* February 24th Blanket Dinner – Doubletree Cambridge – Everyone bring someone please
1. Patriots had 18 first drives this year – stats:
* Two touchdowns / two field goals / 12 punts / two turnovers
* Nine drives of five plays or less
* Kicked off eight times to start the game and received ten times
2. Update on winter players that used to play in Boston:
* Horton……3 goals in nine games
* Pierce…….13 points per game / 3.1 assists – 2.5 turnovers
* Seguin……21 goals in 48 games
* Garnett…..6.9 points / 21.9 minutes / 6.8 rebounds

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Jerry Remy’s Future Uncertain

January 20, 2014 at 12:00pm in Featured, Now!, Opinion, Red Sox
Will Remy return next season with all that is going on? (Getty Images/Matt Burke)

He played for the Red Sox from 1978-84. He started broadcasting on NESN in 1988. He is one of the most respected sports broadcaster in the New England area and is the first president on Red Sox Nation. Jerry Remy is a part of New England and it seemed that he would continue to serve as the Red Sox color announcer until he decided to call it quits. Unfortunately it seems like that decision has been been pushed to the forefront.

It needs to be made clear that there are many things that are more important than sports. A person’s life is, and always will be, more important. For those who are unaware of the story, Jerry Remy’s son Jared is accused of murdering Jennifer Martel, who was Jared’s girlfriend and mother of their four-year-old child. These turn of events led to Jerry Remy leaving NESN indefinitely and his return status is still in limbo. Continue reading Jerry Remy’s Future Uncertain »

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Denver was firmly in control of time of possession en route to defeating arch rival New England. Now, their elite offense meets an elite defense for all the marbles. (http://simplepimple.com/)

The Super Bowl is set; the Broncos’ most potent NFL offense ever will face Seattle’s very gung-ho and powerful defense with everything on the line in New Jersey in two weeks. Each team defeated in its chief rival in order to get there, with New England and San Francisco each falling in a difficult road match-up.

Seattle and San Francisco was a defensive game for much of the time as we suspected, but the surprise was the low-scoring 26-16 final in Denver. Peyton Manning did a great job of limiting Tom Brady’s time on the field, which no doubt was a huge reason the Broncos were able to pull out the win.

In our picks, some suffered more than others, with an even mix of picks for winners. Most points were won or lost based on passing yards and touchdowns, especially in the game in Seattle, where a match-up of field goals and some touchdowns was expected.

So check below for the complete results, and come back in two weeks for the Super Bowl picks. Continue reading 2014 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championships Results »

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Looked like a heartless team who was deflated after Talib was cheap-shoted – in the end they looked like they were content making it to the AFC game

1. Talib Injury:

* That was not only a pick on Talib by Welker but actually a dirty play that injured a player (should be a fine – nevermind a F-ing penalty, but instead the game completely changed)
* They don’t call that but they call that pick on Hooman, which took points off the board
* Pic plays were such a factor going into this game that Sports Illustrated wrote about it this week
* CBS refused to comment on the illegal pick, but talked about the Patriots manhandling the Colts receivers ten years ago
* When Talib goes down – Denard goes on Thomas and Logan Ryan on Decker – toast
* Halftime show on CBS didn’t even mention the Talib injury, which was the biggest play in the game
* Thomas before Talib was hurt 1 catch 29 yards / after 6 catches for 105 yards
* Last year AFC championship game – Bolden before Talib injury 1 catch 5 yards/ After injury 5 catches 60 yards – 2 TD’s

2. Brady – C-

* Missed TD pass to Edleman on the playaction
* Overthrew open Collie down sideline to set up points Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Welker Picks Broncos to Super Bowl »

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Seattle is as difficult to beat at home as anyone, but their prime rival San Francisco always has a shot. (http://cdn4.sportngin.com/)

The Conference Championships are upon us. Two elite quarterbacks power New England and Denver in the AFC, while two elite defense look to tear up young quarterbacks in the NFC. They’re two very different games, but two that are sure to be equally entertaining. The winners move on to the first cold-weather Super Bowl in two weeks, so let’s get on to the picks. Scoring will be as before:

  • Picking the winner of a game is worth two points.
  • Picking the total number of touchdowns scored by both teams combined is worth one point if guessed to within one, or two points if guessed exactly right.
  • Picking the yards thrown for by each game’s top passer (one top-throwing quarterback only) is worth one point if guessed to within 50, or two points if guessed to within 10, or five points if guessed exactly right.

It was an interesting pick set, evenly divided between assorted combinations of winners. Denver vs New England is looking to be a high-octane, high-scoring affair even with both teams having potent running games these days. Seattle vs San Francisco will be more tactical, and every touchdown looks to matter.

So with all that out of the way, check below for the complete pick sets. And when the games are complete, come back for the updated standings. Continue reading 2014 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championships »

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Connelly’s Top Ten: Omaha This

January 17, 2014 at 6:46am in Featured, Now!, Top Story

February 24th Blanket Dinner – DoubleTree -

1. Patriot Positive:

* Patriots 27-24 in overtime after Manning gets ball to start and has to punt

* Patriots are 7-2 in AFC Championship Games

* Patriots are 3-1 on the road in Conference Championships

* Patriots are 3-14 in Denver

* Crazy play by Ben Watson to get to Champ Bailey and force what should have been a touchback

* I remember the Patriots had it won there and Mosi Tatupu fumbled

2. Quarterbacks left:

* Brady…………6-4 / 225 lbs / 199th pick / 0 Heisman first place Heisman Votes / 9 Pro Bowls

* Manning…….6-5 / 230 lbs / 1st pick / 295 first place Heisman Votes / 13 Pro Bowls Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Omaha This »

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New England easily dispatched with Indy following a harsh running attack, and now faces the task of beating Peyton Manning in his own house. (http://images.starpulse.com/)

The NFL is down to its final four, and with two rivalry games for the Super Bowl slots, things couldn’t have been scripted better. Denver gained vengeance on San Diego, while New England rose to meet them by dispatching the still sloppy Colts. Seattle held back Drew Brees, while San Francisco finally cracked Carolina’s defense.

The Patriots had the best game of any of the winners, making sure not to repeat Kansas City’s mistakes against Indy. The other games were all close and low-scoring, especially with Carolina not being able to get anything going.

With so many similar picks, winners didn’t do much for our panel. Instead, touchdown and yardage totals produced many points, which did a little jostling with the leaderboard. Plenty of picks remain, though, so it’s still anyone’s game.

So check below for the complete results from the Divisional Round, and come back next Sunday for the Conference Championship selections. Continue reading 2014 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round Results »

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