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2011 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: First Round

The playoffs are here. The first round is filled with all sorts of match-ups, from pushovers to intriguing fights. Everything starts with Chicago and Indiana, which should be over with fairly quickly. With the postseason started, and Boston set to square off with New York Sunday, us here at SoB are here to give you […]

2010-2011 NBA Expert Picks: Results

With the season over, it’s time to present the results of the 2010-2011 NBA Pick ‘Em. The East was easier to pick, as has been the case in recent memory; all three division winners were unanimously chosen. The middle of the pack was also pretty easy. The West was a different story. Aside from the […]

2010-2011 NBA Expert Picks

Hello and welcome to SoB’s annual NBA Pick ‘Em. This off-season was the most delicious to observe ever, and six of us are here to give you our thoughts on how all 82 games will treat the NBA because of it. Just as you’ve heard, it’s looking like it’ll be a Heat/Lakers super-Finals, with four […]

2010 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: NBA Finals Results

Celtics 17: Lakers 16. The banner count is still in Boston’s favor, but the Lakers are the first champions to repeat since … wait for it … the Lakers, from 2000 to 2002. At least the Lakers have been swept in the Finals three times, once to the Celtics. And the Celtics are now 4-1 […]

2010 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: NBA Finals

Well, here we are. It’s the 12th meeting between Boston and (Beat) L.A. in the Finals. 32 of 63 (>50%) of all NBA titles ever belong to one of the two teams. And with the trash talking by both Boston and Los Angeles beginning in full, it’s sure to be a huge four to seven […]

2010 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 3 Results

A Lakers/Magic rematch didn’t pan out, but a Lakers/Celtics rematch did. Expect the “Beat L.A.” chants to be loud and proud in Games 3-5. Despite being battered up pretty bad, Boston still took it too Orlando and avoided the dreaded 3-0 to 3-4 loss that stung the Bruins earlier in the month. It wasn’t pretty, […]

2010 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 3

The Celtics are on a very improbable mission to win a title. They managed to steal home-court advantage from the Cavs twice en route to eliminating them, and now must deal with the Magic. Five of our experts still think the Celtics can’t summon any magic of their own, though three think they’ll push the […]

2010 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 2 Results

Behind a three game tear, Boston finally advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, after all three other series were swept. The Magic have a huge advantage, being rested. Both Boston and Cleveland suffered their worst home losses in franchise histories in one series. Los Angeles had a nail biter in Game 3, but came through. […]

2010 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 2

With Round 1 done, Round 2 has begun. Already, the Celtics blew another game with Cleveland and the Lakers held on to beat Utah. The Spurs and Suns will clash, while the Magic look to take advantage of a surprisingly struggling Hawks team. All of this is in the wake of Lebron James being the […]

2010 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 1 Results

The first round is over, and the second round couldn’t wait. Cleveland actually lost a game to Chicago, Boston surprisingly didn’t win in seven games, in spite of the referees’ best efforts to ensure the Heat would win in four. Atlanta took a while to win, but did so in decisive fashion. The Spurs and […]

2010 NBA Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 1

Well, the playoffs are finally here, and there have been plenty of exciting teams to watch. Phoenix and Dallas are back, and Atlanta keeps getting better and better, going from #8 two years ago, to #4 last year, to #3 this year. And how they have the good fortune to face an ailing Milwaukee team […]

2009-2010 NBA Expert Picks: Results

The season is now over, and there have been plenty of dark horses that have made quite an impact. Oklahoma’s in for the first time as the Thunder, Milwaukee and Charlotte are in, not to mention the #3 Suns. On the other side of that coin, who could have foreseen the Spurs’ poor season? For […]