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Texts from Theo: The Mike Lowell Situation Part II

With Daisuke Matsuzaka returning to his role of pitching behind in the count and making it insufferable to watch a Red Sox game, space had to be opened up on the 25-man roster—space made by placing the scarcely used Mike Lowell on the 15-day DL with “hip problems.” Of course no one really thinks Lowell’s […]

Ryan Westmoreland’s Long Road to Recovery

Entering this season, Ryan Westmoreland was considered one of the top two prospects in the Red Sox system by almost every prospect evaluator. In a limited season due to injury, Westmoreland dominated in the New York-Penn League with the Lowell Spinners in his professional debut, despite having little exposure to a high level of pitching […]

Sox Give Rays a Taste of Their Own Medicine

It was a beautiful sight for Red Sox Nation to see them sweep the top team in the AL East this week, but will this 3-game sweep over the Rays be enough to motivate the Sox to keep on trucking up the treacherous AL ladder?

Hey Lowell, Why the Long Face?

Over the past week or so, it’s been made abundantly clear that Mike Lowell is no longer happy in Boston.  It’s sad, but who can blame him?  Lowell has been fighting injury and giving his all to the Red Sox since 2006, and his efforts have not gone unnoticed.  There’s a reason Red Sox Nation […]

Regrets Abound Around Lowell Deal

Deep in his heart of hearts, in his soul of souls, in his auras of auras, Theo Epstein must still be comfortable with his decision to sign Mike Lowell to a three year, $37.5 million dollar contract after the 2007 season, even though at this point it may look like something he regrets. Of course, […]

J.D. Drew: Theo Epstein’s White Knight?

Calling J.D. Drew “easy to hate” may be a bit of an understatement. The soft-spoken right fielder for the Red Sox is entering his fourth season with the club since signing a lucrative five-year, $70 million deal following the 2006 campaign. Since signing that deal, Drew has become a magnet for criticism, whether it be […]

Is Adrian Gonzalez Within the Red Sox Reach?

After beating up on the doormats of the AL East, the Red Sox are finally back to .500 on the season. Despite the recent success, this team has yet to win a series against a winning squad and has exhibited many alarming signs in the early-going. Time to hit the panic button? Not quite, but […]

Time Has Come for Red Sox, Ortiz to Part Ways

By the time the Red Sox were swept by the Tampa Bay Rays Monday afternoon, David Ortiz’s hollow promise was all but forgotten.  After Friday night’s suspended game, Ortiz expressed distress. With 15 strikeouts in 38 at-bats, Ortiz has plenty of reason to be upset. Surprisingly, his struggles were not on his mind. The game […]

With Bay Now in New York, Beltre is the Answer

When the New York Mets signed free agent Jason Bay, initially the optimistic Mets fan in me was ecstatic. A true RBI man and a doubles machine was on his way to New York to wear my team’s orange and blue. Even with the great statistics, Bay brought to the Mets something that scared me: […]

Red Sox to The Future: The Bridge to 2012

Few stories have captured the minds and broken the hearts of Red Sox Nation like Theo Epstein’s fabled “bridge to 2012.” Everything from the signing of Mike Cameron to parting ways with Jason Bay led Sox fans to conclude one thing: rebuilding year. David Ortiz has gotten old, Daisuke Matsuzaka has failed to storm through […]

Hacking Into This Whole ‘Mike Lowell Situation’

One of the most intriguing questions entering Sox spring training is the Mike Lowell situation. With the acquisition of Adrian Beltre, Lowell’s position on the team is now pretty redundant. However, there’s still questions swirling. When will he be traded? Can he? Could he play a different role on the team? Does he want to? […]

Red Sox Sign Jonathan Papelbon to Avoid Arbitration

Theo Epstein managed to avoid arbitration with closer Jonathan Papelbon for the second straight year, signing him to a one-year, $9.35 million deal, with incentives that could bring the total value to $9.5 million. The contract is the highest for a relief pitcher with four years of service or less, eclipsing Eric Gagne’s $8 million […]

The Aughts: The Greatest Sports Decade That Almost Never Happened

On the warm Sunday afternoon of October 11, just before 4 p.m., shortstop Erick Aybar settled under Dustin Pedroia’s pop up, ending the 2009 ALDS in front of a deflated crowd at Fenway Park. The inning was officially scored: 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB. Angels 7, Red Sox 6. Just like that, […]

Red Sox Spend to Contend

Since John Henry, Tom Warner, and Larry Lucchino came to own and control the Boston Red Sox, the team has lived within a budget. Granted, this budget has allowed the team to maintain a higher payroll than most teams, and has at times allowed the team to spend enough to outspend all but one franchise: […]

The Adrian Gonzalez Conspiracy Theory

Boston baseball hasn’t convulsed with this much rampant speculation since the Red Sox tried to bring Alex Rodriguez to the Hub. From newspapers and television to water coolers and the Web, one name has the Nation dreaming Gheorghe Muresan big: Adrian Gonzalez. Today, according to multiple reports, the price tag for the slugging Padre first […]