Green Bay gave up a 16-point lead, a Championship Round record. There's always next season. (

The Conference Championships are complete, and the Super Bowl is set. Seattle completed a record-setting comeback over Green Bay, and saving Russell Wilson from a quarterback rating of literally zero. The Patriots slaughtered the Colts with a completely demoralizing second half in a rainy New England night later on to advance to face Seattle in Arizona.

While the Pats game didn’t do too much in our standings, the Seahawks sure did; with the Packers not walking away with the win, those who picked Seattle saw their stock on the rise quite a bit, particularly those who correctly guessed a total of five touchdowns in the game (and those who saw a minor day overall for the passing game).

With the shakeups, be sure to check below for the updated results, and come back in two weeks for the Super Bowl selections. Continue reading 2014-2015 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championship Results »

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* National Anthem – I don’t know who Pat Monohan is but great job by the crowd singing

* 51 degrees at kickoff in January – Al Gore was right! (not)

* Blue hoodie is daring  but is hot right now

* With Revis going out for a while that’s the third straight AFC championship game that the Patriots shut down corner has got hurt


* Brady going to sixth Super Bowl

* Brady solid B+ game but that was another killer interception. They could have knocked them out in the first quarter. Continue reading CONNELLY’S TOP TEN: ARIZONA, HERE COME THE HOODIES »

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Seattle faces off against a weakened Aaron Rodgers, but their opponents still won't make it easy. (

The Conference Championships are here. The Patriots face the young upstart Colts, while the Packers visit Seattle as they did for the season’s first game. The round has a great mix of great offenses and defenses, which will certainly make for two great games.

For our picks, one game was easier to pick than the other, which caused a split vote from our panel. Either way, the defenses in Seattle are thought to make that game less of a shootout than their New England counterparts.

As before:

  • Successfully picking the winner of each game is worth two points.
  • Picking the total number of touchdowns scored by both teams COMBINED in each game is worth one point if guessed to within one, or two points if guessed exactly right.
  • Picking the total number of yards thrown in each game by WHICHEVER quarterback throws the most is worth one point if guessed to within 50, or two points if guessed to within 10, or five points if guessed exactly right.

So with that, check out the picks below, and come back later in the day after the games are finished for the results. Continue reading 2014-2015 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks – Conference Championships »

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* Brady has played against 14 different teams in the playoffs and is 3-1 vs Colts

* Brady has 46 passing and 5 rushing TD’s in 27 playoff games

* Colts leading rusher dressing Sunday – Daniel Herron 351 yards (Luck was second 273)

* Colts defense – Freeman looks fast, they are hitting hard and Vontae Davis has turned into a star in the secondary

* Only thing I’m not looking forward to is fans who mis-remember and boo Adam Vinatieri

* I see a big punt return by Edelman

* When I think of Indianapolis I think of yahoo’s, piped in crowd noise, Chuck Person and people who have never seen the ocean

* Patriots points in the last five playoff losses: 14 / 21 / 17 / 13 / 16

* Brady is 5-6 last 11 playoff games – his, and Bill’s, legacy is desperate for this win Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady Closer to 4th Ring, But Don’t Sleep on Colts »

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Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard just before coming to blows during a game on January 12, 2015. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Kevin Garnett has never been a shy person, with the Celtics or otherwise. That shows itself from time to time, and during Monday’s game between Brooklyn and Houston, he and Dwight Howard got into quite the altercation. 4:07 into the game, Garnett was called for a loose-ball foul against Howard. Howard then gave Garnett a small slap to the chest, which got him a ball to the arm and a slight headbutt. Garnett got another shove back for his troubles before a crowd of players, refs and coaches were finally able to separate them.

They each got an offsetting technical, though Garnett was also given a second and ejected. It remains to be seen what the NBA will do to either part for the altercation. Perhaps the top two entry slots in the upcoming Royal Rumble?
Continue reading VIDEO: Former Celtic Kevin Garnett Gets in Fight With Dwight Howard During Game »

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* I haven’t been that nervous viewing a sporting event since Game 4, 2004 – Red Sox vs. Yankees extra innings

* Second greatest Patriot game behind the Snow Bowl

* The Blue hoodie has always been a dangerous choice – 7-4 record

* I can’t believe the Patriots made that insane mistake of mis calculating the clock at the end of the game – I would have the punter Allen take a safety and run around the end zone and then kicked off – I know it would have made it a field goal game (would have been the biggest coaching blunder in Boston sports history, see #6)

* Goddell shouldn’t be wearing a hat with a B on it at a Baltimore – Pats game

* Matter of time before Gronk’s pants get pulled down from behind on national TV and his second career gets a kick start

* Brady might be one of the toughest players to ever play in New England

* Patriots 16-4 at home in the playoffs Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots win THRILLER »

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Indianapolis was the only road winner on Divisional Weekend; how long can they keep it going? (

After the Divisional Round, the Pats and Pack had to claw for a victory, while the Colts and Hawks had a relatively easy time. Seattle became the first defending champ to win a playoff game the next season in a decade, which sets up two League Championships in dangerous home-field advantage environments.

But for now, we’re halfway through our Pick ‘Em for the postseason. Thanks to most of the winner picks being alike, not too much ground was gained, but TD and yardage totals did shift some things around. With two rounds left, it’s still a very close contest that’s anyone’s game.

So with that, updated results and totals are below. And be sure to come back next Sunday for the League Championship Round. Continue reading 2014-2015 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round Results »

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