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2010-2011 NHL Expert Picks

The NHL season is underway, and we here at Sports of Boston are proud to present our annual Pick ‘Em for the regular season. It may be a little light this year, but there’s plenty to talk about. Most notably, we all have mad love for the Washington Capitals, with all four of us picking […]

NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup Finals Results

It’s finally over, and the Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions for the first time since 1961. Patrick Kane scored the game winner in OT, and he was the only one who noticed that the puck went through the net. Not the way the Blackhawks thought the Cup would be won, but whatever. 47 goals were […]

NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup Finals

The final battle for the Stanley Cup is underway, with Philadelphia (boo!) against Chicago (sic ‘em). At least the whole Bruins blowing it thing has been dropped after the Celtics didn’t do the same thing. Random no-name goalies (at least to start the season) Michael Leighton and Antti Niemi will man the nets for the […]

2010 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 3 Results

That was a quick round, featuring a Blackhawks sweep of the Sharks and the Flyers tossing aside the Canadiens in five. As a result, both teams now have until Saturday to rest up and prepare. It’s not like it was even that difficult for the Blackhawks and Flyers to advance. All SportsCenter could talk about […]

2010 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 3

No more Bruins, no problem. At least for the Canadiens, right? They beat two of the best teams around, and now they face a #7 team that just finished beating an injured team, and is down to their backup goalie. And the Sharks don’t do well in the playoffs, but have forged ahead to the […]

2010 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 2 Results

Seriously, how did that happen? The Bruins go up 3-0 and lose the next four? They injure the Flyers’ starting goalie and force in a guy that hadn’t played in months and they still screw it up? Forget the injuries the Bruins had, you don’t lose after being up 3-0 and be taken seriously. The […]

2010 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 2

After a surprising first round, the Red Wings kick off Round 2; Detroit aims to be a much tougher challenge for the Sharks than Colorado was. Thanks to Round 1, all eight seeds are represented in the second round: #1 San Jose Sharks, #2 Chicago Blackhawks, #3 Vancouver Canucks, #4 Pittburgh Penguins, #5 Detroit Red Wings, […]

2010 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks Round 1: Results

Wow. What a first round. The most amazing part was definitely when, for the second year in a row, the President’s Trophy winner (Washington) lost to the worst team in the playoffs (Montreal) in the first round. In fact, despite having what should have been the easiest series, Washington became the first top seed to lose […]

2010 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 1

There’s been plenty of hype about the playoffs this year, which I say as if it’s a revelation. The Bruins rebounded quite nicely to pick up their best possible match-up in the 1st round, and four of our six experts have picked them to win, with five of us (including those four who think the […]

2009-2010 NHL Expert Picks: Results

The playoffs are finally here, and there have been quite a few surprises. The Bruins disappointed many with such a poor finish, with a top three draft pick as consolation. The Sabres scored 100 points to win the division, though they do have Ryan Miller, and the Senators did do a great job too. The […]

2009-2010 NHL Pick ‘Em: Who’s Going to the Playoffs?

Nine of SoB’s finest will compete in the first annual NHL Pick ‘Em, which joins a long successful string of NFL, NBA, and MLB Pick ‘Ems. I will admit, my NHL knowledge isn’t up to snuff when compared to my knowledge of the other three major sports, but if there’s a game I can compete […]