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Week 3 Preview: Raiders at Patriots, Sept. 21, 2014

By on September 21, 2014 at 3:00am
Tom Brady has been unhappy with the offense's performance this season (Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports). Tom Brady has been unhappy with the offense's performance this season (Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports).

After a solid performance in Minnesota last week, the Patriots will try to continue their momentum against the woeful Oakland Raiders. The Pats defense had no problem dominating veteran quarterback Matt Cassel, and they have a chance to do the exact same to Raiders rookie Derrick Carr on Sunday.

Here’s what we’ll be watching for in the Patriots 2014 home opener.

Airing it Out

The New England offense only scored 16 “true” offensive points last week, and they’ll need to show some improvement on Sunday. Tom Brady was visibly disappointed in the offense’s performance in Minnesota, and this week could be a chance for Brady and his receiving core to create some chemistry. Continue reading Week 3 Preview: Raiders at Patriots, Sept. 21, 2014 »

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Darrelle Revis shutdown Vikings WR Greg Jennings. (Brace Hemmelgarn, USA TODAY Sports)

Before focus shifts to this Sunday’s match-up with the Raiders, let’s take a look back at the Patriots performance in Minnesota.

As will be the case throughout the season, I’ve reviewed the All-22 footage and given each players a grade on a +/- scale.

Mediocre Offense

The Patriots scored just 16 “true” offensive points on Sunday. 14 of the team’s 30 points came from Chandler Jones’ blocked FG, and Devin McCourty’s INT (which was returned to the 1-yard-line).

The pass-protection was much improved upon from a week ago, but the offense as a whole lacked pop. Continue reading Week 2 Film Review: Patriots at Vikings »

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With one more RBI this season, David Ortiz will become #1 in the Red Sox record books with eight straight 30 HR, 100 RBI seasons in Boston. (Huffington Post)

10 games and counting. That is all that is left in this abomination of a season for the Boston Red Sox. This is my #100happydays submission — that 2014 is kindly petering out and I can start looking forward to next season.

But unfortunately, there are still games left and I can’t distract myself with other Boston sports in the meantime, because the New England Patriots have the audacity to play only once a week. So I’m going to put myself through an exercise in futility and try to justify why I’m watching the Red Sox in their final September death throes.

Rusney Castillo had his first major league hit in his Wednesday night debut (success!), while Clay Buchholz didn’t find his Cy Young form (4 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 1.75 WHIP = fail). Tonight, I’m hoping to see David Ortiz top Ted Williams in the Red Sox record books. Continue reading Why Watch the Red Sox? David Ortiz Poised to Top the Record Books »

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2014 NFL Betting Tips: Week 3

September 18, 2014 at 3:00am in Featured, NFL, Opinion, Top Story
Peyton Manning

Week two of the NFL was a nice bounce back week for me. There were a couple big upsets with the New Orleans Saints falling to the Cleveland Browns in the final seconds of the game, and the Chicago Bears coming back from a 17-0 deficit to defeat the San Francisco 49ers. I went 3-1 picking games last week with my only slip up being the Tennessee Titans. The Bears, New England Patriots and New York Jets all covered its games. My record on the season is now an even 4-4, and we look to keep the trend of picking winners to continue in week three.

No.1: Denver Broncos (+5) over the Seattle Seahawks

The last time Denver was matched up against Seattle, they were in Super Bowl XLVIII, and were thoroughly embarrassed 43-8. The Broncos have been waiting for this game since February, 2nd of 2014. Denver will look to redeem itself in a major way, and there is no better place to do that than in the home of the reigning Super Bowl champion. Continue reading 2014 NFL Betting Tips: Week 3 »

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Get your free money!

If the title of this article makes no sense to you, please review my earlier post, weekly fantasy strategy. My goal over the remaining 15 weeks of the NFL schedule is to provide insight to the best deals and values of weekly fantasy players.

Typically you are allotted $50,000 in fake money to draft your weekly team. Divided among the typical 9 roster slots thats means on average you can spend $5,555 per player. However, if you use my advice and find some cheaper, or high upside options, then you will have more excess money to spend on top tier players.

Continue reading Redraft King: Weekly Fantasy Football Advice for Week 3 »

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There isn't much left to watch for the 2014 Red Sox, but Clay Buchholz finding himself in the next two weeks (off in the distance, maybe?) could be a big boost for next season. (Boston.com)

In case you missed it, the Baltimore Orioles clinched their first division title since 1997 yesterday with a 8-2 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. It was pretty easy to miss because the Red Sox were eliminated from any sort of playoff contention weeks ago, and are so far back in the American League East (24 games, to be precise) that you need to squint through a pair of binoculars to see who’s in first.

Nonetheless, the Patriots don’t play again until Sunday, so I’m going to put myself through an exercise in futility and try to justify why I’m watching the Red Sox in their final September death throes. Yesterday we covered the arrival of Rusney Castillo, who debuts tonight. If that still isn’t enough to convince you, I have one more reason to watch the Red Sox tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates: the starting pitcher, who needs to heed Eminem’s advice and have the real Clay Buchholz please stand up.

Continue reading Why Watch the Red Sox? For the Real Clay Buchholz to Please Stand Up »

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Since trading Randy Moss early in the 2010, the one question that has persisted for the Patriots offense is the lack of a deep threat wide receiver. When New England drafted Aaron Dobson in 2013, they took a player they believed would solve that issue. He was inconsistent in a rookie campaign that saw him make big plays (81 yard touchdown catch vs. Pittsburgh) and some frustrating drops, especially early in the season. Despite averaging 14 yards a catch he was not a consistent game changer his rookie year. Dobson was also not on the field throughout 2013 as he had a foot injury that required offseason surgery.

The injury carried over into 2014 causing Dobson to miss most of training camp and the first game against Miami. In his first active game against Minnesota, Dobson was quiet. He only had one catch for 13 yards and when Tom Brady did look deep, it was in the direction of Julian Edelman. Continue reading Why Aaron Dobson Could Hold the Key to the Patriots Offense »

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