Malcolm Butler clinched the Patriots 4th Lombardi Trophy with this game winning interception. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Super Bowl XLIX lived up to the hype and then some. Sunday night saw the match-up of the two best teams in the NFL go down to the wire to decide the champion. Every snap counted and every second felt like an eternity, which is exactly how the Super Bowl is supposed to be. As expected, it was nothing like last season which saw the Seahawks embarrass Peyton Manning and best offense in NFL history by the score of 43-8. This game was different because the Patriots are simply better than the rest of the NFL. They have the best owner, the best coach, and now without a shadow of doubt they have the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, Tom Brady. Despite all that it still took an unknown rookie making an improbable play to win the game. That is exactly why they are the best team in the NFL.

- Malcolm Butler is now a New England legend. Even if he never made a good play the rest of his career, no one will ever forget his name. You can blame the play call all you went, and yes it was an awful call, but Malcolm still needed to make the play. He read the route perfectly and timed his break precisely leading to the game-saving interception. On the Seahawks previous drive he helped break up the Jermaine Kearse drop on third down which could have sealed the game for Seattle. Of course we can’t forget that on the play before he defended as good as he possibly could have and Kearse still made that ridiculous catch. It was fitting that Butler was the one to make the clutch play after yet another miraculous Super Bowl catch. Butler looked great in the preseason as a rookie and ended up working his way onto the active roster consistently by out-practicing Alfonzo Dennard. Once Dennard went on IR there was no more question that Butler was their number four corner. Thankfully their confidence in Butler paid the highest dividend imaginable, the Lombardi trophy. Continue reading Notes and Observations, Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots are Champions Again! »

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1. MISC:

* Six Patriot Super Bowls all decided by four points or less – yikes

* Third straight Super Bowl Brady handed his defense a lead with under four minutes to play (1-2 record)

* What’s the over under on snowballs thrown at Wednesday parade?

* What a beautiful day Monday – no work or school because of snow allowing all to stay home and watch media members squirm and justify

* I’m so pumped and jacked

2. Brady vs. Montana debate is a knock out:

* Brady 21-8 (.724) in playoffs – 53 TD to 26 INT /// Montana 16-7 (.696) 45 TD to 21 INT Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: The Day After… »

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"Pro Wrestling," NES

With an incredible game in the books, filled with circus catches and debatable play calling, the New England Patriots are Super Bowl champions. The Pats were down by 10 in the 4th quarter and came back, but still gave up multiple big plays to Seattle. And with nobody expecting a pass play, that could have been a great play call to end the game; it just didn’t happen to work out (maybe not lining up in the gun would have helped).

Such back-and-forth action really put our Pick ‘Em up for grabs. But when the dust settled and the Patriots had emerged victorious, who reigned supreme atop our standings? Without further ado, the winner of the 2014-2015 NFL Playoff Pick ‘Em is… Continue reading 2014-2015 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Super Bowl Results »

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1. MISC – You Mad Bro?

* Ya Baby! Might be my favorite championship.

* Blue hoodie with sleeves safe, strong call

* Giselle jinx? No more

* Classy – the Seattle and Patriot-haters booing Belichick during the National Anthem

* Anthem went over at 2:04 – two seconds over

* Bad omen – didn’t like them losing the coin toss and Seattle deferring

* Turnover battle is always the difference maker – not this time (1-2)

* Bruschi 7-0 as honorary captain

* I love that Patriot hater Kurt Warner brought the Super Bowl trophy up and handed it to Commish Goodell who tried to set up the Patriots to overcome his Ray Rice mess and then he had no choice but to hand it to Kraft!

* Just think ESPN picked the edge in coaching to Seattle – Pete Carroll’s staff made the worst play call in the SPORT’s history!

* Bill Belichick got one vote for Coach of the Year (three less than his rings)

* The Patriots might be hated but they couldn’t be classier in victory letting the win speak for itself Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: The Patriots Dynasty Lives! »

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The Patriots and Seahawks duke it out for the Lombardi Trophy on everybody's favorite day of the year, Puppy Bowl Sunday. (AP Photo/Animal Planet, Keith Barraclough)

Welcome to Super Bowl XLIX. The Patriots and Seahawks are ready to fight for the Championship in Arizona. Everything has come down to this one game, both for these two franchises and our panel of experts. With odds makers not making either team favored, it’s pretty much a pick the winner scenario. That caused a split in our panel in choosing whether the unstoppable force in New England’s offense or the immovable object in Seattle’s defense will emerge victorious.

There’s also a disagreement as to how high-scoring the game will be, though the passing attack is thought to give way somewhat with Marshawn Lynch and LeGarrette Blount giving an explosive element on the ground. And for the Super Bowl, in such a quarterback driven league, only one pick set has a quarterback as the game’s MVP.

Scoring will be largely as before, with the addition of choosing the game’s MVP. Furthermore, ALL POINTS WILL BE DOUBLED! In addition, in the event of a tie, we’ll also be guessing the length of the game’s longest drive, in minutes and seconds.

  • Successfully picking the winner of each game is worth four points.
  • Picking the total number of touchdowns scored by both teams COMBINED in each game is worth two points if guessed to within one, or four points if guessed exactly right.
  • Picking the MVP of the game is worth two points.
  • Picking the total number of yards thrown in each game by WHICHEVER quarterback throws the most is worth two points if guessed to within 50, or four points if guessed to within 10, or ten points if guessed exactly right.
  • Guessing the length of the game’s longest drive, IN MINUTES AND SECONDS, is for tiebreaking purposes only.

So with that out of the way, pick sets are below. And be sure to come back post-game for the final results. Continue reading 2014-2015 NFL Expert Picks: Super Bowl »

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Super Bowl XLIX fever has struck as New England and the rest of the country counts down to 6:30 kickoff between the Seahawks and Patriots. (

It’s here. It’s finally here.

After two long weeks, the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are finally set to kickoff later today for the Vince Lombardi trophy.

But the long awaited arrival of Super Bowl XLIX has brought something else along with it: an outbreak of Super Bowl fever throughout New England.

Super Bowl fever is believed to be an airborne disease that originated in the bathrooms at Gillette Stadium. It can spread rapidly, with some reported cases taking as little as 90 seconds to show symptoms. If you or one of your loved ones lives in or has ties to this area, be on the lookout for any of the following symptoms:

Continue reading Super Bowl XLIX Fever Strikes as Patriots and Seahawks Kickoff Approaches »

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The man who caught the game-winning pass in the NFC Championship’s overtime is the one that could cause the Patriots major problems if they do not find a way to match up with him. He saves his best games for the biggest moments, catching both the go-ahead touchdown in the 2013 NFC Championship game and the game-winner against Green Bay in the 2014 NFC Championship game two weeks ago. He had a very good performance in the Super Bowl last year and was the best receiver on the field in the Divisional Round this year. The man is Jermaine Kearse and what he brings to the table is a difficult skill set and a taste for the biggest moments in the sport. Continue reading Stopping Jermaine Kearse Key for Patriots Defense »

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