1. Red Sox:

* Third base coach Brian Butterfield is lucky this is Pink Hat nation – how many times this year have I said that his judgment would have him fired from a little league team. Sending Ortiz when he wasn’t even at third in the 9th when the left fielder had the ball in his glove in short left field – is insane – Rene Lachman was booed out of his this town for moves less than that

* Red Sox this weekend averaged per game: 15 runs / 18.5 hits / Pitches 182 / Extra base hits 8.1

* Quite a farm system – with a chance to move the winning run into scoring position – Garin Cecchini wasn’t even close on two bunts and then struck out – when he returned to the dugout – Panda, Lovullo, Holt and Bogearts all patted him on the butt (Billy Martin rolled in his grave)

* Literally (I know I’m prone to hyperbole) In left field the Red Sox went from the worst outfielder in the majors (Hanley) to the best outfielder in the majors (Bradley)

* Ortiz unbuttoned his shirt to show off his gold necklace (Billy Martin again rolling over in his grave)

* I would trade Owens in the offseason – he has to be too fine when he is living at 88 MPH

* No question Felix Hernandez drilled Panda on Saturday (oh well – no fight in this team)

* Red Sox pitcher Ryan Cook ERA is now up to 40.50 – is there any doubt that Wakefield is better right now Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Wendell Kim back from dead? »

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1. Red Sox:

* Should have traded Buchholz before injury and Uehara before his injury
* Hanley Ramirez on pace to play 138 games this season or 85% of the season – games played the last five seasons: 92 / 157 / 128 / 97
* Hanley first 82 at bats – 10 home runs / next 288 at bats – 7 home runs (speaking of home run surges see #4 below)
* Audie Murphy, Sergeant York and David Ortiz – what courage Ortiz showed walking 20 feet from the first base dugout to play first base in Miami
* Did Jackie Bradley hitting below .150 really call Eck out?
* Nice pick up by Ben this week of pitcher Ryan Cook who after two games has an ERA of 27.00

2. Patriots:

* The producer in the CBS channel 4 truck had one shot he needed to get and that was Brady coming out to a huge ovation but he failed because they were at commercial
* Talk about a friendly broadcast – Steve Burton doing pre-game and Dan Roche doing play by play Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Channel 4 Producer, Boyce, Cherington and Goodell »

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1. Red Sox:

* From MLB Network – Red Sox pitching has given up at least 7 runs in a game 32 times

* Ortiz is hot and hitting the ball long – things that make me go hmmmm

* I saw Hanley Ramirez run hard down to first Friday night and that noteworthy because it’s the exception

* Speaking of running down to first – I timed Ortiz down to first in his last two at bats: 7.31 and 7.28 (Mickey Mantle once did it in 3.10)

* I saw Bogaerts stand in the box on line drive to left, which turned out to be a double

* Red Sox have to drill Ingesias after he spiked first baseman Shaw on purpose

* Another slick move by Ben Cherrington – he not only traded Mike Napoli but he gave them cash to take him

* Brock Holt is hitting .209 since his visit to the All Star game

* Jackie Bradley first 57 at bats – 4 RBI / next four – 5 RBI

* Haven’t seen one tool from Blake Swihart that is exceptional Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Pitching, Bonnie and Clyde, Frank Gifford »

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1. Red Sox:

* I don’ think I have ever seen Craig Breslow have a clean outing

* Wait to next year when infielders have to throw to Hanley at first (they will need netting behind first base)

* People wonder what David Ortiz would do in Yankee Stadium with the short right field porch – surprisingly only 28 home runs in 401 at bats at the Stadiums (one every 14.32 at bats)

* Red Sox have 3 combined triples from the #3 / #4 / #5 / #6 hitters this year

* Not quite pushing the right buttons – Pinch hitters for the Red Sox this year: 8-44 (.182) / 0 HR

* Average against Red Sox pitching by month (I guess it wasn’t pitching coach Juan Nieves fault): April – .259 / May – .263 / June – .265 / July – .275 / August – .278

2. Patriots Roster:

* Players over age of 30 – 4 (gotta be youngest team in league) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Someone Get Felger a Towel »

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1. Red Sox:

* Third baseman Travis Shaw had as many home runs Saturday as the Panda has had in 39 games – Not bad for $500,000 vs. $20,000,000

* Can’t tell me there weren’t some high fives in the front office this weekend with Luchinno giving his notice

* How bad are the $180,000,000 Red Sox – no one would take their players at the deadline

* Update on win pace – 72

* Napoli and Ortiz have been thrown out of four games

* Only four of David Ortiz’s 20 home runs are to the left of center field

2. Hot starts for MLB pitchers:

From MLB.network – number of starts out of the first 60 that a pitcher has given up 1 or less runs: Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox, Farfalle and Complete Games »

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1. Cowardly Lion – Red Sox:

* White Sox scored 13 first inning runs in this series

* Why not to bet reason #6,421,343 – Steven Wright and the Red Sox beat Chris Sale

* Is it true that Panda Sandoval went first to third and had to take himself out of the game for dehydration. Also Farrell admits he’s out of shape but keeps playing him

* Jackie Bradley hitting .191 after 512 at bats (I would take a chance on him if I was another team)

* Forgot to talk about Ian Kinsler letting a pop up drop Saturday of Ortiz to see if he would run – similar to Fisk getting in Deion Sanders face for disrespecting the game

* Do the Red Sox have a weight clause in Sandoval’s contract – I mean you did pay him almost $100,000,000

2. Roger Goddell is Scar:

* Jerry Jones stuck it to Kraft this week, supporting the commissioner Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: RIP Cecil the Lion »

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In a surprising move, Robert Kraft stepped to the podium before coach Bill Belichick on Wednesday and came out strong against  a league office that he believes unfairly punished his team as well as Tom Brady. When Belichick stepped to the podium, he deflected all questions related to ball deflation or Brady, saying that he was on to training camp. Video of Kraft in full is below as well as Belichick deflecting Brady questions.


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