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Connelly’s Top Ten: Adios Red Sox; Patriots Visit Loud Arrowhead Stadium

1. Red Sox Recap: * Nava hit .270 – hats off to a great comeback year * No Red Sox played 145 games, had 160 hits, scored 75 runs, only Ortiz had over 17 HR, Second to Ortiz in RBI was Napoli with 55, only one player had double digit SB * Nineteen Red Sox […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Jeterpalooza

1. Brady vs. other QB’s statistically: * Yards…………………..632……24th….(2007 after 3 games 877) * Completion %……..55.5%….27th….(2007 after 3 games 80%) * Yards per attempt 5.54……30th…..(2007 after 3 games 10.12) * TD’s………………………3……..18th…..(2007 after 3 games 10) * QB Rating…………….82.9%…23rd….(2007 after 3 games 140.00%) 2. Offensive Line – Big isn’t necessarily better: 1976 Patriots Line: Averaged 132 yards […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Average Patriots Make Sunday Boring

1. Patriots Survive Loser Oakland: MISC * Boy are they boring * Patriots were in last place two weeks ago and now in first * Evan Washburn on the sideline for CBS confirming Pam Oliver’s claim that you have to be blond and pretty to be on the sideline * 70% of red seats empty […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Raiders are Losers, Red Sox are Losers, Philly in ’76

1. Patriots: * Shouldn’t Foxboro police drug test every Raider fan with face paint and shoulder pads with spikes sticking out of them? * Patriots are still third in odds to go to the Super Bowl (8-1) behind Denver and Seattle * Since the Patriots fairly beat the Raiders in the Snow Bowl – the […]

Connelly Top Ten: Patriots Average Team – 10-6

1. Patriots – Minnesota: MISC * I know they won but that was a real bad opponent * Crazy amount of penalties – 22 accepted for 221 yards * Bill went with blue hoodie * Why even watch kickoffs which are touchbacks, extra points and now field goals must be at 90% under 50 yards […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Must Win? Not Yet

1. Patriots Preview: @ Minnesota: * Like the Dolphins, the Vikings have a superior wide receiver corp to Patriots: Jennings, Patterson, Rudolph * Adrian Peterson first four years running for 100 plus yards – the Vikings were 14-5 / Last three years they are 10-8-1 * If Patriots are losing Sunday, just think about how annoying […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Passive Patriots get Bitc* Slapped in South Beach

1. Patriots Review: MISC * Patriots are now 1-2 after trading a team leader the weeks before the opener * No Hoodie * Brady could have got 15 yards for leading with the helmet on Gronk after Gronk’s TD * Blocked punts and stuff like that usually don’t happen to the Patriots * Might need […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Are You Ready for Some Football!

1. Patriots Preview: * Gronk over under on regular season games played 11 (under) * Games Kraft is showed in – over / under 15 (easy I go over – although NFL Network has them on 10/16 and they snubbed him last year) * Hoodies worn Over / Under 11 (I go under) * Ridley […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: All-Star Starting Pitchers, Medal for Frates, Weekend

1. Cliff Notes: * 3rd game of Exhibition series – beware of traffic and no injuries * The Celtics are literally even with the Revolution for non-relevance * The ALS fundraising inspired by Pete Frates will be approaching $40,000,000 compared to $1,000,000 last year for the same time period. I’m not kidding – this is […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox vs. Paint Drying

1. Cliff Notes: * Red Sox playing out string * Patriots countdown continues – they need to trade a QB * English Premier League rolling * Ice Bucket challenge keeps cruising * Bowling under-rated 2. Red Sox: * Game Times vs Houston: 3:19 / 3:46 / 3:50 / 3:11 * Nava since being recalled – […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Na-nu Na-nu

1. Cliff Notes: * Three more summer weekends – where did it go * Did Brady do the ice bucket challenge or just pour * Pete Frates is turning into an American hero * Enjoy every day! 2. Red Sox Hall of Fame: Nomar * In 2003 he was on his way to be the […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Rory, Tony Stewart and Vin Scully

1. Cliff Notes: * Amazing weather weekend (starting to get dark earlier / leaves falling in some places) * Cool ending to PGA in the dark * Patriots first game getting closer * Bruins and Celtics have had a bad offseason so far 2. Red Sox: * You see Pedroia steal second and third Saturday […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Preseason Football All Hype, Red Sox Tanking

1. Cliff Notes: * Red Sox playing for draft pick position * Exhibition football is like New Years Eve – all hype * Enjoy your summer weekends 2. Patriots – Not that it matters but (I didn’t watch a snap): * Washington 71 plays to 50 for Pats * 19 Penalties in the game – […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Baseball Boring, Grown Ups 2 Downfall of American Empire

1. Cliff Notes: * Four weeks to Labor Day / Less than five months to Christmas * Five weeks to Patriots first game * Hernandez and Boston bomber trials coming soon * Bruins are going to be wicked average * 109,000 for soccer in Ann Arbor * Tiger Woods was 12-1 to win the PGA […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Trade Deadline Fun, Top of Boston Area, Left Field Mashers

1. Cliff Notes: * Can you believe it’s August? * Greatest Trade Deadline ever * Is Danny Ainge really going to do nothing? * Does Drew get booed out of the park? 2. Red Sox Trade: I give them a B (no top 25 prospects and I think Cepedes is overrated) Jon Lester John Lackey […]