Gatorade joins Nike, today, in celebrating Derek Jeter’s retirement in their new commercial for the sports drink.

The spot, shot in black and white with Frank Sinatra singing in the background, features Jeter on the way to the ballpark in the back of a car. He stops the driver and says that he would like to walk the rest of the way to Yankee Stadium through the Bronx. He steps into bars, talks to women and men, young and old, as he makes his way through the borough. He signs a boy’s baseball, a placard of him during his rookie season, and ends with Jeter exiting the locker room onto the field as Sinatra crescendos the final words to “My Way.”

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Get your free money!

If the title of this article makes no sense to you, please review my earlier post, weekly fantasy strategy. My goal over the remaining 15 weeks of the NFL schedule is to provide insight to the best deals and values of weekly fantasy players.

Typically you are allotted $50,000 in fake money to draft your weekly team. Divided among the typical 9 roster slots thats means on average you can spend $5,555 per player. However, if you use my advice and find some cheaper, or high upside options, then you will have more excess money to spend on top tier players.

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1. Patriots – Minnesota:


* I know they won but that was a real bad opponent

* Crazy amount of penalties – 22 accepted for 221 yards

* Bill went with blue hoodie

* Why even watch kickoffs which are touchbacks, extra points and now field goals must be at 90% under 50 yards (Old Patriot John Smith was 28 for 63 from over 40 yards / 1-5 from 50 yards plus – Gostkowski is 12 for 16 from 50+)

* Jenny Dell in the house – in the CBS truck there were certainly calling for the camera man to pan out Continue reading Connelly Top Ten: Patriots Average Team – 10-6 »

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Prior to the Patriots-Vikings fan, a tailgater was spotted wearing an Adrian Peterson jersey while holding what we can presume to be a ‘switch’ or stick:


Peterson, as you probably know, was deactivated after his indictment for child abuse, involving the ‘switch’ technique of disciplining a child.

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1. Patriots Preview: @ Minnesota:

* Like the Dolphins, the Vikings have a superior wide receiver corp to Patriots: Jennings, Patterson, Rudolph

* Adrian Peterson first four years running for 100 plus yards – the Vikings were 14-5 / Last three years they are 10-8-1

* If Patriots are losing Sunday, just think about how annoying that mascot with his Viking horn will be

* Bud Grant was boring

* Think Adrian Peterson is tossing and turning in bed worried about Joe Vellano

2. Bledsoe-Brady:

Bledsoe’s opening day in 2001, compared to Brady’s last week: Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Must Win? Not Yet »

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With a one-point victory, Turkey moves on to the Quarterfinals. (Gary M. Stolz/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

The Round of 16 is over. Spain and the United States each moved on, while Greece couldn’t stay undefeated. Three other games were decided by no more than five points. It was a tough round for the countries involved, but since all our experts picked the same winners, it didn’t matter for us.

Still, there’s plenty of time left for someone to make a move in the standings. Updated results are below, and be sure to check back on Tuesday for the quarterfinal picks. Continue reading 2014 FIBA World Cup Expert Picks: Round of 16 Results »

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1. Patriots Review:


* Patriots are now 1-2 after trading a team leader the weeks before the opener

* No Hoodie

* Brady could have got 15 yards for leading with the helmet on Gronk after Gronk’s TD

* Blocked punts and stuff like that usually don’t happen to the Patriots

* Might need to make Dante Scarnecchia a Godfather offer to comeback


* I think Josh McDaniels is the most overrated play caller in the game (any level). ALSO, I will break my TV this year watching him and Brady sitting together on the bench like no one else will sit with them at lunch looking at pictures on the sideline and not figuring it out! Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Passive Patriots get Bitc* Slapped in South Beach »

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