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Adjustments. Adjusting. Adjust. This was the overused word uttered by Red Sox owner, John Henry, during Tuesday’s press conference.

Prognosis: Delusional

Is he watching the same team that the rest of us are?

He could not have been more vague when it came down to what management is trying to do to combat what seems like 2014 all over again. Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington was not the problem, said Henry, and that he’s going to be with the club for “a long time” to come despite having liquidated all of our top pitching for what management thought would be power hitting in Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. Fans should blame ownership, Henry said. Done and Done.

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(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

It’s safe to say that the 2015 season has been a disappointment for the Red Sox so far. We’re sitting below .500 and now sit in last place in the weak AL East. Night in and night out something has always seemed to go wrong; it is a team has showed no consistency. At the start of the year it was the pitching that plagued the Red Sox. Right when those problems were seemingly solved and the pitching staff was finally stringing together solid outing, the team went on the West Coast road trip and the hitting slumped.

The recent awakenings of Napoli and Pedey have aided the winning cause, but the lineup from top to bottom continues to underwhelm. Recently the Red Sox have simply been unable to get the job done in key situations. It seems like when the pitching staff throws well the bats slump, and when the team score a couple runs early in the game the pitchers fail to hold the lead. Its been invigorating for Red Sox Mation, as this team has failed to demonstrate a winning mentality. Continue reading Red Sox Needs: Move Hanley Ramirez to 1B, Acquire True Ace »

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Who will the select Celtics select in the 2015 NBA draft?

The 2015 NBA draft is fast approaching, with the lottery the focus of the conversation, the Celtics are looking to scratch up some talent to go with the youthful squad already in place. Everyone knows the Celtics have multiple picks, that they have, in a sense, ‘blown it up’ and are rebuilding, but how many picks do they have and where do they fall? The boys in green have the numbers 16, 28, 33, and 45 picks. The C’s had no ping pong balls in the draft lottery because, unlike the New York Knicks who tanked to get the fourth pick, and the Philadelphia 76ers who are just plain bad and landed the third pick in the draft, they played with pride and gave our great Boston sports fans something to cheer about.

The C’s squeaked into the playoffs as a seven seed to face the, now finals-bound, Cleveland Cavaliers. Continue reading NBA Draft 2015: Who Do the Celtics Have Their Sights Set On? »

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It should have been the Red Sox enjoying a victory on Sunday, but it seems all that can go wrong, will go wrong, and so the Rangers celebrated a walk-off win instead. (@Rangers)

It’s so ridiculous, so unbelievable, that it’s almost laughable how many ways the Red Sox are finding to lose.


After Eduardo Rodriguez gave the team a lift with a dazzling performance and desperately needed win, it was easy to envision that as a turning point that energized and rallied the team to a string of wins.

Instead, the Red Sox promptly lost their next three games to the Texas Rangers to fall to 22-29 and grab an even more emphatic hold on last place in the AL East. They are the Murphy’s law of baseball teams. Continue reading Dropkick Murphys Law: How Many Ways Can the Red Sox Find to Lose? »

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After shutting down the Texas Rangers, Eduardo Rodriguez is due to receive more "spot starts." (Boston Globe)

I hope the Red Sox can get a refund on that return ticket to Pawtucket.

After the major league debut of Eduardo Rodriguez, called up from AAA Pawtucket for a presumed spot start, he won’t be going anywhere.

That’s how good the 22-year-old was in tossing 7.2 shutout innings against the Texas Rangers in Globe Life Park in Arlington. Welcome to the big leagues, Eduardo. Now where can I get your #52 jersey? Continue reading Eduardo Rodriguez Dazzles in Red Sox Debut »

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David Ortiz has been emblematic of the Red Sox this season; such high hopes, but so little to show for it. The hard truth is, things may not get any better. (Boston Globe)

It seems we Red Sox fans are all waiting for the other shoe to drop: for GM Ben Cherington to make that all-in trade to improve the pitching staff, for the offense to start hitting, for the Red Sox to start winning, for God’s sake.

But have we ever stopped to consider that the Red Sox just might plain and simple suck? Continue reading You Know the Red Sox Suck When… »

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The recent acquisition of right-handed pitcher John Cornely from the Atlanta Braves in exchange for cash considerations begs a big question. Why are the Red Sox content to purchase pitchers only to place these players in the minors?

1) Would it not be better to spend money on pitchers that can help the team at the major league level? 2) If Major League Baseball had a salary cap like the National Football League, would the same decisions be made about pitching acquisitions? Continue reading Red Sox Acquire RHP John Cornely, Another Arm for Minors »

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