The Patriots chose not to tag cornerback Aqib Talib. (

Even though there are 12 Patriots scheduled to be unrestricted free agents, only two were ever really serious considerations for the franchise tag. Julian Edelman and Aqib Talib were all the buzz after New England’s season ended in January. Both were key to the Patriots’ success, yet both were still deemed unworthy of the tag.

Continue reading Game of Tags: Patriots Decline to Franchise Talib, Edelman »

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With the 2014 NFL draft rapidly approaching, who will the Patriots be eyeing with their first pick? (Photo courtesy of

Offense or defense? Trade up or stay put? Just two of the many questions surrounding what the New England Patriots will do with this year’s first round draft pick (29th overall). There are a select few names that come up in each mock draft. And let’s be honest, you can’t turn your head without getting hit in the face with someone’s mock draft. Continue reading Who Should the Patriots Draft With Their First Pick? »

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Aaron Hernandez has been punished with 30 days in isolation for his role in a recent jailhouse attack.

Aaron Hernandez has been handed a punishment of 30 days in isolation for his role in an recent altercation with a fellow inmate that left his victim in pretty bad shape, according to

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has confirmed that Hernandez was involved in a jailhouse altercation. The attack occurred Tuesday in a common area of the Bristol County House of Correction in Dartmouth, where only one inmate at a time is supposed to be out of his cell. Continue reading Aaron Hernandez to Spend 30 Days in Isolation for Jailhouse Altercation »


Aaron Hernandez

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez attacked a fellow inmate at the Bristol County Jail, according to TMZ Sports.

The report says Hernandez beat the inmate up “pretty badly.” Continue reading Aaron Hernandez Beats Up Fellow Inmate in Jail »


The New England Patriots have holes to fill for 2014,

There are a lot of big names in NFL free agency this season. They are headlined by the Saints’ Jimmy Graham, but there is talent to be found at most postions. The New England Patriots could use help in a couple of areas, most notably the offensive and defensive line and the secondary.

Unfortunately for Patriots fans the team isn’t known for making big splashes in free agency. That’s not to say they won’t find the appropriate players to fill the right holes through the NFL draft and free agency, but you’re not likely to see the big names being thrown around playing in Foxboro in 2014.

That, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t at least speculate on who you would like to see rocking the floating Elvis head in the coming season. Continue reading Who Should the Patriots Target in Free Agency? »

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Aaron Hernandez's former barber, Robby Olivares, could be called as a key witness to testify against Hernandez in the murder case of Odin Lloyd.

According to a report from Fox 25 Boston’s Ted Daniel, Aaron Hernandez’s former barber, Robby Olivares, could be called to testify against his former client and friend.

Two days before Hernandez was arrested, Olivares made a house call to Hernandez’s North Attleboro home. Now that relationship and loyalty is being put to the test as Olivares could become a key witness for the prosecution.

Hernandez has been behind bars since June on a first-degree murder charge in the death of Odin Lloyd. Although the case against Hernandez seemed strong at first, the case has since weakened a bit as the credibility of Carlos Ortiz, one of the prosecution’s key witnesses, was called into question since his story of the night of the murder has changed several times. Prosecutors are now looking to another key testimony to solidify their case against the former Patriot. Continue reading Aaron Hernandez’s Former Barber Could Become Key Witness for Prosecution »

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Aqib Talib

With the NFL season ending in disappointment for everyone except the Seattle Seahawks, teams are looking to take advantage of the offseason and restructure their rosters to build a championship caliber team. With the offseason also comes free agency and teams are faced with the difficult challenge of deciding which players are worthy of re-signing and which players to just part ways with.

The New England Patriots have some tough decisions to make this offseason. One of them being whether or not to re-sign cornerback Aqib Talib to a contract he deserves or to add him to the long list of players let go by the team because the Patriots were too cheap to re-sign them (Wes Welker, Adam Vinateri, Richard Seymour, just to name a few). Continue reading Why the Patriots Need to Re-Sign CB Aqib Talib »

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