1. NFL Draft:

* Patriots will draft past my bed time (Editor’s note – they did and took Malcolm Brown)

* First pick year after Super Bowl wins: 2002 – Daniel Graham (traded up from 32 to 21 also gave up 96th and 234rd) / 2004 – Ben Watson / 2005 – Logan Mankins

* Why is Tampa a perennial loser – because they would draft a con-artist like Jameis Winston

* Fingers crossed for Bryant and Reading high defensive star Jeff Covitz (the anti Jameis Winston)

* The Jets got the best player in the draft with Leonard Williams from USC

2. Red Sox:

* Red Sox pitchers are hitting .250: right fielders are hitting .130 / first basemen are hitting .140 / catchers are hitting .214

* Back to Cherington – don’t forget he extended John Farrell for two years this offseason – instead of letting the season play itself out Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: NFL Draft, Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight, Kentucky Derby! »

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malcolm brown

The New England Patriots selected University of Texas defensive tackle Malcolm Brown with the 32nd overall pick to close out the first round of the NFL draft Thursday night. Despite some reports of trade activity, the Patriots ended up using their selection on Brown.

Brown, a 6’2″, 319 pound  defensive tackle should be able to come in and compete for a starting job right away with New England alongside last year’s first round selection Dominique Easley. Brown was a first team All-American in 2014, a season in which he had 6 sacks. He posses the blend of quickness and strength that could make him an elite defensive lineman. While at Texas, he consistently drew double teams and was still able to win those battles. Brown played for two different head coaches in college and played well for both, which is good sign of his talent and versatility. Continue reading Patriots Select Malcolm Brown in First Round of NFL Draft »

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Associated Press

On Thursday, the Celtics Twitter account quoted Danny Ainge saying “I don’t think we’ve ever had cap space in the history of the Celtics, at least since I’ve been here. We need to spend it wisely.”  While Ainge is undoubtedly excited to test how attractive of a free agent destination Boston really is, and thus contradict the naysayers, it seems he is voicing concern regarding the likelihood of landing the cream of this year’s free agency crop and making sure not to overpay for mid-level talent.  While no legitimate top-5 talent (ie: Curry, Harden, LeBron, Durant, Davis) will become unrestricted free agents this offseason, there are some fringe-Superstar level talents that will be entering free agency. Let’s take a look at some free agents:

Kawhi Leonard:

16.5 Points, 7.2 rebounds, 2.5 assists

Mr. Defensive Player of the Year and reining Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard is the modern day Scottie Pippen; a defensive juggernaut with a formidable offensive skill set. Continue reading Can Danny Ainge Set Off Fireworks this Offseason? »

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490 Dalier Hinojosa

Red Sox management has scrambled to have effective relief pitchers available at the major league level for each game this week. Matt Barnes, Heath Hembree, and Steven Wright have all been involved on one day or another. I can’t keep track, but Sean McAdam was kind enough to catalog all the changes made over the last four days.

Each day’s moves seem to become more and more baffling than the next. Hembree, Wright, Robbie Ross, Barnes, none of them were cutting the mustard. Tuesday Clay Buchholz fell apart quickly and the bullpen only dug the team further down into a hole. Continue reading Red Sox Relievers Providing Anything But »

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Doug Griffin

Throwback Thursday – April 30, 1974

Red Sox second baseman Doug Griffin, nicknamed “Dude,” was knocked unconscious after getting hit in the head by a Nolan Ryan fastball while trying to lay down a bunt.

Griffin missed two months with a concussion and suffered temporary hearing loss. Some credit the injury to causing a premature end to Griffin’s career. Continue reading #TBT: Nolan Ryan Knocks Red Sox 2B Unconscious on a Bunt Attempt »

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Brock Holt's walk off home run on Friday was just another reason for him to be in the everyday lineup. (GAIL BURTON/AP)

I’ve done my absolute best to be optimistic about this pitching staff. Of course we all know how unproven the entire rotation was coming into this season, but it seemed like the five of them would be able to put it together. Each pitcher has had success in the past and the thought was they would all be serviceable enough to give the offense a chance to win games. This week we saw Wade Miley get shelled in just 2.1 innings of work and Joe Kelly imploded in the sixth inning to literally hand Tampa Bay a win. Thankfully it’s only April and there is still plenty of time for the rotation to put it together but I don’t think it’s outrageous to be slightly worried about what we’ve seen. Continue reading Red Sox Weekly Round Up: Starting Pitching Continues to be Woeful »

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2015 NFL Mock Draft

April 28, 2015 at 8:00am in Featured, NFL, Opinion, Patriots, Top Story
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jameis Winston, QB (FLORIDA STATE)

The Buccaneers need a franchise quarterback and it appears as though Winston will be the choice for them. Although I personally believe Marcus Mariota will be the better quarterback of the two, Winston seems to be the favorite Tampa Bay. He is talented and led Florida State to a National Championship in 2013. He has some serious off the field questions and his on the field play was lacking in some areas in 2014 (see first halves vs BC, Georgia Tech, and Miami) but if the Bucaneers can work with these issues, Winston could end up being a franchise player.

  1. Tennessee Titans- Marcus Mariota, QB (OREGON)

This pick could change if the Titans pull off the much talked about trade for San Diego’s Phillip Rivers, but unless that scenario occurs Mariota will likely be the pick here. There is some skepticism about his NFL ability due to the offense he played in at Oregon, but he has shown an ability to make every NFL throw and has an impeccable off the field record. Continue reading 2015 NFL Mock Draft »

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