A-Rod took advantage of the Red Sox bullpen to hit home run #660 to tie Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time home run list and give the Yankees a 3-2 win. (NY Daily News)

Sitting at 659 home runs for his career, Alex Rodriguez wasn’t in the initial lineup to start Friday night’s game at Fenway Park between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. It appeared he, and the rest of the baseball world, would have to wait another day to see him tie Willie Mays on the all-time home runs list.

It didn’t seem like it would change much when A-Rod pinch-hit in a tie game in the top of the eighth inning either and quickly was ahead of Red Sox reliever Junichi Tazawa 3-0. But with a green light (I guess that’s the case when you have over 600 home runs for your career) and one long swing, A-Rod is tied for fourth in MLB history with 660 home runs.

Though A-Rod’s is certainly the headline of last night’s loss to the Yankees — not only historically but also as the go-ahead home run in the 3-2 win over the Red Sox — the real story is in the tale of two bullpens.

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Yes, you read that headline right. The Red Sox are interested in MORE hitting — though this hitter wouldn’t be available until 2016.

Either way, the Red Sox have shown interest in Korean slugger Byung-Ho Park, who has hit .310/.434/.645 the last two seasons, including 37 home runs in 2013 and 52 home runs last season. Continue reading Red Sox Interested in Korean Slugger Byung-Ho Park? »

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490 Dalier Hinojosa

Red Sox management has scrambled to have effective relief pitchers available at the major league level for each game this week. Matt Barnes, Heath Hembree, and Steven Wright have all been involved on one day or another. I can’t keep track, but Sean McAdam was kind enough to catalog all the changes made over the last four days.

Each day’s moves seem to become more and more baffling than the next. Hembree, Wright, Robbie Ross, Barnes, none of them were cutting the mustard. Tuesday Clay Buchholz fell apart quickly and the bullpen only dug the team further down into a hole. Continue reading Red Sox Relievers Providing Anything But »

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Doug Griffin

Throwback Thursday – April 30, 1974

Red Sox second baseman Doug Griffin, nicknamed “Dude,” was knocked unconscious after getting hit in the head by a Nolan Ryan fastball while trying to lay down a bunt.

Griffin missed two months with a concussion and suffered temporary hearing loss. Some credit the injury to causing a premature end to Griffin’s career. Continue reading #TBT: Nolan Ryan Knocks Red Sox 2B Unconscious on a Bunt Attempt »

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The Red Sox called up outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. on Tuesday as Mike Napoli deals with an illness.

Bradley, a gifted outfielder defensively, had one of the worst offensive seasons in Red Sox history last year, hitting .198 with 1 home run, 30 RBIs and a putrid .531 OPS. Continue reading Red Sox Call Up Jackie Bradley Jr. from Triple-A »

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Brock Holt's walk off home run on Friday was just another reason for him to be in the everyday lineup. (GAIL BURTON/AP)

I’ve done my absolute best to be optimistic about this pitching staff. Of course we all know how unproven the entire rotation was coming into this season, but it seemed like the five of them would be able to put it together. Each pitcher has had success in the past and the thought was they would all be serviceable enough to give the offense a chance to win games. This week we saw Wade Miley get shelled in just 2.1 innings of work and Joe Kelly imploded in the sixth inning to literally hand Tampa Bay a win. Thankfully it’s only April and there is still plenty of time for the rotation to put it together but I don’t think it’s outrageous to be slightly worried about what we’ve seen. Continue reading Red Sox Weekly Round Up: Starting Pitching Continues to be Woeful »

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Red Sox at Orioles September 28,  2011

The internet is abuzz about the possible return of Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jonathan Papelbon to the Boston Red Sox.

Yes, Papelbon, here we go again with this rumor that seemingly has no end. Just after the 2011 season, he ran out of town like Fenway Park was on fire. He is not what he used to be, but he is still better than Koji Uehara. And boy, do we need a quality closer.

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