// Connelly’s Top Ten

Connelly’s Top Ten: Lions Punks, Red Sox in Dog Days, Eddie Shore Maniac

1. Red Sox: * How cool is the Giants stadium? * Yankees have won 5 straight since Dempster on A=Rod (only 3.5 out of wild card) * Speaking of Dempster – how about Big Papi throwing him under the bus – quite a teammate * Iglesias is hitting .302 in Detroit * Is Ellsbury the fastest Red […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Tebow Bad, Red Sox Too Long, Franklin Park Zoo Race 9/22

1. Red Sox: * Dempster not getting thrown out for drilling A-Rod is absurd * The second inning started at 8:35 * Red Sox have played ONE game under 2:30 this year * Red Sox haven’t lost more than three games in a row the entire year * Red Sox are 23-3 against Seattle, Indians, […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Protect Tom Brady!

1. Red Sox: * Red Sox are 18-17 over their last 35 games * Peavy three starts – 18 innings / 9 runs / 11 k to 1 BB / 4.50 ERA / 1.05 WHIP * 2-1 game in 8.5 Innings that took 2:43 * Brandon Snyder has 12 strikeouts to zero walks * Only […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Tom Brady Wicked Good, Royals Go Old School

1. Red Sox: * Interesting to hear Middlebrooks saying he couldn’t handle the off the field stuff * How much does Ellsbury sign for next year in Seattle– $80mm for five years is my guess * At bats for outfielders: Ellsbury – 471 / Nava – 344 / Victorino – 336 / Gomes – 217 […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Flushed By Royals

1. Red Sox: * The first inning by Jon Lester is why I can’t watch a whole game – 40 pitches / 25 minutes / whining at umpire – why so mad? * Stephen Drew 9 games since Iglesias left 15-32 / 3 extra base hits / 8 rbi * Red Sox sixth on Vegas […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Are Really Likeable

1. Red Sox: * On a pace to win 97 games * Refreshing to see Jonny Gomes and Jacoby Ellsbury pumping their fist Saturday night – * Koji Uehara has the ugliest glove in Major League Baseball * Exciting to see Brock Holt read ball in the dirt and take off for second Saturday night […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Magic?

1a. Could this be one of those Magical years? * Yet another walkoff * Gomes has kept his mouth shut about at bats and keeps helping this team * Victorino was pissed at Drew telling him to slide at the plate with no throw to the plate * Someone is going to get hurt in […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Phone in Series Win

1. Red Sox: * If I was Pedroia, I would be furious with Ortiz for his crybaby act the other night – he should be suspended (If Yaz did 5% of what Ortiz has done he would be booed out of Fenway) * In honor of Ortiz – New Edition had a great song – […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Last Weekend of July, Patriots Soon, Bruins Start in a Month

1. Starting Pitching: Twenty-five pitchers are making at least $13mm a year – of those 25 only 4 have an ERA under 3.00: Felix Hernandez – 2.43 Hiroki Kuroda – 2.51 AJ Burnett – 2.96 John Lackey – 2.95 * Four others have an ERA of 4.00 or less * Seven others have an ERA […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Heat Wave Ovah!

1. Red Sox vs. Yankees: * Game times 2:55 / 3:12 / I’m going to bed its heading toward 4 hours * Dempster is Just Another Guy as Bill Parcells would say (5.1 inning is not enough) * Nice of Stephen Drew to make an appearance – he’s used up his medical deductible with Blue […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Spoiled by Brady, Red Sox Second Half, Celtics Lack of Pedigree

1. Red Sox second half questions: * Can Iglesias hit .240 the rest of the year, which is good enough? * Never mind 200 innings… can Buchholz throw 140? * Jon Lester for Garza and prospect * Can Big Papi stay healthy? * Will the Drew family buy stock in ice bags and ace bandages? […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: No More Florida Players Welcome, Massachusetts Movies

1. Red Sox: * John Farrell – Coach of the Year at All Star break * Matt Thornton, throwing a freaking strike please * Brock Holt 8 RBI in 9 games * Mr. Colon, we found this syringe in your size 48 pants that you dropped off to have the spaghetti sauce stains cleaned * […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Hot, Dennard Idiot, 1973 MLB Draft

1. Red Sox: * Are on pace for 98 wins * Been shut out five times / shut out opponent 4 * Longest losing streak 3 * 5-4 in extra inning games * 26-21 on road * 12-8 in one run games * Red Sox have two complete games * Dempster and Lackey have allowed […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins in Right Direction

1. Red Sox: * This Drew thing is insane – he is on pace for 120 games, which is $75,000 per * Did JD give him a list of movie houses and lunch spots to frequent while on the DL * Daniel Nava has an incredible seven assists already (I presume they are all outfield) […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: NFL = Handcuffs / My Lasting Memories of the Truth

1. Red Sox: * Season 52% over / 96 win pace * Red Sox 9-1 odds to win the World Series – fifth team * Hitters who hit over .300 in June: Pedroia, Ellsbury, Victorino, Gomes, Carp, Iglesias (over .400) * Best starter in June – Aceves 2-0 / 1.64 ERA (he must be fun […]