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2013 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championships Results

The Conference Championships are complete. First, San Francisco organized a thrilling come-from-behind victory in Atlanta, then the Ravens marched into New England and shut the Patriots down. That sets up the first ever Super Bowl between head coach brothers. The Ravens caught almost all of us off guard, but the 49ers gave most of us […]

2013 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championships

The Conference Championships are here. The 49ers and Falcons are battling in the NFC finals, while the Patriots and Ravens will have themselves a rematch for the ages in the night game. It’s looking like the Patriots and Ravens will be the more offensive contest, looking at our predictions for the round. Either way, there’s […]

2013 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round Results

The Divisional Round is complete, and it was rough on many of us. The Broncos lost a double overtime thriller against Baltimore, the Packers were stifled by the defensive minded (and sudden offensive juggernaut) 49ers and the Seahawks literally threw away the game when Pete Carroll tried to ice Matt Bryant on the game-winning field […]

2013 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round

The Divisional Round is here, so it’s time to bring you the 2013 NFL Pick ‘Em’s next round of predictions. Three of the four games had their winners chosen unanimously, while the other was nearly an even split. The Patriots/Texans look to be the highest scoring game of the weekend, with the other three looking […]

2013 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Wildcard Round Results

The first round is now complete, and the final eight teams are set. It was a round mostly for the home teams, with only Seattle pulling off a road win in the final game Sunday evening. RG III re-injured his knee in the contest, allowing Seattle to keep Washington at bay, so let’s hope that […]

2013 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Wildcard Round

The playoffs are finally upon us, and it’s now underway, starting with Houston and Cincinnati. Our sizable panel of experts is here to bring you our predictions for this weekend’s Wildcard round games. The Packers are the only unanimous selection to advance, with the Seahawks and Texans not far behind. The Ravens and Colts looks […]

2012-2013 NFL Expert Picks Results

The 2012-2013 season is finally over, and the playoffs will soon begin. But before they do, it’s time to present the results of our annual regular season Pick ‘Em. The Patriots and Packers, overwhelming picks for #1, didn’t do quite that well, but still finished strong. The easiest teams to pick exactly, despite late season […]

2012-2013 NFL Expert Picks

After enough waiting, the 2012-2013 NFL season is finally upon us. The replacement refs will start the season for awhile, which should shake things up a bit to begin the season. The season is now beginning with the defending champion Giants hosting arch rivals Dallas. It should be an exciting season as always, but for […]

2012 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Super Bowl Results

A heartbreaking loss for New England; another well-fought victory for New York. New York won again behind a season eerily similar to four years ago. Tom Coughlin continues to expand his record for most times being fired without actually being fired, and now has another Super Bowl to his credit. And the AFC finally won […]

2012 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is finally here, and once again, it’s New England vs. New York (if you include the other side of the New Jersey border). The SoB (in red)/SoNY (in green) rivalry is continuing in full swing as well, with the Pats getting the majority of picks to win their fourth ring. (True, most […]

2012 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Pro Bowl Results

The Pro Bowl is now over, and everyone was caught by surprise. The star-studded NFC lineup fell behind a very potent AFC assault, led by surprise MVP Brandon Marshall, who snagged a Pro Bowl record four touchdown catches. In fact, nobody in our panel earned any points from the winner, TD total or MVP categories. […]

2012 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is here, which mean’s it’s now officially Super Bowl week! Not that many people care about the Pro Bowl right now, but a lot of great players are in it, especially with teams like Green Bay and New Orleans getting booted early. All that talent, especially that from the NFC, is what […]

2012 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championship Results

The Super Bowl is now set. It’s a rematch of four years ago in the Patriots and Giants. Only this time, the Patriots don’t have the pressure of remaining unbeaten, and they have a grudge against the Giants for winning in New England. Will that lead to a different result? We’ll see in two weeks. […]

2012 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championships

It’s finally time for the Conference Championships. After several disappointing years, can the Patriots finally make it back to the Super Bowl? Will they get revenge from four years ago? Will a Harbaugh be guaranteed a title? What will happen is what we are all here to predict for you. Here at SoB (in red) […]

2012 NFL Playoff Expert Picks: Divisional Round Results

The Divisional Round is now complete, and there was finally a road win. And were down to just the final four. Next Sunday, it’ll be Patriots/Ravens and 49ers/Giants for the right to play for the Lombardi Trophy. After the previous round, we’re sure to see plenty of action. The Saints threw plenty of people for […]