Tom Brady surpasses 50,000 yards for his career and leads the Patriots to a 20-3 halftime lead against the Cincinnati Bengals. (USA Today)

“Brady! Brady! Brady!”

That chant by the home crowd at Gillette Stadium tells you all you need to know about the first half of the Sunday Night Football contest between the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals.

After getting trampled last Monday night by the Kansas City Chiefs, the Patriots have been a completely different team so far on Sunday night, jumping out to a 20-3 lead at halftime. The offense already has 16 first downs, three more than in four quarters in Week 4, and 256 total yards, nearly as much as last week. Tom Brady accounted for 153 yards in the air, including a 27-yard pass to tight end Rob Gronkowski to surpass 50,000 yards passing for his career.

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The New England Patriots get set to take on the Cincinnati Bengals in the Sunday Night Football spotlight, which for once I wish weren't the case. (

Normally when the New England Patriots play in prime time, I get all revved up for a big game on the national stage.

Living in New York City, it means I get to watch the game in the quiet of my own apartment, which I can shatter with epithets and flying objects or (more ideally) overwrought celebrations. It means I get focused analysis of the Patriots on national television, as if my team, my fandom is important (it’s not).

Tonight, when the Patriots take in the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday Night Football on NBC, will not be one of those games.

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Brandon Browner could see his first action as a Patriot this weekend after completing a four game suspension for a substance abuse violation.  At 6’4” and 221 pounds, Browner is hands down the biggest cornerback on the Patriots roster. He is also a strong, physical corner who produced at a high level while playing alongside Richard Sherman in Seattle. He is also an intimidating presence on the field which is something the Patriots have not had consistently since Rodney Harrison played his last snaps with the team in 2008.  Browner is presented with a similar situation in New England as he was in Seattle by getting the opportunity to play opposite Darrelle Revis.

There are two potential ways the Patriots could use Browner on defense. The first is to have Revis cover the opponent’s top receiver and Browner the number two. The Patriots could then have Devin McCourty provide help over the top to either one, choosing which corner to help more based on the match up. Revis’ elite skills as a cover corner, especially in press man coverage, would be able to be showcased and Browner’s physicality and intimidation would make the field that much smaller for the quarterback. Continue reading What to Expect From the Return of Brandon Browner »

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2014 NFL Betting Tips: Week 5

October 4, 2014 at 4:49pm in Featured, NFL, Now!, Opinion
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Well my so called “Lock” of last week could not have been any further from the truth, as The New England Patriots were thoroughly embarrassed by the Kansas City Chiefs 41-14 on Monday Night Football. I picked the Pats to win 30-21 on Monday, and my record is 6-7 overall. I am confident in bouncing back this week just like in week two of the NFL, (3-1 record in week 2).

Take the Washington Redskins (+7) over the Seattle Seahawks.

Washington is going to help redeem my debacle of a pick Monday night. The Skins are hosting the Seahawks on Monday Night Football this week, and Washington will be coming off 10 days of rest, (Seattle off a bye). Continue reading 2014 NFL Betting Tips: Week 5 »

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Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reported Wednesday night that second year receiver Aaron Dobson had been deactivated against Oakland and Kansas City because he “mouthed off” to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

This is yet another chapter in what was a frustrating September for the Patriots, especially on offense. Dobson is a player who could be an asset to New England with his speed and his ability to get open and not having him or a player like him on the field has clearly been a detriment to the offense. The offense has struggles to move the ball in all four games and not having every hand on deck has hurt. Continue reading Report: Aaron Dobson Benched for “Mouthing Off” »

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Redraft King: Week 5 2014 Advice

October 1, 2014 at 7:21pm in Fantasy, Featured, NFL, Opinion
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Before jumping into week 5, let’s see how I did week 4. I will be the first to say, my predictions saw marked improvement over week 3.

Week 4 Recap:

Turns out Jacksonville’s defense is as bad as expected. Anyone who played Phillip Rivers enjoyed his 377 passing yards and 3 TDs. Continue reading Redraft King: Week 5 2014 Advice »

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bleacher report

The New England Patriots are sitting at 2-2 following a blowout, 41-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night. The Chiefs were able to do anything they wanted against the Patriots throughout the game on both sides of the ball and they made the Patriots look like a cellar dweller instead of a perennial contender. Despite having two wins thus far, the Patriots have not looked good on both sides of the ball for an entire game to open the season. There are many causes for this, some with short term fixes and others with more long term questions. The three issues of focus that have come to mind are personnel, coaching, and fundamental play on the field.


The hallmark of the Patriots the past 14 years has been the ability to draft well, spend frugally, and cut bait with veteran players just as they were about to decline. Despite this reputation, the Patriots front office has been inconsistent for nearly eight years now, far removed from the 2000-2005 days when seemingly ever personnel move worked. Continue reading Patriot Problems: What Has Caused Poor Start to 2014 and What Can be Done to Fix It »

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