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Robert Kraft Lands on Sports Illustrated Cover

Do you believe in the SI cover curse? Does it apply to team owners? Despite whatever you may believe, Patriots owner Robert Kraft made the cover of Sports Illustrated this week for the first time. What took so long? Photo after the jump…

Who Does “Fake Tom Brady” Actually Look Like?

Super Bowl Media Day was a complete circus as usual on Tuesday. One of the sideshows was a man dubbed “Fake Tom Brady.” At first glance, Fake Tom, also known as Nick Lower of Missouri, resembled the Brady of a couple years back. He has long, flowing brown hair and a thick beard (do you […]

Birdman Bets $5 Million on the Patriots?

Rapper, Cash Money Records co-founder/co-CEO, and Lil Wayne father figure Birdman (now known as Baby, for some reason, although his real name is Bryan Williams) has offered to bet $5 million on the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. $5 million! While many reports claim he has already made this bet, the phrasing of this […]

Patriots, Giants On a Collision Course for a Super Bowl Rematch

Finally the New England Patriots are back where they belong; in a championship game. After beating the lucky-to-be-there Broncos in the divisional round, The Pats are back in the AFC Championship game. They’ll be hosting the Baltimore Ravens in a playoff game for the first time since Baltimore ousted the Patriots in the wild card […]

Why the Patriot Playoff Slump Ends in 2012

In the last 10 years the New England Patriots have developed into a perennial contender. It is expected that they make the playoffs, and the only way a season can be deemed a success is with a super bowl title. By this high standard, the last two years have been great disappointments, with the Patriots […]

Packers, Steelers Advance To Super Bowl XLV

With a 24-19 loss in the AFC Championship Game, the Jets did not qualify for the Super Bowl, and they have not been to the big game since 1969 (when they won Super Bowl III with Joe Namath under center). In his interview with CBS after the game, Rex Ryan looked as if he had […]

Madden ’11: Patriots Win Super Bowl in ESPN Simulation

For years, EA’s Madden football video game series has been ruining careers of many prolific NFL players. SoB’s Pete chronicled the pitfalls for every Madden cover athlete from 1999 (Garrison Hearst) to 2008 (Brett Favre), and added extra analysis for 2009′s cover boys (Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu). We all know the Madden Curse affects […]

Steelers Trade WR Holmes to Jets: Why?

What in the world is going on in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? The Pittsburgh Steelers, a team that’s been under the microscope for all of the wrong reasons this offseason, made more news on Monday, trading Super Bowl-MVP wide receiver Santonio Holmes to the New York Jets for a fifth-round draft pick. Yes, you read that correctly. […]

Peyton Manning a Failure? It’s Just the Way of the Universe.

I’m not what some would call a very spiritual person. I don’t go to church. I don’t believe in ghost, psychics, or the afterlife. I think of all forms of religion as either a type of copping mechanism or a social group that makes it easier to meet a like-minded person to have sex with, […]

All Super Bowl Commercials

NFL Fanhouse has all the Super Bowl ads in case you missed them or want to see them again. Click here to see all of the ads! What was your favorite commercial? I enjoyed the Google commercial, a couple of the Bud Light commercials, and the Snickers ad featuring Betty White.

2009-2010 NFL Super Bowl & Playoff Picks: Final Results

After a thrilling Super Bowl, multiple records were set or tied. The NFC has now won 13 coin tosses in a row, which has a probability of 1/1892, or .0122%. When the Saints attempted (and recovered) an onside kick to kick off the second half, they attempted the first ever pre-4th quarter onside kick in […]

2009-2010 NFL Super Bowl Picks

It’s time for the final round of SoB’s annual NFL Playoff Pick ‘Em. The Super Bowl features a lightning round with five bonus categories. Also included is a tiebreaker, just in case, in which participants predicted the length, in minutes and seconds, of the longest drive of the game. Brian is currently in the lead […]

The Experimental Pro Bowl Format was Better

To nobody’s surprise the offenses lit up the scoreboard in the 2010 Pro Bowl as the American Football Conference edged the National Football Conference, 41-34. It was a typical Pro Bowl. There were no hard hits, with the exception of San Diego wideout Vincent Jackson’s crack-back block on Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews. Most of […]

Matt Cassel Peed On at Super Bowl Party

You’ve seen Patriots Quarterback Matt Cassel play well in the rain and the snow. But, how well does he play…in the pee? Cassel was waiting in line for the bathroom at ESPN’s Tampa Bay Super Bowl bash Friday night when a drunk football fan tried to cut him in line. Cassel explained to the slosh […]

Super Bowl XLIII Expert Pick ‘Em Results

If it’s any consolation, an AFC team won the Super Bowl, but if you’re like me, you definitely weren’t rooting for the Steelers to win an NFL-record sixth Super Bowl title. Well, they did win the game 27-23 in a wild finish. That of course means that we have a winner in the Super Bowl […]