Mike Napoli

1. Red Sox:

* Red Sox are 8-7 against first place teams

* Red Sox last two years at home – 53-68

* Harmon Killebrew must have rolled in his grave watching Hanley hook a one handed home run into the Monster Seats – hmmm.

* Red Sox are now 60-1 odds to win the World Series (wouldn’t that be an interesting bet)

* Carols Correa is looking like a young A-Rod (see below)

* Victorino played back to back games, leaving him just 2,630 games short of Cal Ripken’s streak

* I’m gonna say that sleep deprivation was not the cause of Napoli’s bad season last year

* This weekend’s absurd game times: 4:01 / 3:02 / 4:23

* We’ve said this before – when you’re making as much as Porcello and playing as bad – why not set up a foundation in which for every non quality start – that night’s pay goes to a local charity

* Holt, Pedroia, Betts and Bogaerts are hitting a combined .296 / Ortiz, Napoli and Craig are hitting .204 Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: USA Women, Red Sox Bore Astros into Submission »

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1. Red Sox:

* Hope the Elias Sports Bureau comes up with stats for pitchers who walk seven and record a win – like Miley / Miley got the win and only threw 55% strikes

* The papers were doing a count down for catcher Ryan Hanigan like he was Roy Campanella – the guy is hitting .211 and thrown out 23% of the runners (Leon has thrown out over 50%)

* Top three hitters Thursday night were 11-18 for the Sox

* Can the bottom of the Red Sox lineup be any worse athletes: Hanigan, Hanley, Panda, Ortiz, Napoli

2. Around baseball:

* Stephen Drew is hitting .171 over his last 501 at bats for which he has been paid $15mm

* A’s shortstop Marcus Semien is on a pace for 51 errors this year Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: 1812 Overture Rendition of the Top Ten »

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(Internet meme. Not sure of original origin)

1. Red Sox – Bill James Predictions:

* Shane Victorino…Prediction – 129 games / Actual pace – 43

* Mookie Betts…….Prediction – 40 stolen bases / Actual pace – 25 stolen bases

* Pablo Sandoval…..Prediction – 18 HR / 82 RBI / Actual pace – 15 HR / 55 RBI

* Ortiz…………………Prediction  – 32 HR / 102 RBI / Actual pace – 25 HR / 74 RBI

* Napoli………………Prediction –  23 HR / 72 RBI / Actual pace – 21 HR / 61 RBI

2. In the same week – the Bruins and Celtics struck out at the draft:

* Bruins – Dougie Hamilton trade – USA Today – “No one believes they got enough for Hamilton” Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Down Draft »

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1. Red Sox:

* Napoli two hits – trade him

* Buchholz good start Wednesday night – trade him

* Jackie Bradley, who was robbed of the Gold Glove last year, two hits and threw another run out at the plate – give him right field and 200 at bats

* Think about a line up next year with Betts, Holt, Vazquez, Bradley, Bogaerts make a combined $3mm and then Pedroia, Sandoval, Ortiz and Hanley making $70mm.

* When you have to send Rusney Castillo and Joe Kelly down to Pawtucket in the same week – someone should lose their job

* The Red Sox are on pace to win 70 games – that means over the last four years – three of those years are the worst in the last FIFTY years. (70-92 – 2015 / 71-91 – 2014 / 69-93 – 2012) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Hank Finkel – Celtics Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You »

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1. Red Sox:

* A Father’s Day gift to desperate Sox fans – 12 extra base hits

* Wade Miley a Dice K like performance over six shutout innings

* How come I feel when Hanley makes a catch they should stop the game and give him the ball

* Why is De Aza getting at bats over Jackie Bradley Jr?

* Does Uehara really need work in a 13-0 game?

* Hitting over .300 in June – Betts, Holt, Pedroia, Sandoval, Bogaerts, Hanley

* Sox are on pace to win less than 70

* Red Sox failed challenges (46% in 2014 – 63% in 2015)

* I’m not a big Ortiz guy but that umpire should be sanctioned for looking for a fight after he missed two pitches in Ortiz’s at bat (Ortiz is paid to stay in games – also he pushed Farrell) – umpire Drekman calls balls out of the strike zone strikes 16.67% of time Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Celebrate Solstice Day »

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1. Red Sox:

* You know it’s bad when Atlanta intentionally walks .231 hitting David Ortiz to get to your $20mm cleanup hitter Hanley Ramirez

* How silly do you feel if you have a Red Sox license plate or even worse tattoo?

* Could Cherrington trade Hanley, Panda and Porcello to the Dodgers – we will throw in Nick Punto again

* Panda tweeting during the game – right back to chicken and beer in the clubhouse. No respect for their great fortune. Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Panda Working His Magic in the John »

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Boston sports frustration

Dear Beloved Boston Sports Fans,

In case you haven’t noticed, the Boston sports teams are all in a state of disarray. The Red Sox are quickly becoming the laughing stock of Major League Baseball with one of the highest payrolls in the league and a collection of underperforming players.

The only bright spot on the team thus far has to be the emergence of left handed pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez. Since being called up on May 29th against the Texas Rangers, Rodriguez has posted impressive numbers by going 2-0 with a microscopic 0.44 era and 21 strikeouts.

In probably the most disappointing team of the year, the Boston Bruins have to make some much needed changes this offseason. It started with Peter Chiarelli departing for Edmonton and hiring Assistant General Manager Don Sweeney to General Manager. The team also decided to part ways with Carl Soderberg. Recent trade speculation has been swirling around that defenseman Dougie Hamilton is seeking a deal worth up to $8 million per season, which may be too rich for the Bruins’ taste and a possible trading partner could be no other than Chiarelli and the Edmonton Oilers, as stated by Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.

Even though the Celtics made the playoffs this year, they may have been better off going into the lottery as they are trying to reposition themselves in the draft to get a higher selection. They have four draft choices this year. They are unlikely to keep all of those picks, as they will be looking for trading partners or use a few on European players and stash them overseas for a few years. Even though a man appearing to be LaMarcus Aldridge was spotted at Logan Airport last week, it is likely that he will sign with a team from Texas, according to ESPN’s Ric Bucher. It will be interesting to see what Danny Ainge has up his sleeve this summer, but if they keep to this model, it will be a few years until they can seriously go themselves serious contenders and out of the purgatory which is being mediocre in the NBA.

The Patriots have made a lot more noise off the field than they would have preferred. Star quarterback Tom Brady could potentially miss up to four games and they have released their first three starting cornerbacks in Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner, and Kyle Arrington respectively. Longtime staple in the defensive line, Vince Wilfork, has moved on to play for the Texans. The Patriots will also have to forfeit a 2016 first round pick and 2017 fourth round pick. The Patriots have to turn to second-year quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to fill the void of Brady’s absence.

In order of fan base confidence, it has to be the Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and last and certainly least, the Red Sox. One might feel as though the Bruins and Celtics can be interchangeable based on the number of draft assets that Danny Ainge has to work with and the high volume of question marks surrounding this Bruins team. The two that are not debatable, however, are the Patriots and Red Sox. The Patriots are coming off of a Super Bowl win. Albeit difficult to repeat in the NFL, it anyone can do it, it is Bill Belichick and the Patriots, especially in a weak AFC Conference. As John Breech of CBSSports.com noted, the Patriots have the 11th easiest schedule in the league.

It is tough to look someone in the eye these days and say that you have confidence in these Red Sox. They blew a 7-run lead to the Toronto Blue Jays last night, which is nothing short of an embarrassment. Take into account the clubhouse, especially Wade Miley’s meltdown with John Farrell in Baltimore Thursday night. As a fan, you always want your team to succeed. However, this team doesn’t deserve to win the way they have been playing.

It is an interesting time to be a fan in Boston with a lot more question marks than answers. Hopefully they will be in our favor sooner rather than later.

John O’Callaghan, an objective Boston Sports Fan

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