Bill Belichick

In a surprise, stunning press conference, Patriots coach Bill Belichick defended his team against both deflate-gate and even Spygate allegations.

Watch raw video of the press conference here (video will expire Sunday afternoon). ESPN also has video here. has the video here.

Here are some of his notable quotes:


“I believe now 100 percent that I have personally and we as an organization have absolutely followed every rule to the letter.” Continue reading Video: Bill Belichick Deflate-Gate Press Conference »

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It’s over. No… not deflate-gate, unfortunately.

What’s over is anyone trying to top Julian Edelman’s #TBT this week:

This certainly was a welcome distraction this week.

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Mark Brunell somehow almost cried about some under-inflated footballs. That's where we're at with all of this. (image courtesy of

Only in America would every major national news station cover the press conference of a man discussing the inflation levels of some footballs. All this outrage has been drummed up by the media, which is not shocking in the least. Thanks to the 24-hour “news” cycle we get to listen to so-called experts speculate for hours without an ounce of actual evidence. Yet without any evidence, other than the fact 11 out of 12 Patriots’ footballs came in under-inflated, they are already to convict Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of this heinous crime against humanity. Last time I checked in America it’s innocent until proven guilty…Unless of course you’re the New England Patriots.

Let’s take it back to where it all started. Indianapolis sports writer Bob Kravitz was the one to break the news that a source tipped him off about the Patriots using under-inflated footballs during the AFC Championship. The tweet turned out to be true, and the NFL was in fact investigating the Patriots footballs. So far so good, we have a reporter make a claim that gets backed up by facts. That, unfortunately, is where the credibility ended. Continue reading The National Media is to Blame for Deflategate Outrage »

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Bill Belichick and the Patriots celebrate their sixth AFC Championship win in the past 14 years.  (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

The past two seasons we have grown accustomed to watching the Patriots blowout their divisional round opponent only to lose in the AFC Championship game. This year they changed things up for the better. Last week we all sat on the edge of our seats while the Patriots erased two 14-point deficits on route to a huge win over the hated Ravens. On Sunday we all got to relax a bit as the Patriots handled the Colts easily as they advanced to their sixth Super Bowl appearance in 14 years.

- In classic Patriots fashion, the game plan was completely different than last week against the Ravens. Last Saturday, as a team, the Patriots could only muster 14 yards on the ground. Sunday night LaGarrette Blount picked up where he left off against the Colts in last year’s divisional playoff as he rumbled for 148 yards on 30 carries while scoring three touchdowns. The ability to adjust their strategy on a weekly basis depending on the opponent has always been one of the Patriots’ biggest strengths during the Bill Belichick era. As the rain poured down, Blount put his head down and kept pushing his legs forward for another impressive playoff performance.  Continue reading Forget Deflate-Gate: Let’s Look Back to the Actual AFC Championship Game… »

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The New Brady Six: Super Bowls

January 23, 2015 at 9:13am in Featured, Patriots
Brady afc champ

With their win this past Sunday, the New England Patriots advanced to their sixth Super Bowl since the start of the 2001 season. It is truly a remarkable achievement. Past great dynasties in the NFL did not have to deal with free agency and the salary cap, making this sustained run of success for the Patriots even more impressive. One of the few constants throughout this run has been Tom Brady.

Brady is established as a future Hall of Famer and living legend already, but with Sunday’s win he tied and broke even more records. It was ninth Conference Championship start which is a record. With the win, he became the second player in NFL history, along with Mike Lodish, to reach six Super Bowls in his career. He also broke the record for most Super Bowl appearances by a quarterback. Continue reading The New Brady Six: Super Bowls »

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So the question is, how were 11 of 12 Patriots footballs deflated when Gronk only scored one touchdown? (@RobGronkowski)

Well, this is awkward.

Quarterback Tom Brady laughed it off as “ridiculous.” Coach Bill Belichick all but ignored it (on to Seattle!). Wide receiver Julian Edelman said they didn’t feel any different than usual. Vince Wilfork took the bemused approach and claimed ignorance; after all, he just tackles people. Patriots fans scoffed and all but raised their collective middle finger in labeling the rest of the football world jealous haters with nothing better to do than accuse the New England Patriots of needing to cheat to maintain their dominance.

And now the NFL reportedly found that 11 of the 12 footballs for the Patriots were underinflated, and significantly so, as much as two pounds per square inch. On to Seattle?

Continue reading So This is Awkward…Deflategate Continues as NFL Finds 11 of 12 Patriot Footballs Underinflated »

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The New England Patriots are under investigation by the National Football League for under inflating the footballs used in the AFC Championship game where they beat the Indianapolis Colts 45-7.

Reports as to whom brought forward the Patriots possibly deflating the footballs during last night’s game are not clear. The story was first reported by Indianapolis’ NBC affiliate WHTR.

Continue reading Deflategate? NFL Investigating Under-Inflated Footballs Used in AFC Title Game »

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