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“My feeling from the beginning has been that Lowell won’t be back, and Kevin Youkilis will get moved to third base while they go find a young first baseman. That said, it’s hard to come up with a good young first baseman. They have looked at Dan Johnson in Oakland and Kelly Johnson with the Braves, but the cost may be very high. If Lowell will re-sign for two years rather than the three or four that he would naturally be looking for, I still think there is room for a compromise. Lowell has proven that he can play in Boston, and he’s a steady influence in the clubhouse.”

The Draft:

“To start with, they didn’t have a first-round pick. They did go over slot on Ryan Dent and Will Middlebrooks, but they didn’t have the opportunity to go as high as the Yankees and Tigers did on their first picks, and weren’t about to give a million bucks to a ninth-round pick, as the Yankees did. The Yankees have already spent more than $8 million internationally, and are expected to sign Dominican shortstop Edward Salcedo for more than $4.5 million. Still, the Red Sox will be very aggressive internationally and in Japan. I think a lot will be determined by situations and different years. No one is going to outspend the Yankees at this point, and the Tigers feel that if they can’t compete in the free agent market, they have to do so in the draft and in the international market. In the Tigers’ defense, they signed Andrew Miller for more than $5 million last year because they knew he was going to slide to the Red Sox, and gave Rick Porcello $8.7 million this year because they knew he would have ended up with the Yankees.”

Chris Carter, our new aquisition:

“Carter is an interesting acquisition, because he’s always hit and because the Red Sox are looking for a first baseman. Scouts I talked to seem to feel that he’s most likely going to have to be a designated hitter, a position that’s already filled in Boston. But there’s no harm in taking that bat and taking a chance.”


“I do think that Buchholz will be a good starting pitcher next season. I’ve always believed that a young pitcher can have success faster with a great changeup than with a powerful fastball, and Buchholz has great command of both an exceptional changeup and curveball. In my opinion, he will be the right-handed Cole Hamels. I actually had a conversation with Hamels, and mentioned that he has a great changeup and curveball. He said that because of that, batters will swing at the fastball when it is out of the strike zone because they don’t want to deal with the offspeed stuff.”

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