With a one-point victory, Turkey moves on to the Quarterfinals. (Gary M. Stolz/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

The Round of 16 is over. Spain and the United States each moved on, while Greece couldn’t stay undefeated. Three other games were decided by no more than five points. It was a tough round for the countries involved, but since all our experts picked the same winners, it didn’t matter for us.

Still, there’s plenty of time left for someone to make a move in the standings. Updated results are below, and be sure to check back on Tuesday for the quarterfinal picks. Continue reading 2014 FIBA World Cup Expert Picks: Round of 16 Results »

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1. Patriots Review:


* Patriots are now 1-2 after trading a team leader the weeks before the opener

* No Hoodie

* Brady could have got 15 yards for leading with the helmet on Gronk after Gronk’s TD

* Blocked punts and stuff like that usually don’t happen to the Patriots

* Might need to make Dante Scarnecchia a Godfather offer to comeback


* I think Josh McDaniels is the most overrated play caller in the game (any level). ALSO, I will break my TV this year watching him and Brady sitting together on the bench like no one else will sit with them at lunch looking at pictures on the sideline and not figuring it out! Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Passive Patriots get Bitc* Slapped in South Beach »

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Mexico just made it into the knockout stage, but has the unenviable task of taking on the Americans in the Round of 16. (wwe.com)

The knockout stage is here. Things kick off with Mexico looking to down the United States, a most unenviable task. Fellow unbeatens Spain and Greece face Senegal and Serbia respectively, with some great action in between.

For the knockout stage, picking a winner successfully is worth two points. Not that it matters at all now, because all eight games featured unanimous winners. But with eight competitors remaining after the Round of 16, there’s still plenty of time left.

Check below for who we all picked to win each game, and come back when the first knockout round is over for updated point totals. Continue reading 2014 FIBA World Cup Expert Picks: Round of 16 »

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Greece impressed as one of three unbeaten teams; how far can they take it? (http://www.greek-mythology-pantheon.com/)

The group stage is over in the World Cup, and to nobody’s surprise, the United States cruised. Spain also moved through handily, but what nobody saw combing was how well Greece did, winning all five games and helping push group favorite Argentina all the way down to third place. At least one team in each group made it through with a losing record as well, so it was a tough race for many teams.

With similar picks, our Pick ‘Em is neck-and-neck, so far relying on bonus points from picking the correct place finishers to open up leads. The results so far are below, and be sure to come back Saturday for the Round of 16 selections. Continue reading 2014 FIBA World Cup Pick ‘Em: Group Stage Results »

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1. Patriots Preview:

* Gronk over under on regular season games played 11 (under)

* Games Kraft is showed in – over / under 15 (easy I go over – although NFL Network has them on 10/16 and they snubbed him last year)

* Hoodies worn Over / Under 11 (I go under)

* Ridley fumbles Over / Under 5 (I go under)

* Brady sacked – 35 (Over)

* Second Leading Receiver Dobson, Gronk, Amendola, Wright (I go Wright)

* Leading yards from backfield (I go Vereen, Ridley then White)

* Average blood alcohol of Patriot fan 0.10 (I’m going over)

* Average blood alcohol of Patriot mascot 0.20 (I’m going over)

* Times after a sack the announcers talk about Dante Scarnecchia – 3 (over)

* Go 12-4 and Reeves makes us remember Mike Haynes, Raymond Clayborn and Ty Law all in one!

* Browner over / under on personal fouls 6 (over) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Are You Ready for Some Football! »

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2014 NFL Expert Picks

September 4, 2014 at 10:25pm in Featured, NFL, Now!, Opinion, Patriots
The 2014 NFL season is shaping up to be a blast. (http://i2.cdn.turner.com/)

The NFL Season is finally underway. The Seahawks are ready to start defending their title, while plenty of other teams will look to get in their way. Denver looks to rejoin them for a Super Bowl rematch; we’ll see if anyone can stop their powerful offense.

For the season, we’re here to bring our picks as to how the season will go. Denver and New England are getting plenty of love again, while the Seahawks have pretenders to their top status in the NFC. Otherwise, a lot of teams look to jockey for position from there.

Scoring in our Pick ‘Em is as follows:

  • Successfully picking a team to make the playoffs is one point, or two points for a correct division winner pick instead.
  • Successfully the #1 seed in each conference exactly is worth six points, then five points for #2, and so on.
  • Successfully picking which #1 seed will wind up with the NFL’s best record is worth two points.
  • In the event of a tie, we’ll also be picking which team will wind up with the draft’s #1 pick, then #2 pick, then #3 pick.

So now that that’s out of the way, the complete picks are below. Look them over, and check back when the season is complete for the results. Continue reading 2014 NFL Expert Picks »

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Former Patriot Wes Welker reportedly will be suspended for apparently taking Molly at the Kentucky Derby, sources say. (AP/MassLive)

When advertisements asked me “Are you ready for some football?”, I thought I could answer with an unequivocal and resounding “YES!”

Turns out I was wrong, because I was not mentally prepared for the NFL news that broke on Tuesday.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker will be suspended four games by the NFL for violating the league’s drug policy. Reports indicate his suspension stems from a positive test for amphetamines, which multiple sources claim are from Welker taking Molly at the Kentucky Derby.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you read that sentence again.

Continue reading Former Patriot WR Welker Suspended 4 Games for Doing Molly? »

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