// Jenn Sterger

Et Tu, Brett? – Favre Scandal Disappointing

On December 21, 2003, Irvin Favre died of a heart attack near Kiln, Miss. One day later, his son Brett played one of the best games of his life. Against the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football, he passed for 399 yards and four touchdowns. His teammates rallied around him, catching bomb after bomb, sometimes […]

Did Brett Favre Sext Jenn Sterger?

With a Monday Night showdown looming between Brett Favre’s Vikings and his former team, the New York Jets, allow us to revist the Favre “sext” saga. Don’t know what sext means? Here’s the definition from the wonderful folks at Urban Dictionary: To send suggestive text messages back and forth. Like cybersex, but with text. While […]