares, Crazy Brothers »

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1. Celtics:

* I think this series is going to be too fast for Bass and Sullinger / Mozgov is going to be too strong for Zeller

* Avery Bradley 1-6 from three point land (including two air balls) and was absolutely torched by Irving (surprised Smart wasn’t switched over)

* I think the one advantage the Celtics have over Cleveland is coaching – look for Brad Stevens to go to school on that game film and Game 2 be much closer but still a loss

* If you are serious about winning then don’t let Lebron stare you down as he did after his dunk at Evan Turner and at Kelly Olynyk when he fell down

* Fifteen offensive rebounds not acceptable Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Marathon Day! »