Green Bay gave up a 16-point lead, a Championship Round record. There's always next season. (

The Conference Championships are complete, and the Super Bowl is set. Seattle completed a record-setting comeback over Green Bay, and saving Russell Wilson from a quarterback rating of literally zero. The Patriots slaughtered the Colts with a completely demoralizing second half in a rainy New England night later on to advance to face Seattle in Arizona.

While the Pats game didn’t do too much in our standings, the Seahawks sure did; with the Packers not walking away with the win, those who picked Seattle saw their stock on the rise quite a bit, particularly those who correctly guessed a total of five touchdowns in the game (and those who saw a minor day overall for the passing game).

With the shakeups, be sure to check below for the updated results, and come back in two weeks for the Super Bowl selections. Continue reading 2014-2015 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championship Results »

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Seattle faces off against a weakened Aaron Rodgers, but their opponents still won't make it easy. (

The Conference Championships are here. The Patriots face the young upstart Colts, while the Packers visit Seattle as they did for the season’s first game. The round has a great mix of great offenses and defenses, which will certainly make for two great games.

For our picks, one game was easier to pick than the other, which caused a split vote from our panel. Either way, the defenses in Seattle are thought to make that game less of a shootout than their New England counterparts.

As before:

  • Successfully picking the winner of each game is worth two points.
  • Picking the total number of touchdowns scored by both teams COMBINED in each game is worth one point if guessed to within one, or two points if guessed exactly right.
  • Picking the total number of yards thrown in each game by WHICHEVER quarterback throws the most is worth one point if guessed to within 50, or two points if guessed to within 10, or five points if guessed exactly right.

So with that, check out the picks below, and come back later in the day after the games are finished for the results. Continue reading 2014-2015 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks – Conference Championships »

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Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts will face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game on Sunday, with a shot at advancing to the Super Bowl on the line. According to most NFL experts, the Colts don’t have a very good chance of winning the game, and the Las Vegas odds makers are in agreement, because the Colts are 6 point underdogs if you take the point spread, and +220 if you go with the money line. This brings us back to the question if the Colts have a chance to win the Super Bowl.

The most obvious answer to that question is that every one of the four remaining teams in the playoffs has a chance to win the Super Bowl, but in the case of the Colts, it doesn’t seem very likely. The Colts surprised the Denver Broncos, and the rest of the football world with their win in Denver last week, but the chances of them repeating the feat in New England are not very good.  Continue reading Does Indianapolis Have A Shot At Winning Super Bowl XLIX? »


No, this headline isn’t a typo. And yes, it’s true the Patriots have run the ball with ease against these same Indianapolis Colts in the past two years. 595 yards on 115 totes (5.2 yards per carry) and 12 touchdowns in three games, no less.

And yet, still, there is a growing list of reasons why New England may not be able to grind the ground game like they have in past meetings with Andrew Luck and company. Continue reading Will the Patriots Be Able to Run the Ball Against Indianapolis? »


One area that the Patriots struggled with Saturday night against Baltimore that will need to be improved upon for Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Colts is their pass rush. For most of the night against the Ravens, their pass rush was non-existent and Joe Flacco had plenty of time to find open receivers. In the Colts Divisional Playoff win against Denver, one of the key stories was the amount of time Andrew Luck had in the pocket to throw and that when the rush did get to him, he was able to escape for the most part.

In their previous win over the Colts this season, the Patriots dominated time of possession and their pass rush was not as a big a factor because they scored 43 points and held the ball the majority of the game. Although that result could happen again, it is not guaranteed and the Patriots could find themselves in a close game needing defensive stops. If that becomes the case, the Patriots pass rush could be the deciding factor. Continue reading Patriots Pass Rush Faces Tough Task with Luck »

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Duron Harmon was as surprised as we were when his "game-ending" interception still left Joe Flacco and the Ravens with one last chance. (ESPN)

Duron Harmon closed the gap quickly, ranging in from center field to position himself perfectly to intercept Joe Flacco’s deep pass looking for Torrey Smith in the end zone and close out a nerve-wracking, come-from-behind win for the New England Patriots.

Or so it seemed.

Instead of running out the clock with the two minute warning passed and the Baltimore Ravens down to one timeout, Tom Brady kneeled three times and turned it over to the punting unit with 14 seconds left. That gave Flacco and company one last gasp and Patriots fans one final heart attack.

The question is, could the Patriots have handled that clock management better?

Continue reading Belichick Says Clock Management Goes Exactly to Plan to Beat Ravens; Wait, What? »

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amendola ravens

Ever since signing in New England, wide receiver Danny Amendola has faced heavy criticism. Much of it was related to the size of his contract and the lack of production and his missing significant time with injuries. This criticism for the most part was warranted and up until mid-December Amendola looked like another failed receiver investment for the Patriots. His last few weeks have seen an uptick in which production which culminated in a magnificent performance against Baltimore in the divisional playoff game.

On the surface Amendola’s numbers Saturday night speak for themselves. He caught five passes for 81 yards and two touchdowns including one of the biggest plays of the game where Tom Brady lateralled the ball to fellow receiver who then hit Amendola for a 51 yard touchdown pass. The Play tied the game at 28 for the Patriots and was one of the most memorable plays of the Patriots season. But his performance goes beyond the numbers. Continue reading Much Maligned Danny Amendola Comes Through for Patriots »

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