Talented Red Sox Youth

With the trade deadline a mere month away and the Red Sox in the basement of the American League East, the front office finds themselves in a precarious position. The Red Sox are sitting nine games under .500, but nonetheless are not out of the playoff picture.

The question Red Sox Nation ponders is: where do we go from here? Now nearing the end of June the early seasons optimism has dwindled, but hope remains if changes are made soon. With the ambition of Red Sox Nation diminishing daily, it is time to begin considering how the team will approach the upcoming trade deadline. Continue reading The Red Sox Trade Deadline Playbook »

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Ortiz gets throw out of Saturday night game against Kansas City

Saturday night in Kansas City the Sox had a performance that seems to sum up the season thus far. Mookie Betts’s lead off blast had the Sox off to a promising start. It was looking as if Boston might win their second straight against the talented Kansas City club with a 4-1 lead into the fifth inning. This was, however, until Rick Porcello imploded in the bottom half of th Continue reading Porcello, Ortiz Ejection Bad in Otherwise Good Weekend for Red Sox »

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Major League Baseball cancelled 60-65 million All-star game votes due to a high percentage of votes going to Kansas City Royals players. Can the MLB do this? Is it fair?

If voting were to close today eight Kansas City players would be part of the team. This is a classic case of technology beating the system.

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Brock Holt (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

How about a more specific question: Should Brock Holt have an everyday spot in the lineup somewhere? That is much tougher to answer, since the Red Sox’ master plan likely did not include having their super-utility role player move to an everyday role. Ultimately, super-utility probably is the best way to use Holt; he can play 3-4 times a week and his extreme versatility and selfless attitude allow him to give almost every position player a day off when needed. However that role comes with the caveat of “on a good team.” The Red Sox are not currently a good team, so they might seriously consider allowing Holt to play just about every day so long as he keeps producing.

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Pablo Sandoval (Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports)

Pablo Sandoval has so far been a disappointment on a Red Sox team that has been full of them so far in 2015. While it can definitely be agreed that the expensive third baseman has not lived up to the hype or contract that he received in the offseason, he has not been a complete waste either. His struggles were accentuated when he received a brief benching over the weekend, but with a few adjustments there is reason to think the Red Sox can expect better production out of one of their big offseason investments.

Switch-Hitting, or Lack Thereof

One of the first steps on the path to righting Sandoval’s ship is getting back to switch-hitting. It is fair to point out that Sandoval has been awful against lefthanders this season (.113/.145/.113 in 55 plate appearances), albeit in a fairly limited sample. Continue reading Red Sox Need the Real Pablo Sandoval »

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(Photo Credit: BostonBaseballHistory.com)

Former Boston Red Sox second baseman Bobby Doerr is still breaking baseball records 64 years after he retired from the game. Thursday, Doerr, at 97 years and 72 days old became the oldest member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The last man to achieve this distinction was former catcher, Al Lopez, who died in 2005. He was 97 years and 71 days old. He played for and managed professional baseball teams in Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, ending his career with the Cleveland Indians in 1947.

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Maybe we shouldn't rely on Sandoval's glove work

Third baseman Pablo Sandoval was benched for Thursday night’s game versus the Atlanta Braves after Red Sox management discovered he was liking images on Instagram during Wednesday’s game.

Travis Shaw started at third base.

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