2015 MLB Expert Picks

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Jon Lester headlined a free agent class that saw more than a few big names change teams, with trades sure to come in time. (David Banks/Getty Images)

Baseball season is finally here, with a game in the books. Lots of offseason moves were made, especially with top pitchers, but just before the games got underway, San Diego acquired elite closer Craig Kimbrel and pricey outfielder Melvin Upton (formerly BJ, who rejoins his brother Justin) from Atlanta in a rare right-before-the-season deal.

All the moving made it a real possibility that last year’s playoff bracket could get shaken up quite a bit this year. Seattle and San Diego made plenty of acquisitions to bolster needs, and it’s making them trendy picks. Ditto for the Red Sox. As for the likes of Baltimore, Kansas City and San Francisco, who lost some key pieces, it’s tougher to see how the losses will affect them, especially with the teams around them in their divisions also having to be considered.

But that’s the fun of picking winners and losers as the season begins, and that’s why we’re here. Scoring is as before:

  • Correctly guessing a team to make the playoffs is worth one point, or two points for guessing a division winner instead.
  • Correctly guessing which team will finish #1 in each league is worth five points, then four points for #2, and so on.
  • Correctly guessing which #1 seed will finish with MLB’s best record is worth two points.
  • In the event of a tie, we’ll also be guessing which team will finish with MLB’s worst record, then second-worst, then third.

So check below for everyone’s picks, and be sure to come back at season’s end for the results. Continue reading 2015 MLB Expert Picks »

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1. Red Sox Preview:

* Predictions – 86 wins only because every team in their division went backwards

* All that money and no bullpen – I predict blown saves to go over at 12

* Pawtucket Outfield Payroll – $11.5mm / Astros $9.1mm / Tampa $8.6mm

* Over and Under 4 – Glares by Ortiz at official scorer

* This is a make or break year for Pedroia’s Hall of Fame run

* If Bogaerts doesn’t make a jump this year his greatness will blossom at another program next year

* Sandoval over-under sneak trips to Tasty Burger – 14 (he won’t hit over .278 / 18 HR / 83 RBI at $20mm a year)

* Red Sox goodwill – when Red Sox are out of town they should allow 5 high school and college games a day on their fields during this lousy spring

* Can’t wait to see Hanley in a big left field like New York

2. Bruins:

* Five times losing streaks of at least three games / Five times winning streaks of at least three games

* Chara +/- is at 0 first time it won’t be positive with the Bruins since 2006 when he was a MINUS 21 Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Opening Day! »

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Rob Gronkowski in a movie

The summer of Gronk continues.

Rob Gronkowski will apparently play a police officer in the upcoming movie, “You Can’t Have It.”

The movie stars Joanna Krupa and Armand Assant, according to TMZ.

Yo soy fiesta!

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(Steve Milne, USA Today)

Because you need something to make you happy whenenver you’re reading or viewing this, here’s a short video of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski twerking in Miami.

View the video on Deadspin here.

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Celtics point guard Marcus Smart was ejected from Friday night’s game against the Spurs after he gave Matt Bonner a low-blow uppercut:


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Avery Bradley may have been making that face for hitting the shot to put the Celtics up three with seven seconds left, but he may as well have been wondering why one Celtic fan would stab another in a big win Wednesday night. (Boston Globe)

During the Boston Celtics’ dramatic 95-92 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night, there were some dramatics in the stands as well.

According to multiple reports, a fan was stabbed with a box cutter in the balcony area of the TD Garden as the fourth quarter was coming to a close. The injuries were not life-threatening, and the fan was taken to Mass. General Hospital to recover. A Braintree man was arrested a couple days later.

Deadspin claims to have a fan video of the altercation, in which two Celtics fans go after one another with the usual assortment of yelling, middle fingers, thrown drinks, and “hold me back!” before one of them seems to break out a box cutter in a sudden “Anchorman” style escalation.

Continue reading Video: Fan Stabbed at TD Garden During Celtics Win, Man Arrested »

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1. Last award winners:

MVP – Pedroia (2008) / Tom Brady (2010) / Bird (1986) / Esposito (1974)

Rookie of the Year – Pedroia (2007) / Curtis Martin (1995) / Bird (1980) / Raycroft (2004)

Coach of the Year – Fitch (1980) / Julien (2009) / Belichick (2010) / Jimy Williams (1989)

2. Since January 1st:

* NFL Arrests……………12

* Chicago Murders…….61 (Boston murders 4)

* Rondo Suspensions….1

* Local Championships..1

* Celtics transactions…10 Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Rondo Doesn’t Help, All Stars, Patriot Dismantling »

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