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Pats Release Statement, Herald Apologizes

The Boston Herald has officially apologized for its errant report by John Tomase that the Patriots taped the Rams’ walkthrough prior to their first Super Bowl victory. On Feb. 2, 2008, the Boston Herald reported that a member of the New England Patriots’ video staff taped the St. Louis Rams’ walkthrough on the day before […]

Walsh and Goodell Meet to Discuss SpyGate

NFL Commish Roger Goodell and Matt Walsh have finished their meeting in New York to discuss Walsh’s part in SpyGate. With no Rams walkthrough tape in hand, it seems Walsh has no real smoking gun to give Goodell and today’s testimony may not mean much. Walsh has handed over all the videotapes from his “collection” […]

Walsh Sends NFL 8 Tapes, No Rams Walkthrough

Former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh sent the NFL eight videotapes that show New England violated league rules by recording opposing coaches’ playcalling signals. The tapes were of five opponents and six games between 2000 and 2002. The New York Times confirmed a list of the teams that were taped: San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, […]

Matt Walsh To Meet With NFL On May 13

Former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh has reached an agreement to meet with the NFL to discuss his role, if any, in the Spygate scandal. Walsh and his lawyers had been negotiating with the NFL over terms and protection for him to come forward. Walsh will meet with Commishioner Roger Goodell on May 13. Walsh […]

Goodell Stands Behind Spygate Actions

Speaking in Washington with Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday that he stands behind destroying the Patriots spying tapes after viewing and punishing the three time Super Bowl Champions. Specter says Goodell told him that the Patriots admitted to taping opposing coaches signals since Bill Belichick took over in 2000. Specter […]

Walsh to Receive Legal Protection from NFL

Former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh has received the legal protection he desired and may now talk to the NFL about his time with the Patriots and any shady dealings he was involved with. ESPN reported last night that NFL Commish Roger Goodell has told Walsh the NFL would protect him legally from any suits […]

No More Penalities for the Patriots

According to an NFL statement issued today, the Patriots’ complete compliance with Goodell’s orders of handing over all spying related materials has been met. “The Patriots have fully cooperated and complied with the requirements of the commissioner’s decision,” the statement [from the NFL] said. “All tapes, documents and other records relating to this matter were […]

Pats Lose Pick, Belichick Fined

NFL Commish Roger Goodell has leveled down a severe punishment to head coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots for the videotaping of Jets coach’s defensive signals Sunday. Belichick will be fined $500,000 and the Patriots will forfeit a 2008 first round draft pick if they make the playoffs. If the Pats fail to make the […]

Belichick Apologizes – Penalty to Come?

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick released a statement today apologizing to owners, players and fans for the now infamous video taping incident. At his usual morning press conference, Belichick would not comment further and after several times having to waive off questions on the incident, Belichick simply walked off the podium. As previously posted, ESPN.com […]

Patriots Violations Confirmed

Continuing an ongoing story, according to an ESPN news report, the NFL has confirmed that the “New England Patriots violated league rules Sunday by videotaping defensive signals by the coaching staff of the New York Jets.” As a result: Goodell is considering severe sanctions, including the possibility of docking the Patriots “multiple draft picks” because […]