Flip Saunders

Longtime NBA head coach Flip Saunders, the current coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, has died. He was 60 years old.

Saunders died of cancer. He announced over the summer that he was being treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Continue reading Timberwolves Head Coach Flip Saunders Dies »


Johnny Cueto (Tony Dejak/Associated Press)

Earlier in the week we proposed a similar question regarding David Price, in wondering whether the Red Sox should consider a serious run at a major free agent in their search for an Ace for the starting rotation. Johnny Cueto is a very, very similar player to Price, and will most likely cost just almost as much to sign, in both years and dollars. The Red Sox, as a major market team, have the capability to acquire either player off of the free agent market, but there is merit in wondering if they actually should take the plunge. Free agent megadeals almost never work out for the signing team, so there is legitimate reason to speculate on the wisdom of making a splash just for the sake of spending to capacity. A deeper look into the situation reveals that the Red Sox should probably look elsewhere to find their Ace.

As stated above, Cueto is a very similar pitcher to Price, and that is why he will get paid at the top of the market this offseason. Cueto is only 29 years old, has averaged about 178 innings per season in the Major Leagues, and has a 3.30 career ERA, with only 2.60 BB/9, and a .236 Average Against for his career. So we can agree, solid marks all around. He has been good, he has been relatively durable, and he limits walks. This sounds like a solid pitcher that would be worth a decent investment in, especially since Cueto’s numbers are slightly worse than Price’s and would therefore mean a cheaper contract in signing him. And to be sure, Cueto would easily be an upgrade over any starter the Red Sox currently possess.

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1. Patriots – Jets Preview:

* So if this coach is the opposite of Rex Ryan – does he like hands?

* Keep Fitzpatrick in pocket if he runs for more than 3 first downs – upset possible

* Jets worth $2.6 billion / bought for $635 million in 2000

* Antonio Cromartie has more kids than tackles – 10 to 9

* I love this stat – Joe Namath 170 TD to 215 Interceptions (he is loved for scoring 16 points in a Super Bowl)

* What kind of name is Weeb (gotta love Emerson Boozer for a name with bars open to 4 am in NY)

* Love that the Jets beat the most overrated coach in sports history, Don Shula, for the 1968 Super Bowl

* Fireman Ed has a wikipedia page

* Ten Jets quarterbacks have started at least twenty games – only three have winning records – Testeverde, Penningon, Sanchez

* Flex Gronk wide and force single coverage on Revis and send a message first play Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: J-E-T-S / L-O-S-E »

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LeGarrette Blount didn't go off like he did in the AFC championship but he did contribute two big touchdowns in Sunday's victory. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

We weren’t treated to the incredible blow out we were all pining for but the way this one went was actually more satisfying. For two and a half quarters the Colts kept it interesting with the help of Mike Adams’ pick-6 off the tipped pass from Julian Edelman. Gronk was virtually non-existent with the exception of his 25-yard touchdown catch-and-run. Andrew Luck was actually making plays when he had to. It seemed like for once the Colts were playing their best football against their most hated/feared rival (I emphasize their because lets face it no one in New England thinks this is a rivalry). Then it happened. The single dumbest play in the history of the NFL. “The fake punt.” After that play the Colts team and their fans were demoralized.

– The absolute best part about that play is that there was not one person in that whole organization that spoke up when they were practicing that play. Apparently they’ve been working on it for a while which makes it even better. In all that time not one of them had the brains to say “hey ya know guys…I don’t think this one’s going to work.” They all that that this was really going to get them. Right now they’re all saying it was a communication breakdown, the ball wasn’t supposed to be snapped, but that’s all a mask. In their heart of hearts they truly thought they had something special and instead it usurped the “Buttfumble” from its thrown of hilariously awful football plays.  Continue reading Notes and Observations, Week 6: Colts Run the Dumbest Play in NFL History; Patriots Beat Them Again 34-27 »

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David Price (Michael Peake/Toronto Sun)

Maybe a more accurate question would be: “should the Red Sox want David Price?” Even a casual fan could probably tell that the Red Sox are a team in desperate need of an Ace, and Price will be one of the most easily available options in this coming offseason. In fact, there is an argument to be made that part of Price’s appeal is that he would only cost the dollar value of his contract to acquire, thus saving the team from having to deal from its farm system. In theory, a large-market team like the Red Sox should be all about these kinds of deals, especially when they have some money coming off of the books from Justin Masterson, Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino, etc. With that being said, Red Sox ownership has previously been unwilling to approve of the type of contract it would take to sign Price off of the free agent market, even when it came to keeping a fan-favorite like Jon Lester. It hurts to say, but ownership might be right in this case, that they should not sign Price this offseason.

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1. Colts – Patriots:


* On to the Jets

* Vegas made a killing on the Colts covering the spread late in the game (Gronk almost ran back the on side kick)

* In honor of Fleming taking over for Cannon – Peggy Fleming won gold in 1968

* I think Al Michaels told friends to bet the over on the word Deflate-gate being mentioned

* Big injuries to Sheard, Cannon and Slater

* Patriots got a call on maintaining possession on the onside kick

* Brady is one tough SOB

* No fumbles again for Patriots – what now Felger?


* Brady’s feet amazing Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten – Tour Stop Number 5 Sucessful »

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1. Colts Preview:

* Jim Irsay – at one point he was given 400 oxycontin’s in a 24 days period / his mistress died of an overdose just days prior to arrest (bleacherreport)

* Piped in crowd noise – how cheesy is that

* Snitches get Stitches – Who is Gronk throwing out of the club this week?

* You call that run defense – last year Indy allowed the Patriots to run for 397 yards in two games

* Indy has Bob Kravitz and Greg Doyle – probably never made a high school team

* Kevin Faulk had the first down

* Indy was guilty of one of the worst game fixing in NFL history losing games on purpose to get Andrew Luck (suck for luck)

* GM Ryan Grigson was with the Rams when the Patriots spanked them in 2001 Super Bowl / Then with the Eagles when Patriots beat the Eagles in Super Bowl Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Revenge Tour Pulls Into the Piped In Noise Dome »

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