With a one-point victory, Turkey moves on to the Quarterfinals. (Gary M. Stolz/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

1. Patriots Preview:

* Lions are 4-6 against Patriots lifetime

* Movie Paper Lion about writer George Plimpton who workied out with the Lions in exhibition season starred Alan Alda and Lauren Hutton – it grossed $1.7mm at box office

* Bobby Layne was QB for eight years (1950-1958) and number is retired- threw for 118 TD and 142 INT

* Heisman Trophy winner that played for Detroit – Barry Sanders, Steve Owens, Doak Walker, Billy Sims, Leon Hart, Andre Ware

* Steve Belichick ran for 118 yards and 2 TD’s for the Lions in 1941

* Best draft pick – kicker Eddie Murray with the 166th pick in 1980 played in 250 games

* Hope boy named Suh doesn’t get near Brady’s knees

* Kicker Matt Prater is capable of 60 yards and more and might hit the concession stand between kicks Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Best Holiday Around the Corner! »

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Jonas Gray

Before Jonas Gray ran over the Colts for 199 yards and the first four touchdowns of his career Sunday night against the Colts, he was a stand-up comedian.

“Back in the day, I called myself a funny guy — did a little stand up,” Gray said Monday. “I was pretty successful at it here and there. I was booed off the stage a few times.” Continue reading Meet Jonas Gray, the Comedian (Video) »

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1. Patriots on Fire


* Bill went with the gray hoodie

* Gronk did the block from Blindside on the Gray TD driving the guy for twenty yards – Gronk looked ornery all night

* Is it possible the Patriots are better without Mayo and Ridley?


* The last two games against the Colts, LeGarrette Blount and Jonas Gray ran for a combined 365 yards and 8 TD’s
Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: No Piped in Crowd Noise This Time »

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1. Patriots Preview:

* Tight ends always scare me against the Patriots – Fleener – 22 catches / 4 TD

* TY Hilton is on pace for 100 catches / 1,666 yards

* They have 24 sacks to opponents 14 (six guys have at least three)

* Adam Vinatieri is 20 for 20 this year (that makes him and Gostkowski 44 for 45)

* Colts TD passes per game – Manning 1.92 / Luck 1.75 / Unitas 1.39

* Best draft pick – Raymond Berry – 232nd in 1954 – hall of famer Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: I’m Sick of Night Games »

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Have you seen Bruins forward Seth Griffith’s goal against the New Jersey Devils Monday night? In just his fourth career goal, Griffith goes behind-the-back and between-the-legs to score and break a 2-2 tie:

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Doug Clough

Some people have all the luck. One such person is fifty-three-year-old ironworker, Doug Clough. Doug is a native of Deerfield, Massachusetts, but now resides in Medford. He’s a lifelong Patriots fan. Earlier this NFL season, Doug heard a FanDuel advertisement on the radio and thought, “I’ll give this a try.” And he won. The first time he ever played any sort of fantasy sport, ever—he won.

It is one thing to have “beginner’s luck.” Before I spoke with Doug I didn’t think it was possible to be that lucky. If merely qualifying for the FanDuel Championship with zero previous fantasy sports experience wasn’t enough, Doug’s story has another wrinkle. He qualified for the FanDuel Championship in week 6, among the players he used were Tom Brady, Brandon LaFell and Brandon Lloyd. In his words, “I just picked who I liked. There wasn’t anything analytical about it.” Continue reading Medford’s FanDuel Champion: Doug Clough »

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Connellys Top Ten: Victory!

November 3, 2014 at 7:29am in Featured, Now!, Top Story

Everything is Misc:

-  You know those commercial properties that no matter what business goes in there it fails – that’s the Jets

- From ESPN - Cardinals 15-3 last 18 games

- Pats 73-0 at home when leading at halftime

- Ravens vs Steelers was the Longest Yard except both teams were the convicts

- Is it possible that Gostkowski is as good as Vinatieri? Continue reading Connellys Top Ten: Victory! »

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