Clay Buchholz

The Red Sox starting rotation seems to be set for the beginning of the regular season. Jon Lester will take the mound on March 31st, followed by John Lackey, Felix Doubront, Jake Peavy, and Clay Buchholz in the fifth spot. Yes, this is what John Farrell and Juan Nieves decided. I am not sure I agree with placing Buchholz at the bottom of the rotation after Doubront’s last two poor performances in a row. Yesterday, he allowed 8 runs on 10 hits against the Tampa Bay Rays. I think it would be better to have Buchholz take Doubront’s spot.

The only reason to place Clay at the bottom of the rotation is to strengthen it. Based on the schedule opposing teams could face Buchholz, Lester, and Lackey. That would be a very daunting three games for any of the top American League teams, so the decision to have Buchholz at the bottom may not be cause for alarm. It just depends on how the games fall.

Perhaps this management team, known to mix things up, decided to place the weaker starters in the middle of the rotation with strong padding around them. This arrangement could serve to confuse opposing teams. The construct of a rotation should have your best three pitchers at the top. Most teams put their weakest man in the fifth position and Clay is not the weak link.  What are they thinking?

Management must have a plan. I have to believe that the World Champion Red Sox know what they are doing. The plan would be to embed their weak pitchers in the middle of the rotation, or hope that they have looked at the schedule and determined that Lester, Lackey, Doubront, Peavy and Buchholz is the best fit for the teams that lie ahead in April. With this different configuration, the Red Sox will certainly have a mental advantage over their adversaries. Players and coaches across the league will be scratching their heads as to why the Red Sox would organize themselves in this way.

I do not know how all of this is going to shake out in the end. I am confident that changes will be made, if need be, by those in charge.

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One more year: David Ortiz has reportedly agreed to a one-year extension with the Red Sox. (Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post)

When David Ortiz eventually retires, he might want to consider a second career as a lobbyist in Washington D.C.

For now, though, he won’t have to worry about life after baseball for at least another year, having successfully lobbied Ben Cherington and company for an extension to be with the Red Sox through 2015. There are conflicting reports saying the one-year deal is worth either $15 (ESPN) or $16 million (WEEI).

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Ellsbury is part of a strong Yankees outfield  (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Opening Day for the Red Sox is now just a couple weeks away and with that in mind, here is our latest installment for the rankings of the AL East. All five AL East teams have strong outfields though some are considerably stronger than others. After checking out our rankings comment below if you agree, disagree, or have another take!

1. Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner; New York Yankees: The Yankees do not have much going for them this year, but they certainly have a strong outfield. All three players are outstanding defenders capable of playing center field and should be capable of closing many gaps. The short porch in right should be a boon for Ellsbury’s power numbers, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a 20-20 campaign. Beltran will be as solid as ever and Gardner is a grinder and is basically a poor man’s Ellsbury. The Yankees possibly have the best outfield in the AL. Continue reading Ranking the AL East: Outfield »

Tag team: With Jose Iglesias's injury, Stephen Drew could be the second former Red Sox to become the shortstop for the Detroit Tigers. (Photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports)

According to reports, former Red Sox shortstop Jose Iglesias will be out until at least the All-Star break, and potentially the entire 2014 season, with injuries to both of his shins.

Iglesias, who was sent to the Detroit Tigers as part of the three-team trade that brought Jake Peavy to Boston, was set to take over at shortstop full-time this season after incumbent Jhonny “H before O except for every other Johnny” Peralta signed with the St. Louis Cardinals as a free agent. I must say that I’m bummed I won’t have any of his web gems to look forward to.

The Tigers aren’t totally out of luck (though fantasy baseball owners may be), however; they could replace one former Red Sox shortstop with another and sign Stephen Drew, who remains a free agent after declining Boston’s one-year, $14.1 million qualifying offer.

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Stephen Drew regrets not accepting the qualifying offer from the Red Sox, according to his former teammates. (Photo Credit:

Frank Sinatra and former Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew have a lot in common. They both have regrets; they have a few. According to Peter Abraham’s “Extra Bases,” his former teammates say that Drew regrets not taking the Red Sox qualifying offer. Of course he does; it is March 12th and he still has not made a commitment to a team.

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As the start of the 2014 Major League Baseball season continues to draw closer, preparations will be kicked up a notch for every team hoping to become the World Series champions. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks will kick off the new season with a ground-breaking game on March 22nd in Sydney, Australia, as the first MLB game to be played in the country to further promote baseball and its marketing qualities across the world. Continue reading Can the Boston Red Sox Defend their MLB Crown? »

The Red Sox were fined a small amount by the MLB for its lineup against the Marlins, but it was well worth so they could in extra practice with the sliding drill! (Photo courtesy of the Boston Herald)

This might explain why Red Sox owner John Henry decided to tweet his frustration about the entire ordeal with the Marlins.

According to Alex Speier’s sources, Major League Baseball levied a fine against the Red Sox for the lineup they fielded against the Miami Marlins last Thursday. League rules stipulate that a minimum of four regulars (or players competing to be regulars for the upcoming season) must take the field for at least three innings each. Jackie Bradley Jr. was the only player to fit that description that day, at a super premium game no less.

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