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Fenway Park Grabs Big Air This Week

By on February 11, 2016 at 5:39am
big air fenway park (Photo Credit: nesn.com)

While Fenway Park staff will be filling trucks with equipment on the streets around the ballpark, inside the park Olympic snowboarders and skiers compete in the Polartec Big Air Fenway on February 11th and 12th.

This one-of a-kind extreme sports event features professional extreme sport athletes. They will compete in a variety of competitions including slopeside snowboarding on a ramp that begins in the outfield, reaches 140 feet above the center field wall and runs  through the center of the diamond ending at home plate. The highest part of the ramp towers above the center field wall, higher than the park lights. Competitors can be seen from the Massachusetts Turnpike, which runs behind the park’s outfield.

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After Avery Bradley edged the Celtics over the Cavaliers Friday night with a buzzer beater 3-pointer he continued his sharp shooting against the Kings going 6-7 from 3-point range and scoring 25 points in a 128-119 victory Sunday in Boston. The win in Cleveland was likely the Celtics biggest win of the season, especially being on the road and playing the Cavaliers after they had come off a loss. It looked ugly early for the Celts Friday in Cleveland but they were able to hang in and keep it close in the first two quarters before gaining the lead in the second half. A balanced attack with Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Evan Turner, Tyler Zeller and Jared Sullinger all scoring in double figures helped to hold off the Cavaliers late game push. The grittiest play of the game came with the Celtics down two points with seconds left. A missed free throw from Evan Turner allowed for Marcus Smart, 6’4″, boxing out Timofey Mozgov, 7’1″ to cause a scramble for the rebound that ultimately went out off the Cavaliers. This afforded the Celtics just the chance they needed and, on a broken play, Bradley gathered himself to knock down the game winning triple from the corner.

Rolling into Sunday winners of three straight and coming off dethroning the mighty King the C’s hung 46 points on Sacramento in the first quarter en route to the win. They were in control wire to wire despite a pesky performance from the Kings who made runs but were never able to recover from the 76 point first half performance of the Celtics.

Boston is now in sole possession of third place in the Eastern Conference behind Cleveland and Toronto, they are winners of four in a row and nine of their last ten. Celtics’s fans have reason to be excited with the wins and the way the team has continued to get better and play together. However, four and half games is all that separates the now third place Celtics and the ninth place Hornets. The C’s will need to continue to win with a tough schedule ahead. Boston not only has a slew of balanced Eastern Conference teams to play that will all be jockeying for position but still has a variety of tough Western Conference opponents to face after the All-Star break including Golden State, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles Clippers (and Lakers), and Memphis to name a few, those wins will not come easy.

For now Boston will head to Milwaukee to go for five straight wins against the Bucks who are losers of five straight, before coming home to face Doc Rivers and his 34-17 Clippers that have won seven of their last ten, doing so without Blake Griffin.

The Celtics should feel confident heading to the Midwest behind their Eastern Conference player of the week Isaiah Thomas who continues to put up numbers and help the C’s win games. His most recent weekly stat line to earn said honors goes like this: 20.3 points, 7 assists, 4.5 rebounds, and 1.3 steals over 33.6 minutes per game. With the C’s seeming to play their best basketball of the season coach Brad Stevens will continue to keep their feet on the ground and their eyes on the clipboard to hopefully finish the next two games strong before heading into All-Star weekend.

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Mike Reiss of ESPN is reporting that the Patriots are in talks to bring back retired offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia. The legendary offensive line coach retired after the 2013 season after having spent two decades coaching in New England. His replacement, Dave DeGuglielmo, had an up and down tenure in New England that ranged from a line that under-performed at times to a Super Bowl victory.

The play of the New England’s offensive line was the biggest issue in their AFC Championship loss to Denver and bringing Scarnecchia back would provide an instant upgrade. The Patriots still need to address the tackle position, however. Nate Solder and Sebastian Vollmer have had injury issues and Marcus Cannon is a reserve player at best. Getting a quality third tackle will go  along way towards solving the Patriots’ problems.

Scarnecchia is a Hall of Fame level assistant coach who has routinely gotten the best out of his players. It is a major reason why he lasted through the regimes of several different head coaches and why some unheralded linemen became Super Bowl Champions. Many of the players on the roster have played under him and are comfortable with his style and respect his coaching acumen.


The familiarity that Scarnecchia brings to the table is a major selling point for him. He has had success in New England in the past and specifically with many of the same players that are still in Foxboro. Bill Belichick trusts him and Tom Brady will feel more comfortable knowing who is coaching his protectors. It is not set in stone yet, but it would be surprising at this point if he does not come back. Patriots fans should feel happy if he does; he won’t fix all of New England’s issues, but he will greatly improve a unit that was a black eye in the AFC Championship game.


1. Super Bowl:


*I have never seen a more gutless, undisciplined performance in big game history by a player – never mind and MVP. When he slid before a first down marker early in the game I knew Carolina was in trouble. Then refusing to dive after his fumble will go down as the most cowardly play in sports history. And then almost worse with two minutes left he quit letting the clock run down. Dab that – you fraud.


* Lady Gaga great voice but crazy eye liner freaking me out

* Think about how crazy this world is – Ray Lewis who was involved with two MURDERS is introduced and is cheered and then Tom Brady who carries himself the right way, says the right thing, takes less money for his team – and he gets booed (This is what Goodell did to him and his family)

* Head official Clete had the Ed Hoculi starter’s kit for a shirt

* Has to be the worst Super Bowl in its 50-year history

* The two quarterbacks set football back to the days before the forward pass (31-64

48% / 0 TD – 2 INT)

* Vegas made a killing – all the money was on the Patriots and Carolina to beat Denver Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Cam Newton Submits Gutless Performance (True Colors When it Matters) »

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1. Super Bowl:

* Had to turn off any pre-game discussions about Carolina and mostly Denver

* Hate having to root for Cam Newton but can’t let Peyton Manning close the gap with Brady

* Sad when the Patriots don’t get us to February

* Won’t be nervous all weekend

2. Favorite sports uniforms:

* White Habs

* ABA New Jersey Nets

* Baby Blue Penguins

* Old Washington Bullets

* Either of the Blackhawks

* Pat Patriot Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Who Cares About the Super Bowl »

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1. Patriots laments: it’s only been a week – ugh!

* More on the offensive line – They were so bad that they not only could they not provide Brady protection but almost as bad is they couldn’t RUN block five against three

* Julian Edelman should hang the picture from Sports Illustrated showing Talib taunting him while he is prostrate on the ground

* Brady hit more than any quarterback in almost a decade – speaks to talent and compete incompetence but also insanely bad blocking schemes, play design and adjustments

* Why didn’t they roll out more?

* Last time the Patriots didn’t defer after winning coin toss – 2008 during the game that Brady’s knee got blown up

2. A suggestion from reader Marty J – Celtics picks when finishing in the bottom ten of the league:

2014 – finished 5th lowest – got 6th pick – Marcus Smart (33% chance top three pick) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Dog Day of Sports! »

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1.Patriots sad sacks of facts from Sunday:

* The three plays that told me that it was going to be a long game – Coin Toss / Butler’s 12-yard cushion on Sanders / missed extra point

* I read the other day that a Denver player tried to teabag Brady while he was on the ground – after the year he had being wrongly disparaged across the country and all he has done for this team and region – the offensive line should be ashamed of themselves.

* The fact that the team was handing Miami the game last month – a disgrace that no one fought Suh after he targeted Brady’s legs

* Possible that Brady took the most violent beating in NFL history last Sunday (was limping, bloody arm, was holding his ribs)

* Patriots and Brady are 0-5 against the Mannings in playoffs over the last eight years

* Without question the biggest play of the year was Chris Harper’s fumble

* Felger had a stat the other day that said the Patriots are something like 20-5 against playoff teams at home over the last five years and 3-7 on the road which meant Miami was a must win!

* Must say Gronk was a warrior in Denver only adding to the folklore Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Still Singing the Blues! »

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