David Ortiz Infield Shift

There has been a spike in the use of defensive shifts across Major League Baseball this season, as explored in this article from ESPN the Magazine.

Teams recognize the tendencies of opposing hitters, and utilize the shift to expose those tendencies, such as left-handed hitters pulling pitches to the right side of the infield. Shifts are complicated, and we often see their use dictated by the situation in the game, such as the number of runners on base or even the score. Continue reading Why Aren’t MLB Pitchers Using the Shift? »

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Tip your cap, Grady Sizemore - your time with the Red Sox has come to an end. (Boston Herald)

Attempting to make a comeback after injuries forced a two-year hiatus from professional baseball, Grady Sizemore was the feel-good story of spring training for the Boston Red Sox.

Three months later, that good will is long gone.

The Red Sox designated Sizemore for assignment on Tuesday after the former All-Star managed to hit just .216/.288/.324 in  52 games, striking out 41 times against just 19 walks. The move also came with Sizemore 20 at bats away from collecting a $250,000 performance bonus, and 12 days away from receiving another $250,000 roster bonus.

Coincidence? I think not. Continue reading Did Red Sox DFA Sizemore Just to Avoid $500K in Bonuses? »

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Brock Holt

Is there anything Brock Holt can’t do?

Seriously, this is starting to border on the ridiculous. It’s crazy enough that he leads the Boston Red Sox with a .338 batting average after notching another multi-hit game (2-for-4) and scoring both runs in Tuesday night’s 2-1 win over the Minnesota Twins.

But now he’s making highlight reel catches in his first professional start in center field, just a few games after making the transition to the outfield in general? Come on. Continue reading Video: Brock Holt Saves the Day (Again) with Web Gem »

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(photo courtesy via thewhistle.com)

Well, would they? I mean Zdeno Chara has been far and away the best defensemen on the Boston’s squad and has been a top five defender since he joined the black and gold. However, keep in mind that the Chara is on the wrong side of 30 (37), and is set to make 7 million bucks next year. Plus, Chara seemed a bit slow and tired the last few playoffs, however he also has a very strong case to win the Norris trophy again for the best defensemen in the game.

So, what would the ramifications be with this trade? Who might the Bruins ultimately get?


Chances are teams that are interested in Chara are teams yearning for a Stanley Cup and are missing that key addition to make that big run. The Bruins can acquire some major talent if the Bruins were to pull the trigger, but let’s just focus two theoretical trades: Continue reading Would the Bruins Ever Trade Zdeno Chara? »

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Introducing your 2015 Stanley Cup champions…The Boston Bruins. Well at least that is what the odds makers at vegasinsider.com seem to believe.

Not ones to revel in the past, Vegas bookmakers have released their odds for the 2015 Stanley Cup champions a mere three days after the Los Angeles Kings hoisted the vaunted trophy after defeating the New York Rangers in five games.

Well the Bruins aren’t favored outright to win the cup. If Vegas odds makers are right, they will be playing the Chicago Blackhawks in the finals, in which case it’s a coin toss as to who wins. Both Boston and Chicago are currently 8:1 favorites to win the cup. Continue reading Lord Stanley to Return to Boston in 2015, According to Las Vegas »

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"Pro Wrestling," NES

The NBA Finals are over. Miami’s three-peat dreams are dashed, and San Antonio has crushed Miami in five games for some well-earned revenge. Even those who predicted San Antonio as champions didn’t see such a dominant performance coming. And instead of speaking about nothing, Coach Gregg Popovich answered two post-Game 5 questions on the floor with a total of five words; won’t it be great if that catches on?

With such a surprise performance, guessing the winner of the series was the only way to gain points in our Pick ‘Em’s final round. But it was worth four points to do so, which meant plenty. And on that note, the winner of the 2014 NBA Playoffs Pick ‘Em is… Continue reading 2014 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: NBA Finals Results »

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Brock Holt courtesy of ESPN.com

“Who is this Brock Holt guy,” I, and many other Red Sox fans asked ourselves back in mid-May. He sounds like a superhero. The name ‘Brock Holt’ has a lot of pizzazz. Like Peter Parker, Clark Kent, or Bruce Wayne. I will admit that I wrongfully dismissed him, “Ehh, he’s probably just some fill-in prospect.”

May 17, 2014 doesn’t seem like an important day for the Red Sox. But, that day marked the start of Brock Holt becoming a regular fixture on the Boston Red Sox lineup card. During the forgettable loss, Brock Holt batted 9th, had no hits and only saw seven total pitches over three at bats, a very mild-mannered performance. But like any intriguing comic book superhero, Brock had to show his vulnerability before dawning the cape.

Continue reading Brock Holt: Baseball Player or Superhero? »

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