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Fantasy Basketball Roundup: Week 12

Every Monday, I will report on the events of the past week of fantasy basketball. I will go over each position and what particular player that week stood out from all the rest. As always, I will start off with this week’s notable injuries to report on. Injuries Chris Kaman (C), L.A. Clippers L.A.’s prized […]

Fantasy Basketball Roundup: Week 9

I hope the holidays were pleasant for everyone out there. During these hectic times, some people may get caught up in the yuletide spirit and forget to set their rosters each day. I myself was one of these people, and as a result, I lost both of my matchups last week. Oh well, live and […]

Fantasy Basketball Roundup: Week 5

Man, I had some bad matchups in some of my leagues last week. They were almost as bad as Tiger Woods’ driving…BA-ZING!!!! No, seriously though, they weren’t too bad, I just needed an excuse to make a Tiger woods joke. I hope you enjoyed it. Hey, he wasn’t injured, therefore it is OK to make […]

Fantasy Basketball Roundup: Week 3

I’ve been slightly disappointed with my teams over the past two weeks because I am just barely squeaking out 5-4 wins. I’d like to be winning by 6-3 or more, but in the end, winning is winning. After all, when playoff time rolls around, a 5-4 win is just as good as a 9-0 win. […]

Ray Allen Gives Celtics Win Over Bobcats in 2OT

Fans and sports radio hosts have been urging Doc Rivers to limit the minutes of his remaining two healthy stars, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. That’s a tough task for any game, but an even tougher task in a double-overtime game. Pierce and Allen each played more than 46 minutes in a thrilling 111-109 win. […]

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 14 (1-26 – 2-1)

I hope saying the following will not diminish my fantasy status but, is there WNBA fantasy? If there is, I have never heard of or seen it. If it exists, then I wouldn’t play it. I’d rather participate in fantasy NASCAR. Do enough people really have enough in depth knowledge of the WNBA in order […]

Video: Andrew Bynum Flagrant Foul on Gerald Wallace

Up until the other night, I respected Andrew Bynum’s game and came to grips with the fact that a man younger than me with no college degree is making big bucks in the NBA (just had to point that out). All kidding aside, he’s taken his game to the next level and it’s paying dividends […]

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 11 (1-5 – 1-11)

I’ve noticed in both my leagues how there is very little trading. I attribute this to basically everyone being so satisfied with their team that they are willing to put the same roster out there every single day and just fill in the holes with random free agents. I mean, it is suiting me well […]

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 9 (12-22 – 12-28)

The holidays and the fantasy football championships had me very distracted last week and as a result, my basketball leagues suffered. I lost one league 8-1 as a result of leaving players on the bench all week. This is one of the most common and classic sins of a fantasy sports player. Like many before […]

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 6 (12-1 – 12-7)

The lesson for this week’s Fantasy Basketball Review is to always…ALWAYS set your rosters. There are a few ways to do it: you can set your roster for the week if you don’t plan on making any pickups, or you can set your roster everyday. Usually, I elect option B, but I missed on day […]