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2010 MLB Playoff Expert Picks: League Championship Series Results

The World Series is here, and the Yankees aren’t in it. If only the Red Sox were. But that’s neither here nor there. The Giants surprised all of us by tearing into Philadelphia’s ace-loaded staff, and the Yankees surprised most of us by being terrible. Our leader Pete padded his lead by getting the Rangers […]

2010 MLB Playoff Expert Picks: League Championship Series

Here we are, at the League Championship Series. Texas won in Tampa three times, the Yankees steamrolled the Twins again, the Phillies took care of business, and the Giants ended Bobby Cox’ career in Atlanta. Here at SoB, we foresee a match-up of #1 vs #W in the World Series (except for the leader, Pete) […]

2010 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round Results

Well, that was an exciting first round. The year of the pitcher carried right over into the postseason, thanks to Lincecum, Halladay, and Lee. Lincecum and Halladay are set to engage in the biggest battle of Titans since Zeus and Kronos. But on the downside (for Texas, at least), Cliff Lee going in Game 5 […]

2010 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round

The playoffs are finally here. And the Red Sox aren’t in it. Well, at least the Yankees were relegated to the Wildcard spot, where they haven’t had much success in the past. And the Phillies managed to wind up as the best team around. The Reds and Giants finally made it back in, and we […]

2010 MLB Regular Season Expert Picks Results

What a season. Boston’s defensive strategy turned offensive in a hurry. The ghost of Steinbrenner’s checkbook could only buy a Wildcard birth. The Phillies have pretty much the best starting staff with Halladay and Oswalt in the fold. So where did that get all of us? The Mariners messed up a bunch of us, as […]

2010 MLB Regular Season Expert Picks

With baseball season here at last, it’s time for SoB’s annual MLB Pick ‘Em. After the Yankees won the World Series last year for the first time since 2000 and made it for the first time since 2003, and gave Dennis Leary a stroke in the process, everyone jumped on the Yankees bandwagon, including many […]

2009 MLB Playoffs Pick ‘Em: Results

Congratulations to the New York Yankees. Theo Epstein would do well to quote the governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, and tell the Yankees, “I’ll be back.” Plenty of records were set this October/November. Chase Utley tied Reggie Jackson for most home runs in a World Series (five); Hideki Matsui tied the record for most RBIs in a […]

MLB World Series Picks 2009

Before the Phillies beat the Yankees in Game 1 Wednesday night, Sports of Boston’s best baseball minds submitted their picks. You know I’m telling the truth, as nearly everyone has the Yankees winning their 27th World Series in franchise history. Given the Yankees’ Game 1 loss with CC Sabathia on the mound, that prediction may […]

2009 MLB Playoffs Pick ‘Em: LCS

The playoffs are in full swing, and sadly, the Red Sox have been eliminated, falling in a shocking three-game sweep at the hands of the Angels. They can break our hearts, but they can’t break our competitive spirits! Not only were a few of us were fooled by the Sox-Angels series, but the Dodgers-Cardinals series […]

2009 MLB Playoffs Pick ‘Em: LDS

The longest season in all professional sports has entered its final chapter, as Major League Baseball’s eight “best” teams embark on postseason play. It promises to be among the best postseasons in recent memory, as there are at least six heavyweight teams with a good chance of winning it all (excluding of course the Rockies […]

MLB Division Series Playoff Predictions

It’s time to turn the calendar to October, and that means playoff baseball is upon us. The American League Division Series and National League Division Series are now underway beginning today, and Sports of Boston’s Mike and Geoff have offered their take on each series in the opening round of the MLB playoffs. ALDS: Red […]

2008 Major League Baseball Awards

With the MLB regular season just about to end and the playoffs fast approaching, the “experts” at Sports of Boston submitted their picks for who should win the top individual honors for the season. SoB’s Pete gives his case for Ryan Howard as the NL MVP: “He is the reason the Phillies are in the […]