The Celtics have the best playoff odds of the four teams they're battling, but who will they face in round 1?

After their win against the Pistons, the Celtics keep inching towards a playoff spot. The Green currently sit in seventh place in the East with four games to go, by virtue of holding the tiebreaker over Brooklyn. Their magic number to clinch a playoff spot is four (any combination of Boston wins and Indiana/Miami losses). There is still a small chance that the Celtics could get up as high as the six seed, but will most likely finish as either seventh or eighth in the Eastern Conference. Therefore that leaves three teams as possible first round playoff opponents: Atlanta, Cleveland or Toronto.

Possible Match-Up: #1 Atlanta Hawks vs #8 Boston Celtics

Role reversal from the 2008 playoffs! Back then the Celtics had the number one seed and the Hawks had just clawed and scratched their way into the playoffs with a 37-45 record (a possible record for this year’s Celtics), and guess what? The Hawks were able to push the eventual champion Celtics all the way to seven games in an exciting first round. Now, I’m not saying that just because the tables are turned that Boston could do that this year. That series in 2008 was a bit of an odd one with the Celtics unable to perform on the road in the playoffs. Every game in Boston was completely one sided where the games in Atlanta were close match-ups that the soon-to-be champs just couldn’t close out. The Celtics are 1-2 against the Hawks this year, but if they met in the playoffs it would be a completely different Celtics team. Continue reading Who Would You Rather See the Celtics Play in the Playoffs? »

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Ryan Spooner (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

The Bruins dropped a tough one last night against the Washington Capitals, unable to figure out Braden Holtby who’s been doing his Ken Dryden impression all season long against the Bruins. Seriously, the Bruins didn’t score one goal against the Capitals this year.

The Bruins now hold the 8th seed (second Wild Card spot), although they’re tied with the Senators in points with 95. They own the tie breaker because of the head to head match-up, but this won’t be an easy week. One good thing is that the schedule works in our favor. The Bruins play the Panthers and Lightning, both of whom we’ve done well against this season. Ottawa, on the other hand, has to play the Rangers and Flyers, and neither of those are easy match-ups. Continue reading Playoff Outlook and Bruins Weekly Roundup »

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2015 MLB Expert Picks

April 7, 2015 at 7:58pm in Featured, MLB, Now!, Opinion, Red Sox
Jon Lester headlined a free agent class that saw more than a few big names change teams, with trades sure to come in time. (David Banks/Getty Images)

Baseball season is finally here, with a game in the books. Lots of offseason moves were made, especially with top pitchers, but just before the games got underway, San Diego acquired elite closer Craig Kimbrel and pricey outfielder Melvin Upton (formerly BJ, who rejoins his brother Justin) from Atlanta in a rare right-before-the-season deal.

All the moving made it a real possibility that last year’s playoff bracket could get shaken up quite a bit this year. Seattle and San Diego made plenty of acquisitions to bolster needs, and it’s making them trendy picks. Ditto for the Red Sox. As for the likes of Baltimore, Kansas City and San Francisco, who lost some key pieces, it’s tougher to see how the losses will affect them, especially with the teams around them in their divisions also having to be considered.

But that’s the fun of picking winners and losers as the season begins, and that’s why we’re here. Scoring is as before:

  • Correctly guessing a team to make the playoffs is worth one point, or two points for guessing a division winner instead.
  • Correctly guessing which team will finish #1 in each league is worth five points, then four points for #2, and so on.
  • Correctly guessing which #1 seed will finish with MLB’s best record is worth two points.
  • In the event of a tie, we’ll also be guessing which team will finish with MLB’s worst record, then second-worst, then third.

So check below for everyone’s picks, and be sure to come back at season’s end for the results. Continue reading 2015 MLB Expert Picks »

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Current Personnel: Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan, Kyle Arrington, Alfonzo Dennard, Robert McClain, Chimdi Chekwa, Bradley Fletcher, Justin Green

Need Level: Moderate-High

Possible Fits: Jalen Collins (LSU), Doran Grant (OSU), Alex Carter (Stanford), Cam Thomas (Western Kentucky)

The Patriots have gone from one of the league’s best secondary’s to having the cornerback position. Their two key departures, Brandon Browner and all-world Darrelle Revis, have caused them to now potentially need to address the position in this year’s draft. Continue reading Patriots 2014-2015 Position Review: Cornerback »

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Clay Buchholz is the Opening Day starter for the Red Sox, hopefully with a few more fist pumps than his counterpart Cole Hamels. (CBS Sports)

Summer is coming.

The 2015 Major League Baseball season kicked off Sunday night, and the Boston Red Sox will follow Monday afternoon with their season opener against the Philadelphia Phillies. As exciting as the prospect of real, regular season baseball season is (this is me for the past week), the Red Sox starting pitching situation is exactly the opposite.

After losing the Jon Lester sweepstakes to the midwestern Red Sox (aka Chicago Cubs), the Red Sox never did get a big ticket name to lead their pitching staff. Instead, in an announcement surprising no one, Clay Buchholz will be the Opening Day starter for the Red Sox. Opposite him for the Phillies? Cole Hamels, ironically.

Continue reading Red Sox Kick Off 2015 Season with Buchholz as “Ace” »

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Celtics a Playoff Threat?

April 3, 2015 at 6:10pm in Celtics, Featured, Opinion
Avery Bradley may have been making that face for hitting the shot to put the Celtics up three with seven seconds left, but he may as well have been wondering why one Celtic fan would stab another in a big win Wednesday night. (Boston Globe)

With seven games left on the Boston Celtics schedule, they sit with a 34-41 record, and are tied with the Miami Heat for the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference, (the C’s are placed ninth due to tiebreakers). The Celts are also only a 0.5 game behind the seventh seeded Brooklyn Nets, and are three games behind the sixth seeded Milwaukee Bucks. When the dust settles, I believe the C’s are going to find themselves in the NBA Playoffs. The question is do they pose a threat to upset one of the upper echelon teams in the east?

I am not going to be a Celtics pessimist, but the answer to that question is no. Boston will most likely be the seventh or eighth seed if they are a part of the playoff picture, and that means they will be matched up against the Atlanta Hawks or Cleveland Cavaliers. As it stands now, most experts pick the Cavs to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals, despite Atlanta being 7.5 games ahead of Cleveland in the standings. I think whether the Celts are matched up against the Hawks or Cavs, the C’s will be eliminated in five or six games. I now do think it is more beneficial for Boston to make the playoffs rather than be back in the lottery. Continue reading Celtics a Playoff Threat? »

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Current Personnel: Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung, Duron Harmon, Tavon Wilson, Nate Ebner

Need Level: Moderate-Low

Possible Fits: James Sample (Louisville), Jordan Richards (Stanford), Ibraheim Campbell (Northwestern), Nick Perry (Alabama)

New England has one of the best safeties in the league on one side of their secondary and relatively average play on the other. This could make for an interesting draft for them. Continue reading Patriots 2014-15 Position Review: Safety »

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