* The game was so frustrating with no fluid play – reminded me of the Giants Super Bowl games but this time they pulled it out

* The call on Browner for helmet to helmet will not get the attention it deserves but that could have been the most impactful official’s call since Ben Drieth. If they don’t come back and win that game, it changes the whole season with the Patriots having to go on the road in the playoffs (and the gutless analysis by Collinsworth and Michaels was not worth their paycheck)

* The Patriots are abusing Gronk right now – he is getting hit 15 times a game by at least two defenders at a time

* How many times am I going to hear that Antonio Gates played basketball?

* Some Globe writer is working on the Brady F bomb article again

* Love the Patriots fans chanting “Defense” and “Brady”

* I guess Tyms used the N word – dude you’re last player on the roster – keep your mouth shut

* Dangerous move by Bill going with the blue windbreaker with cut sleeves but he survived it

* When the offensive lineman introduce themselves and what school they came from it looks like they need a teleprompter Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Overcome Ben Dreith and Bad Offensive Plan »

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Tyler Murphy (John Wilcox/Boston Herald)

The Boston College Eagles won’t have to travel far for their postseason game this year, as they have been drawn into the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. The Eagles will take on Penn State on December 27 in the first postseason meeting ever between the two teams. BC will be looking for its first bowl win since 2007, having lost four straight since then.

The Eagles are in the postseason for the second consecutive year after a two-year absence with a 7-5 record, despite losing their two key offensive players, quarterback Chase Rettig and running back Andre Williams. Rettig’s successor, Florida transfer Tyler Murphy, led the team with his running ability, racking up an ACC-record 1,079 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground with an outstanding average of 6.3 yards per carry. He was much shakier as a passer, completing just 56.9 percent of his passes for 1,526 yards, 11 scores and 10 interceptions. Continue reading Boston College to Take On Penn State in Pinstripe Bowl »

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NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Boston Celtics


Celtics beat Lakers. My favorite sentence ever. To me, it’s synonymous with good defeats evil. I can never get tired of watching Boston beat L.A., regardless of how meaningless the game is. However, the game itself was not the primary storyline entering last evening. Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant sharing breakfast together somehow became breaking news, despite the fact that it has been well documented that the two are friendly.

Is Rondo going to join the Lakers? Is #9 betraying the Celtics? My only question is why would Rondo want to join the Lakers? After last night’s beatdown, the only allure this Lakers team has is Bryant’s presence. And with Rondo suggesting that their bond is built over their “a**hole” ways, wouldn’t their two strong personalities clash? Continue reading Celtics Defeat Lakers 113-96, All Is Right with the World »

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Sources say it wasn't Kobe trying to get Rondo's ear, but rather the other way around. (Bleacher Report/Getty Images)

The following is the latest in our SoB Satire series. Much of the following isn’t real or confirmed to be true, but we totally wish it was.

According to sources, it wasn’t “just two a–holes having breakfast” when Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant met for breakfast on Thursday morning, contrary to earlier reports.

The two players did engage in some light recruiting. But it wasn’t to see whether Rondo would consider signing with the Lakers. In reality, it was  the Celtics point guard recruiting the Lakers star over a side of bacon.

Continue reading SoB Satire: Sources Say Rondo Was Recruiting Kobe at Breakfast »

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pats chargers

The Patriots and Chargers are both coming off tough road games that went down to the wire. The Chargers went in to Baltimore and beat the Ravens 34-33 in the final minutes while New England lost a close matchup to the Green Bay Packers, 26-21. The Patriots are still the AFC’s top seed at 9-3 and the Chargers are currently occupying a wildcard spot at 8-4. Sunday night’s game will not be easy for a Patriots’ team that is on the west coast facing a good team but they should still be able to win the game and it will begin with their offense.

San Diego has defended the pass well, giving up 221 yards a game which is good for seventh in the league. Tom Brady will have some options in the passing game but unlike most games the Patriots may be best off working from the outside in. They have not faced a player of Rob Gronkowski’s caliber but they have done a good job defending the tight end position, containing both Denver’s Julius Thomas and Kansas City’s Travis Kelce. Gronkowski should still be able to find some openings but the Patriots may look to some of their other receiving targets. Continue reading How the Patriots Can Attack the Chargers »

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1. Patriots Preview:

Patriots win this game easy – Chargers no pass rush or running game

* Greatest Chargers – Tomlinson and then Allsworth, Fouts, Winslow and Gates

* Best draft pick – Rodney Harrison 145th in 1994

* Against Patriots – 14-20-2 regular season / 1-2 post season

* Famous QB’s – Unitas, Brees, Fouts, Rivers, Hadl, McMahon, Kemp, Harbaugh

* Chargers 3-4 against teams with a winning record

* Philip Rivers 30-6 in December

* Only 18 sacks – Brady should have time

* Receivers – Allen on pace for 96 rec / 1,016 yds / 5 TD — Gates has 9 TD

* Running game is non-existent averaging 3.4 yards  Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Stay Classy in San Diego »

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One interesting aspect of Sunday’s game between the Patriots and the Chargers is the two premier tight ends that will be featured. San Diego boasts perennial star Antonio Gates while New England fashions superstar Rob Gronkowski. When two top-tier players at the same position play in the same game, it is always interesting to hear what they say about each other. When asked this week, Gates wasn’t short on his praise for Gronkowski.

“[Gronkowski's] one of the young guys that I look at — him, Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas — those are the guys that are kind of keeping the tradition going at the tight end position.” Continue reading Antonio Gates has High Praise for Gronk »

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