1. Patriots – Redskins Preview:

* Redskins playoff wins since Dan Snyder bought team in 1995 – TWO

* Redskins wide receivers guaranteed monies $46mm / Patriots $12mm

* Field goal kicker Dustin Hopkins has a long of 54 yards

* Interestingly there were four Native American’s on the Redskins first team in 1933

* Previous owner George Marshall refused to sign a black player until Bobby Kennedy forced him to draft Ernie Davis (Davis would later force a trade to Cleveland)

2. College Football:

* Game of the week: Utah vs. Washington Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bring on the Fighting Snyder’s »

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1. Patriots round up after seven games:

* Teams are 2-4 in the week after playing the Patriots

* From Mike Reiss on ESPN – Vince Wilfork has never experienced a season with more than 6 losses – Houston already has six losses

* Since 2009 – the Patriots are 27-24 when they score 30 points or less in a game

* Patriots draft picks – Only two offensive starters were taken by the Patriots in the first three rounds – Vollmer, Gronk

* In 353 rushes / receptions – the Patriots have lost one fumble (imagine if they lost ten – Felger…..)

* Long kickoff return for the Patriots this year – 29 yards

* Players from each of the last five year drafts on roster: 2010 – 2 of 12 /2011 – 2 of 8 / 2012 – 3 of 7 / 2013 – 4 of 7 / 2014 – 5 of 8 / 2105 – 8 of 11 Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: 53 Shopping Days Left »

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1. Patriots – Dolphins:


* Tannehill’s face was classic when the snap went by his head for a safety

* CBS showed Malden High School practice (kids in Texas and Florida must be wondering if that’s the freshman team)

* Crazy man coach of the Dolphins Dan Campbell wasn’t looking so crazy

* Amazing draw up Gostkowski right to left for his field goal

* Women referee was throwing a lot of laundry on the field

* Brady paying homage to Bill’s lady with audibles of “cougar” and “Linda”

* Dolphins wasted money on Suh so far

* Jonas Gray didn’t get the revenge he was looking for


* Are teams starting to take away Edelman or does Brady have less confidence in him (see #6 below) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Tour Rolls Down the Highway »

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Glenn Ordway

You may have heard that WEEI host Glenn Ordway collapsed while at the Patriots’ tailgate event at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

It turns out the Big O collapsed due to a bleeding ulcer. Continue reading Where is Glenn Ordway? — Update on his Health »

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1. Patriots:


* You know Gisele was getting ready with – “He can’t catch it too!”

* Think Ben Roethlisberger will file a complaint with the league after the Patriots forced TWO penalties by shifting on DEFENSE

* I love Revis seeking out Brady at the end – dude you’re a loser – take your money and screw!

* Another backdoor cover against the Patriots

* How important is a quarterback and coach – Jets have more talent on both lines, backfield, receivers, secondary and lost

* Sideline reporter Evan Washburn was in danger of wedgies throughout the game

* How can the sideline official mis- mark balls by over a yard twice – both having to be overturned

* the bootleg pass is virtually indefensible (as well as the halfback pass)

* What’s the story with Jets getting away with two huge pick plays

* Brady 22-6 versus Jets – yikes


* Amendola’s third best game as a Patriot (8 for 86 with TD) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady Leads Despite Drops »

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1. Patriots – Jets Preview:

* So if this coach is the opposite of Rex Ryan – does he like hands?

* Keep Fitzpatrick in pocket if he runs for more than 3 first downs – upset possible

* Jets worth $2.6 billion / bought for $635 million in 2000

* Antonio Cromartie has more kids than tackles – 10 to 9

* I love this stat – Joe Namath 170 TD to 215 Interceptions (he is loved for scoring 16 points in a Super Bowl)

* What kind of name is Weeb (gotta love Emerson Boozer for a name with bars open to 4 am in NY)

* Love that the Jets beat the most overrated coach in sports history, Don Shula, for the 1968 Super Bowl

* Fireman Ed has a wikipedia page

* Ten Jets quarterbacks have started at least twenty games – only three have winning records – Testeverde, Penningon, Sanchez

* Flex Gronk wide and force single coverage on Revis and send a message first play Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: J-E-T-S / L-O-S-E »

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1. Colts – Patriots:


* On to the Jets

* Vegas made a killing on the Colts covering the spread late in the game (Gronk almost ran back the on side kick)

* In honor of Fleming taking over for Cannon – Peggy Fleming won gold in 1968

* I think Al Michaels told friends to bet the over on the word Deflate-gate being mentioned

* Big injuries to Sheard, Cannon and Slater

* Patriots got a call on maintaining possession on the onside kick

* Brady is one tough SOB

* No fumbles again for Patriots – what now Felger?


* Brady’s feet amazing Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten – Tour Stop Number 5 Sucessful »

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