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2014 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: First Round

The NHL playoffs are here, and the annual playoff Pick ‘Em is back. And it should be a good one this year with the Wildcard format leading to divisional match-ups in the first two rounds, except for Wildcard Dallas shifting over to the Pacific Division. East newcomers Detroit and Columbus face tough challenges as Wildcard […]

2013-2014 NHL Expert Picks Results

With the NHL season over and the playoffs about to begin, it’s time to announce the results of the 2013-2014 Regular Season Pick ‘Em. The Blackhawks and Red Wings could have been better for us, while the Avalanche and Lightning mucked around with the standings. With the Penguins, Bruins and Blues coming through, the Pacific […]

2013-2014 NHL Expert Picks

The new NHL season is here, as is the new divisional alignment. Each conference now has two divisions, eight teams per division in the East and seven per division in the West. In an effort to more properly align divisions along time zones, the NHL has moved Detroit and Columbus to the East, and Winnipeg […]

2013 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup Results

The Stanley Cup Final is over, and what a heartbreaker it was for Boston. They had an easy path to Game 7 before coughing up two goals in 18 seconds with about a minute left to play. Still, that doesn’t take anything away from Chicago’s accomplishment after their very good season. With all of us […]

2013 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup

As you can see from the map, most of the country believes Chicago will skate away with the Stanley Cup. You may also notice that the only states that believe Boston will win are Boston’s home states of New England and Michigan, home to Chicago’s arch rivals Detroit. But whatever you think about that, it’s […]

2013 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Third Round Results

The Finals are set, and it will be the 2010 and 2011 champions, Chicago and Boston respectively, duking it out to see who gets the Cup again. To get there, Chicago dethroned defending champs Los Angeles in five games, while Boston swept past a very powerful Pittsburgh team, despite losing Gregory Campbell to a broken […]

2013 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Third Round

The NHL is down to its final four teams, and in an interesting twist, they’re also the last four teams to win the Stanley Cup. The Penguins, Blackhawks, Bruins and Kings are all worthy teams, and should make for a highly entertaining Conference Final Round. Despite having only four possible combinations of series winners, all […]

2013 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Second Round Results

The second round of the NHL Playoffs is complete. It was capped off by a cutthroat series between evenly-matched Los Angeles and San Jose, and of course a comeback by Chicago after being down 3-1 to Detroit. Pittsburgh and Boston won their series fairly easily to set up what looks to be a violent series […]

2013 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Second Round

The second round of the NHL Playoffs is underway, and it should be fun. Chicago and Detroit face off for the last times in the same division. Boston and the Rangers face each other in the playoffs for the first time in 40 years. The Penguins face a Senators team that just won’t go away. […]

2013 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: First Round Results

What a first round. The only team to sweep an opponent was a #6 seed. The Bruins undertook a comeback for the ages. Pittsburgh was given a run for their money by the Islanders. All of that produced a variety of levels of success for our panel. The Penguins, Blackhawks and Bruins were all solid […]

2013 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks

The playoffs are upon us, and there are plenty of good match-ups. Boston backed into the postseason and faces Toronto, who you don’t usually see in May. The Blackhawks and Penguins easily solidified their positions. Ottawa barely avoided Pittsburgh in the first round, while Minnesota is just happy to be in, winning a tiebreaker over […]

2012 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup Results

The NHL season is now over, and the Los Angeles Kings have won their first title, and as the first 8-seed to win a title at that. Jonathan Quick has been named the MVP of the playoffs thanks to his efficient play in net, something the Devils had a real tough time breaking (they scored […]

2012 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup

Welcome to the Stanley Cup Finals! It’s the Kings and Devils, certainly two unlikely teams to be in this position looking at the field before the playoffs began. Both teams’ excellent performances so far has made the series difficult to pick, with our remaining panel here at SoB split between the two. Either way, it’s […]

2012 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Third Round Results

The Stanley Cup Finals are now set. It’s an unlikely match-up between a #6 and a #8 team. And to get there, they had to beat a #1 and #3 team. At that point, the Kings were expected to make it through to the Finals, while the Devils pulled off a bit of an upset […]

2012 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: 3rd Round

Only four teams remain in the NHL playoffs. The Devils try to continue their run against another powerful divisional rival while the Kings and Coyotes each try to cap off a Cinderella run to the Stanley Cup Finals. And here at SoB, it’s looking like it’ll be the Rangers and Kings meeting for the Cup. […]