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Pedro Martinez on the Verge of a Comeback?

Eat crow. It’s an English idiom that means humiliation by admitting wrongness or having been proven wrong after taking a strong position. I recently had to eat crow with a certain player you might know- John Smoltz. You might remember the stance I took on John Smoltz’s Fantasy Value before he took the mound for the first time […]

Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: Week 4 (4-27 – 5-3)

Apparently I am not the only one who believes that Kansas City’s Zack Greinke is in trouble. The good people over at Sports Illustrated have it in for the young ace as evident by the fact that they decided to put him on last week’s cover. Like many other stories of sports lore, the “Sports Illustrated […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 6 (5-5 – 5-11)

Have you made that make or break trade like I told you to do? Have you dropped Andruw Jones yet? Remember how Johnny Cueto was this year’s rookie phenom? The great thing about this game is that it is 6 months long. Any mistakes you made now can easily be corrected by the time the […]