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If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 5

After another week, there’s been some shifting. The Mets and Braves are opening a bit of space for themselves in the Wildcard race, while the Blue Jays are still trying to maintain their final spot. There’s more competition for the #1 spots, which is sure to make things fun. A few division have entertaining races […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 4

A month into the season, and many teams are holding steady. But there’s still some changes going on. Some lower ranked teams are making some runs to get back into things, while others continue to sputter and be streaky. The DL continues to hoard some big names, which always mixes things up, so let’s look […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 3

Three weeks into the season, and there’s starting to be some real separation in the NL divisions, but the AL is still largely close. The AL East is starting to even out, while Washington’s stock continues to rise. Where has everyone wound up this week? Let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 1

The MLB season is now underway, and already there have been plenty of surprises. In particular, the AL East has been turned upside down, again. The Dodgers are good, the Angels are bad, and Boston’s pitching is as useless as last year thus far. And a manager (Ozzie Guillen) is already in scalding water. So […]

MLB to Add Two Teams to 2012 Playoffs

Boston Red Sox fans need no more painful reminders of how close they were to sneaking into the playoffs last season. One more strike on Robert Andino, six more inches on the left field wall at Tropicana Field, three more minutes on the clock. My left arm tingles just thinking about it. Well, sorry Red […]

2011 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: World Series Results

The World Series is now over, which means it’s time to present the results of the SoB/SoNY Pick ‘Em. St. Louis won the series in seven thrilling games, with David Freese getting the rare nod of LCS and World Series MVP, something nobody saw coming. Despite the power of both teams, only one home run […]

2011 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: World Series

The World Series is finally here, and it’s down to the Rangers and Cardinals. Can the Cardinals win another World Series? Can the Rangers finally win their first? That’s what we’re here to predict. After both teams put up impressive performances throughout the postseason, it’s a pretty even split as to who will win. If […]

2011 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: League Championship Series Results

The LCSs are done, and they were rough on most of use here at SoB and SoNY. The Rangers caught everyone by surprise, while the Cardinals caught all but two. Four of seven people picked each series length correctly, but there were still plenty of incorrect choices. The MVPs were unknown to all; maybe someone […]

2011 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: League Championship Series

The Tigers and Rangers are underway, so that means it’s time for the next round of the MLB Pick ‘Em. After the first round, it’s a tight race, so we’re all eager to keep making a push for the lead like Tampa or St. Louis. This time around, everyone was won over by Detroit’s performance […]

2011 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round Results

The Divisional round is now over, and the big surprise was that St. Louis defeated the mighty Philadelphia Phillies, including Roy Halladay in the deciding Game 5. Detroit also took down the #1 New York Yankees, though that wasn’t a unanimous surprise. In addition, the sheer length of the series took many of us by […]

MLB Playoff Predictions: What the Red Sox Woulda/Coulda/Shoulda Done

Despite doing everything they possibly could to throw away their chances at the postseason in the month of September, the Boston Red Sox somehow still found themselves one strike away from at least forcing a one-game play-in against the Tampa Bay Rays. Then, in the course of three agonizing minutes, two walk-off wins left the […]

2011 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round

Welcome to the 2011 MLB Playoffs. We were all treated to a very thrilling final day on Wednesday, and it didn’t go too well for the collapsing Red Sox and Braves. As for us here at Sports of Boston (and for the first time in the MLB Pick ‘Em, Sports of New York), it’s time […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 24

We’re almost a week away from October, and that means it’s almost time for the playoffs to finally begin. Just the Phillies and Tigers have locked up spots so far (by way of a division title), but the largest elimination number remaining for a division is seven, and the Yankees shouldn’t have too much trouble […]

J.D. Drew’s Latest Injury and his Red Sox Legacy and Future

Earlier this week, Boston Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein revealed that J.D. Drew is suffering from an avulsion fracture on his right middle finger. While the fractured finger may have been news, Red Sox fans were already well aware that Drew would miss a significant amount of time on the disabled list. With Drew’s […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 23

With less than 20 games and two-and-a-half weeks left in the season, it’s getting down to the wire if teams want to make a move. Tampa and St. Louis are doing their parts, but there’s still a ways to go. The Phillies and Yankees are still holding sway, while the White Sox and Indians are […]