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The New England Patriots bolstered their roster with an eye to the future in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Bill Belichick’s side selected nine players in the selection process in New York City, who will join Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner and Brandon LaFell to the side that lost the AFC Championship side last season.

New England fans will be hoping the additions can help them go one better this time around to win their first Super Bowl since the 2004 season.

The draft will directly influence the odds of each team’s chances next year although these odds will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook – the patriots are 9-1 at most books. Vegas bookmakers are the safest and choosing to play there guarantees you won’t get cheated. If you are considering a new book check the SBR blacklist and do an extensive Google search of the new book’s brand. There are many forums and customer feedback reports helping you to avoid shady operations so you can enjoy the Patriots rise again… without your sportsbook going down. Let’s take a look at the draft highlights. Continue reading New England Patriots: NFL Draft 2014 Overview »

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In the past week, many professionals and fans alike have been discussing who are the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL. A lot of the controversy has been centered on our beloved New England Patriot, Tom Brady. Now this is not question about statistics, because in that case Brady would only be a top 10 quarterback and Matthew Stafford or Tony Romo could make the top 5. One has to take into consideration the lack of a receiving corps and a lousy offensive line the Patriots had last year. And even with those deficiencies, the Patriots finished the year 12-4, and won its way to the AFC championship game.

However, let’s be honest here, Brady is not the unanimous MVP force he was 5 years ago; his skills have worsened slightly. Brady is having less wherewithal in the pocket (which does not help with his lack of mobility already), and is having more just plain inaccurate passes that leaves Pats’ fans scratching their heads asking, “How did that happen?” I should clarify, Brady still has the perennial “IT” to win games, but it may not be as evident as five years ago. Continue reading Tom Brady is a Top 5 Quarterback. PERIOD. »

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Here’s a look at Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski dancing on “Whose Line is it Anyway?” because… why not?

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The New England Patriots in the 3rd round of the 2011 draft selected QB Ryan Mallett from Arkansas. Most experts have speculated Mallett to be traded this season, considering he is entering his final year of his rookie contract and the Pats just drafted another quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo. While, Mallett has shown some chops in the preseason (1,104 yards with 7 TDs and 3 INTs), his career highlights have been celebrating with Tom Brady after a successful touchdown.

Mallett is entering his 3rd year in the pros, which is considered by many to be the breakout year for quarterbacks. If Mallett is to be traded, he will get an automatic and much deserved contract extension. So, what will Bill Belicheck ultimately do with Mallett, and who are some of the teams he may end up with? Continue reading Who Might Trade for Ryan Mallett? »

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Julian Edelman is making the most of his offseason. Last week the Patriots’ wide receiver was embroiled in an Inception-style t-shirt battle with tight end Rob Gronkowski, and on Wednesday he celebrated International Hamburger Day by posting a video he called “Burgertyme”, a Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis-inspired interview with defensive end Chandler Jones, with punter Ryan Allen working behind the scenes.

In the sequel to January’s “Smoothietyme“, Edelman confuses Jones with his older brother Jon, the Ulitmate Fighting light heavyweight champion, before smash cutting to an impromptu tasting of Wahlburgers. An athlete trying to be funny is often a recipe for disaster, but Edelman does a very solid job here: Continue reading Video: Julian Edelman’s Hilariously Silly Interview with Chandler Jones »

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Father Time rests for no man and Tom Brady will be no exception. Brady will be turning 37 in August and that prompts the forbidden question: When will Tom Brady stop being Tom Brady? Bill Belichick and his associates believe Brady’s time here will come to an end within 3 or 4 years as they drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in this last draft, and appears to be Brady’s heir apparent.

But when will Brady really pass the torch and retire, or will he truly be tossing the pigskin until he is 50? Continue reading When Will the Window Close for Tom Brady? »

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski recently shared a photo of him when he was 12 in a #tbt social media post:

First reaction, Gronk was never the little kid in his class:

(Shared by Gronk on Facebook)

(Shared by Gronk on Facebook)

Second reaction: Gronk probably sucked at Wiffleball (huge strikezone).

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